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My name is illy ariffin and I am just a normal everyday lady you seen walking across of you in a shopping mall. I graduated in Microbiology course and used to work for Nokia Malaysia, YTL and Fedex. I am currently working in eBay Malaysia as Office Manager while juggling my time to complete my degree. During my free time I love to teach tuition and practically a part time motivator/ life consultant to most of dear friends.. yaaa.. I have the tendency to be person people go to get blunt advises (macam la aku tahu sangat) To make it short, I can be a very a very good listener.

As a person I have very low "funny bar". Sometimes serious, most times not and tend to laugh 1000xtimes daily at every single thing. Blogging have always been my favorite hobby, I started my humble blog in Feb 2010 with the intention to help others. I love to share info on products I bought, places I’ve been and services I tried hoping that it will help others to have more insight before they make purchases. As time goes, blogging turn out to be very2 important to me now. It allow me to make new friends, generate side income (not as much as other but I am still very thankful) and it also give me the opportunity to improve myself from time to time.

During the first 2 years of blogging, it has always been very quiet and most of my visitors back then majority were those who accidentally bump into my blog while googling and visitors from outside Malaysia. Yes, I am Malaysian, Beauty & Lifestlye Blogger. I love doing blogwalking and check out international blog and it helps to inspire me as a blogger.

In 2012, I went to a workshop and meet Christine. She is the person who introduces me to b logging community and after that blogging have never been the same. I slowly make friends with the other Malaysia Bloggers who share the same passion. I made many good friends and I really treasure the friendship.

Thanks to everyone and bloggers friends, agencies as well as brand’s PR because I was invited to product launch, workshops, experience events plus the opportunity to participate in review campaign and most of all I able to connect the Malaysian Blogging scene.

I am very happy to share with everyone that my current monthly traffic is a healthy 5 digits unique visitors mainly from Malaysia.  Most of my visitors (I like to call them friends) who share the same interest as me.  Majority of them love beauty products, enjoy spa experience, love to eat at yummy places and enjoy sight-seeing.

My blog offers an honest and down to earth insight into what goes on in one woman’s head while raising a baby and caring for a husband, climbing corporate ladder plus trying to find ways to be presentable, on top of sharing my latest discoveries.

Thanks and thats it for now and please don’t be shy to say hi :) who knows a simple hi! Could lead to so many fun things. 

I was given an opportunity to Host Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project Luau Party

Appointed as Facilitators for Youth Junior Achievement Program (2011)

This blog is also featured by In Trend Magazine (Nov 2013)

Featured in The Star for Secret Recipe Blog Campaign (Nov 2013)

Appointed as one of OnlyBeauty.com.my official blogger

Featured in Utusan Malaysia for Yadah (Jan 2014)

Featured as Blogger Pilihan in TV Program Safiyya New Year Edition 2014

Featured in Utusan Malaysia as Blogger Pilihan ( Mar 8, 2014)

Read more here : http://ww1.utusan.com.my/utusan/Feminin/20140308/fe_03/Ibu-tegas-cetus-kejayaan-Illy

Featured in Mami Baby (Mar 2014) for Johnson's Baby Blogger

Featured in Mom Baby妈妈宝宝(Chinese) (Mar 2014) for Johnson's Baby Blogger

Featured in Utusan Malaysia (17 May 2014)

Link : http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/Keluarga/20140517/ke_04/Butterfly-Project-dekati-komuniti

Nominated as The Top 25 Beauty Bloggers by Ortus Beauty

Link : http://www.ortusbeauty.com/blog/the-top-25-beauty-bloggers/

Featured in KOSMO NewsPaper for Ergobaby Sharing Session - Aug 21, 2014

Featured by Nuffnang for #NNFeatureFriday on Sept 12,2014 

Feautred in Ibu & Anak Magazine Oct 2014

Giggling JellyFish Baby Spa Banner and Pamphlet Feature Oct 2014

 Bloom & Grow 10th Anniversary Catalogue Launch 

My daughter Sofea is the new face for Huggie Ultra
read more about it : 


                                    Bloom & Grow 11th Anniversary Catalogue Launch 

Email            illy.ariffin@gmail.com
Blogger       www.illyariffin.com
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