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Mar 31, 2013

This is not a sponsored review or advertorial.This is my personal view and I shop with my own expense :)

I went to Tesco tonight and I love it because now Tesco at Damansara close operation at 1am  :) So convinient.. Sometime our weekend is so hectic that we dont really have the time to do groceries shopping n by having longer operation hours we can now shop for food and house pantry suplies in the middle of the night :p 

I was actually quite amazed when I found out that Tesco also have an online buying website :)  you can check it out at www.tesco.com.my

Best part of all, they have delivery services :) weee... So for bz ladies, you can do your groceries shopping online during lunch time and get it delivered to your house... How awesome is that? I havent tried the online buying service yet but would love to give it a try one day  :)

Check out the pic of my hubby n my bro..both are my non paid body guard :p


  1. wow, it's cool but this service did not available in my place.

    1. hopefully they extend their services to your area soon :)

  2. wah...... nnti malaysia dipenuhi dgn org x mandi.. hehehehehehe... xmandi on boleh beli grocery kat rumah! awesomeness!!!!

    1. tadi kan... i check kat website die.. no extra delievery charges.. pastu you just need to pay after they deliver the items to you.. and the best part kan kan kan... dorang anta barang pastu kite pilih nak ke tak... yg kite nak je kite kena bayar..

      sounds good right?

  3. i like to shopping at tesco because their price is more affordable

  4. i like to shopping at tesco because their price is more affordable


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