THE SMURFS–Flavored Lip Balm (Review & Give Away)


Have you watch Smurfs? Aren’t they adorable? Well, today I am going to share with you that The Smurfs have a LIP BALM…. Gosh isn’t that cute already? If you check out the pictures above, you can see clearly how cute the packaging. To open it, you will need to tear off the seal and you can easily find the seal since it is actually a sticker written with “ sealed for protection” once tear off, you may twist the below portion of the lip balm.. and Voila.. there you go.

As for the product experience, I like that it actually a scented lip balm and a hint smell of the strawberry scent once you open the cap. I was actually expecting a blue non-tinted lip balm and I was surprised that it is in a very light red more to orange kind of shade. Once I put it on my lip it gave a very2 minimum sheer. This lip balm is formulated to give your lips the moisture it needs. Okay.. I know this is not really advisable but hey.. it smells so yummy that I was tempted to taste it. Haha.. It tasted SWEET. Okay let me get this straight, the lip balm does not tasted like strawberry but it does tasted sweet.

The Smurfs lip balm comes in a 15oz / 4.2gm container and manufactured in Taiwan. Would like to have one? Here is the part when gets exciting. You may get one for FREE as will conduct “100 units of The Smurfs Giveaway” on their site all thanks to Supermodel Secret. Come and check out to grab yours! Stay tune for more update as the campaign will start very2 soon.


If you missed out the giveaway, don’t cry as you may also purchase it from Supermodel’s Secret beauty shop or even via online as per below,  
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