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Today I would like to share with you about this new range that going to be available in store pretty soon by June 2014. It is non-other than REVLON COLORSTAY SHADOW LINKS. I was given 6 pcs to review and since it is super cute on the day I opened the parcel, gave my mum in law one of the shadow in Candy.

I got 5 more colours to play around with and they are Khaki, Cocoa, Bone, Lime and Blush. Glad that I got those mostly in natural shade as it can be more versatile to play with. I normally wont go for green or lime kinda shadow but it is quite fun to be experimental once in a while.




What make this eye shadow special?

You may mix and match your favorite shades to create your own customized palette. That’s one of the fun part of having this eye shadow. The packaging allow it to be snapped to each other to create your own palette. Handy if you going to vacation of for touch up at work. You can just bring your favourite colour in a super cute size.



This REVLON COLORSTAY SHADOW LINKS come in 30 colours in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkle.Check out below for the full range of the available selections


As for my experience, I like the fact that it is very affordable RM 13.90 each. I like the flexibility, sometime when purchasing eye shadow.. I end up buying whole palette (no choice) but only few colours that I am interested with. So, it is such a waste to spend a chuck of money for a palette. With this REVLON COLORSTAY SHADOW LINKS, I’ll get to pick and pay for the colours that I really wanted. I tried to use the colour Cocoa to fill in my eyebrows. It is matte and lasts, and is somewhat blendable. It looks more natural then eye brow pencils and matches my eyebrow's colour perfectly. I think these shadows are a great alternative to eyebrow pencils.The pigmentation is medium compared to the other eye shadows I tried.The only con is that I found it to be a lil chalky in terms of texture and finishing. This can be fixed by wearing lil bit of eye primer so no big deal on that.


Thank you for reading my post, don’t forget to visit Watson near you in couple of days as it will be available from June 2014 onwards!


For more info do check out : or



* I am not paid to write this . Product courtesy by Revlon and Alliance Cosmetics. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. this is super convenient! maybe they should sell a separate primer link as well XD

  2. those natural colours~~~ I actually don't own one natural palette yet hehe XD this would probably be a good investment :D

    1. have fun swatching at the counter for your favorite natural colours :)


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  4. so many diff shade to choose, everyday can hv diff looks.


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