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Aug 27, 2015



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Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

How are you today? Hope everything is great at your end. Alhamdulilah things are going awesome at my end too. Today, illy nak ajak korang meramaikan majlis ilmu yang julung kali di buat kat Malaysia. Nak tahu apa yang menarik? Jap eh…. excited nak citer sebab memang best, rasa teruja nak join and get the positive vibe. In fact, it is claimed as the largest gathering of Muslim talents from all across the globe, the ILM Arts Festival is the world's first international festival which features performances from artists and personalities from all over the world and this came out from BBC themselves.

First citer pasal event details dulu la kan? kalau tak free camna nak join kan?

30 Aug 2015

10am- 11pm

Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam



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This time around ada dalam 30 orang artist dari perbagai bidang yang akan join and kongsi pengalaman dorang dengan cara masing – masing. Yang datang kali ni berhimpun bukan calang – calang. Contohnya we have Jordan Richter yang memang pro main skate board. Do you know that he is a muslim? On top of that korang bole gak tengok sendiri live depan mata group Alpha Moment demostrate dorang punya skill in parkour.

For those yang tak berapa minat sukan lasak but more to photography pun they have something for you to look out for. This time around Peter Sanders pun datang Malaysia tau. He is a renowned international photographer. 


Actually it is so diversified that artist from many field of arts pun join to join force and share with the world the beauty of Islam. Antara yang illy personally harap dapat jumpa depan mata is of cause Kamal Saleh. Korang pernah tengok tak video dia yang viral tu? Dia rap pasal Meaning of Life. Kalau belum pergi cari kat youtube memang best. It gave such an impactful message sampai illy teringat2 lagi. To have an opportunity to be around all these talented pople yang memang committed ke jalan Allah illy memang tabik spring la kan.



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Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan dan Syeikh Daood Butt pun will be there! Like seriously, selama ni nak dengar ceramah dorang pergi youtube cari kan? nah, kali ni live depan mata bole dengar and get the positive vibe. Bila lagi nak join majlis macam ni bukat hari – hari ada. On top of that Mizz Nina, Altimet and many more pun join kali ni. Kalau nak full list of the icon that will be joining korang bole check their official social media site. Kejap lagi illy share kat end of this post so that is easier untuk korang. Nak tengok kat gambar bawah ni pun bole

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Jangan risau lapar ke apa sebab dorang ada banyak vendor on that day, dengar citer ada  food truck la pastu ada cam bazaar and kalau yang bawa anak ada dorang provide boucing castle pun ada. After all it is a festival kan, so korang cam bole jalan tengok pastu join which ever event yang korang nak join. For those yang pernah pergi Stadium Melawati cam da boleh agak la kan? Kat luar tu macam korang bole jalan2 apa semua pastu kalau berminat nak join dengar ceramah ke or nak tengok show ke bole masuk dalam auditorium.


Harga ticket starting from RM55 and goes all the way to RM1062. VIP RM1,062 termasuk VIP Parking, Numbered Seating, Backastage Pass, Dinner, Free Gift dan Group Photo. Honestly, illy rasa sangat berbaloi sebab bukan senang nak jumpa all these icon and be apart of something like this. Kalau pergi tengok concert satu artist pun dah berapa ticket kan? Ni ada ramai pastu macam2 activity pulak tu so memang berbaloi.



Just incase korang nak tahu seating arrangement, ni ada illy tampal kat sini. Nak beli ticket bole beli from the offical website by clicking here and for budak bawah 12 tahun masuk percume tapi kena ada orang dewasa yang ada ticket as guidance. 







Official hashtag  #ilmartsfest2015 #ilmartsfest



Insya Alllah, my family and I will join the event and will share our experience soon. Tapi kalau bole jom la pergi sama nanti bole jumpa kat sana hehe.. Okay, that’s it for today. Cheer up, take it easy and smile!



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