Sneak Peak at my DIY 2018 Planner

illy ariffin diy planner

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

November is usually my busiest time of the year. It is the time where I do all of my coming year planning. There is nothing wrong about doing your planning whenever you like. It is your life anyway. You can do it middle of the year or anytime. I personally like to do my planning in Nov to give myself a head start. I dont like to get all panicky and jump into a new year without any goal or plan. By doing my planning ahead, preparing what is my goal and what are the SOP that needed to achieve it, it gave me a sense of calmness. Knowing that I will enter a new year with a plan and will try my best to get myself in the direction I want to be in. To me life is a journey, and my planner is my map. It lead me to where and who I want to be. There is nothing wrong about not having a plan. I mean, it is your life, if you like to be chillax or adventurous and so with the flow, there is nothing wrong with that. I just find that by having a plan, it keeps me productive and aid me to built a good habit.

illy ariffin diy planner

All you need is a book, some coloured pens and stickers. I like to use hard covered book because it is more durable since I will be using the book religiously within a year. I used to buy like a bulky planner but I found that it is not the best for me. I still prefer like a not so thick book so it is easier to put in my handbag plus it is not as heavy. You can get the pre-printed planner for daily or weekly or even monthly. Depending on your  usage. I prefer to get the one more like a journal as it gave me room to be creative. Currently my planner is a notebook by Duck given by my ex-bestie (hahaha.. im not going to elaborate further, she dont want to kawan me, so its okay). Anyway, for year 2018 I decided to get this glitter journal book from Typo. You can get any book you want actually. I just like this one because it is fancy.

illy ariffin diy planner

This is my purse of treasures!! Contain lots of super cute stickers. I used this old purse that I got while attending one of the event before (cant really remember). You can use like a folder or even small box or an envelop. Anything that works. I liketo use this purse because of its velvety cover ans that it got like a section so I can happily seperate my stickers and the size is just nice for my stickers. I normally get my stickers from (so cheap but have to wait soo long), or I dropby at popular book store or mph during lunch time and top up my stickers collection. Stickers makes me happy, generally.


I like to start by listing down what I currently have and what I want. Then I will create S.O.P (Standard Of Procedure) on how to achieve them. I like to devide them into five sections. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quaterly and Yearly. Every 1st, 15th and final day of the month I will tend to check and reflect back at my SOP. Does it need adjustment? Do I need to add or remove anything? I tend to increase my SOP intensity every year. For example I want to have an active healthy body. To achieve this I have a goal in 2017, where I pledge to walk atleast 2000 steps a day. For 2018, I increase the intensity to 5000 steps a day. By doing this, I can somehow encourage progress and growth. You can do any S.O.P that you want depending on what is your goal.

illy ariffin diy planner

For my weekly plan, of things to do. I will design 4 for each month. Each 2 page is for 1 week. Since we have 4 weeks in a month, hence the 4 designs. I like to use two pages because 1 page is labelled by day and date. This is to track what need to do on those day. The other page is for notes and some scribbling. Ireally love doing this because it cheerful and fun it makes me look forward to start a new week. I hardly have monday blue because I always look forward to start using my new weekly sections hahaha illy ariffin diy planner

Here is another example of my weekly plan. The weekly plan start from the front side of my journal book. It normally used up to the first 96 pages. So if you want to do it this way, make sure the book you are going to purchase have more than 96 pages k? Because each week use 2 pages and we have around 48 weeks a year. Meaning 48 fun designs to come up with yeay!!


From middle part of my book, I like to have this type of tracker. It ties up to my S.O.P and goal. This is where I will track if I stick the my S.O.P or not. You can design any type of tracker that you like. Beside my tracker, I tend to have this section which I name as the Gratitude Log. Every month, I will write the things, people and event that I am grateful for. Whenever I felt down or demotivated, I will look back at gratitude log and it will always makes me appreciate and it keep me grounded.

Alright, we are the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading it. I wish you all the best in your planning and may you achieve all your goal in life. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. So creative la u. I ada beli planner this year but until now tak guna lagi. Stickers & stamp chops pun ada dok dalam kotak. Hihihi.

    1. lah... sayang lah tak guna :) takpe2 boleh guna untuk next year. seronok letak stickers jadi motivated nak follow the plan <3


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