I went to ATAS Event and my experience working with Hannah Tan at Mercedes Benz Pinnacle of Luxury Launch - EQC + S560E + C300e

Jul 1, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Starting this post with a peace sign and some fancy cars behind me. This picture means a lot to me as it is actually taken by Hannah on the first day of my work as Hannah's Support Team. Yes, I do work as an office manager and blogger and what not (not like anybody cares LOL) but ya.. it is my first time given so much trust and it is my first time having the gut to just go with the flow and figure things out along the way. 

When Hannah reaches out to me spoke about some work opportunity, apart from being grateful, I am actually worried on her behalf. Man.. she has no idea what she signs up for, there are many other people who have better skills and deserved to work for her than me. She doesn't know how nervous I can be and I have a long list of history of making a fool of myself at exactly the most important moment. I told her that if I fall during the event, she can run away and pretend not to know me LOL. She took a chance on me and for that I am grateful. 

I was supposed to handle her social media account, do insta stories for her followers while she is doing her creative job. She actually spends 95% of her time running and managing several businesses and she somehow allocates 5% of her time to the creative industry like this fancy event I attended. Her part-time work super fancy weyh!! Become MC and host for historical launch with Mercedes Benz, don't play-play. 

One of the perks working for Hannah's is that I get to see what is behind the control area hahaha.. To be honest, trough out by blogging journey I've attended quite a number of event, but I never been to a luxury event let alone by Mercedes Benz. I never see how much work and effort the team put in. They take an empty space turn it to be event space with a big dome and what not. It is a totally new super GLAM world for me (where is my unicorn??) haha..  I felt so small yet thankful to even have the opportunity to be there. 

I've seen in movie where the artist will have their one special space and always wonder how it looks inside. This round I get the chance to enter the space. It is basic but has all the necessities air cond, with power plug, table and also a mirror. Remembered spending quite a bit of my time in here while waiting (read panicking). 

Hannah is a very dedicated person, I learn so much by spending 5 nights with her. She is always early, she gave her all, she did lots of scripting, she printed her mc speech and note then paste them on a black paper then have then ring them together. All I did was printed my notes and it ends up being like nasi lemak wrapper look alike after 5 nights LOL. 

And I found a sexy piano! Sexy coz it is see-through haha.. Sorry ah.. I never saw one before so it is a big deal to me. 

I get to see how people built fancy stairs from scratch. One more thing I learned is that everyone plays an important role to make things happened. From the cleaning team, building team, food team, event team, every single one plays an important role and I am grateful to be given a chance to contribute even when it is just a small part. 

Hannah spent most of her time working with the client. She seems to know what she is doing, she looks pretty every time she is around and she always smile. Me, on the other hand, was trying hard not to fall flat on my face. Then my work involve documenting behind the scene for Hannah's fan will get to experience it to.. One the first day of work, guess what? I was given an iphone, best part.... I have always been an android user LOL, I decided to just try to figure it out and glad that I am working with a nice boss. I'm sorry Hannah, I did my best. 

In this picture is Hannah and also Izul (he is from the Sumo event team). Thank you Izul for bearing me. Thank you for your guidance, he must have thought I am the worst PA any celebrity ever had LOL. 

During the back to back event, my focus is to capture as much behind the scene for Hannah. By taking up the challenge, I get to be in the same room as all the VIP guest, get to be one of the first who ever comes close to an EQC (the first fully electric car by Mercedes Benz). Which is awesome because I don't even bother to remember my husband car plate till now. It is an unforgettable experience and I am thankful for given a chance to work closely with Paula and also Hayley. They are both from Hannah's support team and they accepted clumsy illy with open arm. CRY....I think Hannah did a great job hosting the event. She handles it with so much grace! I am so proud to be in her team! 

Check out my must haves during the event. Got a tea (made by Hannah) then power bank (borrow from my husband) then a pen (coz may need to take notes, I scared I forget stuff) Hannah's phone and also I develop a new skill. Learn to create a bangle using my cables hahaha... While the rest of the guest came with nice jewelry, mine is so practical hahahaha... 

Because of Hannah, I get to know two more amazing and talented people. Meet Lobak from All is AMAZING  (her name so cute hahaha..) and also Rhys. Such an honor to get to know both of you and work alongside both of you! Thank you for being nice to me and tolerating my nonsense. 

I also get to snap some selfie LOL and have all access to the event area. I get to enter the kitchen space, see where the cars are kept before the main reveal and it is a big deal to me. 

Tried taking an automotive picture, maybe I should just stay being a beauty, parenting and travel blogger hahaha... Here my friend is a picture of a rim, not sure why it is awesome but these people are professional at what they are doing so it should be good. Also, it is the only thing that I think I can afford out of the whole car LOL (for now, wait for it k.. I'm chasing my dream now!!) 

To be honest, I don't even understand what's the difference between C class, S class and the rest. I only know Mercedes Benz is comfy and pricey. Pricey coz I can't afford yet but one day I will own one. I promise you that. I will work my butt off to one-day be lucky enough to drive s560 cabriolet for a road trip with my family! 

That is how it looks like from outside the event area. The big dome is where it is hosted ad the lights to the sky and the entrance to the main area.

Zoom in, this is how it looks inside. Wee!! 

Hannah is legit the nicest boss I ever worked for. I kid you not. Sometimes, I wonder if I work for her or she works for me LOL, coz she made me tea make sure I have food, keeps asking if I'm okay.  

One of the perks attending the event, I can be as close to freshly arrange flowers and I love that. Being around nature somehow calms me. Its beauty and energy help to ground me. 

I also like to thank my botak husband for sending me to work, for arranging his work meeting around the event area and being there to give me moral support. Thank you Botak, love you! Did I mentioned that I get to ride buggy (so much fun, love the air on my face) and my husband gets to test drive some fancy cars too! 

This is a model that is currently on my wishlist. No idea when it will materialize but it will. My aim is to work and contribute as much so the people I care about will get to enjoy their life. They will get to do what they love every day, without the worry of where to sleep, what to eat and other necessities. I don't want them to trade their time to eat, I want them to enjoy their life and pay it forward. Once that is taken care off, then I will move to make sure all my wishlist come true. That includes owning this car. 

I also saw this Mercedes Benz merchandise for kids being sold at the event area. Maybe I start small by getting one of this first hahahaha... 

 Thank you can never be enough for Hannah to allow me to taste a lil bit of a luxury lifestyle. Thank you for allowing me to emerge in the energy. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me a chance, Thank you for being so loving, Thank you for allowing me to learn from your work ethic, Thank you for showing up into my life. 

I was supposed to meet her and support her for another fancy event on this coming wednesday night. She runs out of her mind! She engage me again LOL, To be honest, I still not sure what I am doing most of the time, but I will just do my best and try not to wear ripped jeans to "atas" event anymore. hahaha... 


  1. syioknya Illy dapat di beri kepercyaan sekali lagi. Good job

  2. Tahniah Illy. KSarie tumpang happy untuk Illy dapat chance bekerjasama dengan Hannah dan Merc. Keep on inspiring yar:)


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