The BIG List

I am a LIST person, I love the feeling of crossing things off. It makes me feel productive. It gave me such a great feeling of accomplishment :) Here I am going to list down all the things to do before I reach 30 which is 4 more years from the day I type this (Jun 8, 2013)

*Updated Feb 24, 2014 : It is now 2014, so 3 more year to go babeyhhhh

*Updated :Nov 13, 2014 : OMG 1 more month before 2015

*Updated : Feb 2, 2016 - Thank you Allah for everything 

*Updated : Jun 21, 2016 -  Second Baby! Alhamdulilah

Please pray for that I will be able to cross all of it :) You may think I am bit crazy creating such an ambitious list to complete in just under 4 years. If we can dream it we can do it! 

Currently I have 50++ things to tick in my Big list. 

 1) I want to go to Manukan Island

read about our awesome family trip

2) I want to go to Tioman Island 

*Updated went twice in 2011

3) Go for more than 1000km road trip

Last year my husband and I drive all the way from kl - pahang - terengganu - kelantan and thailand

4) Get married

5) Have children - I am currently pregnant due date in May 2014 (Alhamdulilah)
*Updated Feb 24, 2014 : 2 more months to my due date, so nervous please pray for me

*updated : Sofea Eliza born at 7.07pm on 14.05.2014   - Thank you ALLAH

* updated : 27 Dec 2015 - Sofea Eliza is now all grown up currently 1 year and 7 months 
(love her more each day)

* updated June 21,2016 - Guess what? I am currently pregnant with our second baby!!

6) Stable job in management position 

*updated - I am working as Office Manager in MNC 

7) Diploma - Done

8) Degree – On going so near to completion

9) Master

10) I want to go to Mabul Island
Might need to rethink this idea

11) I want to go to Pangkor Island - Done

12) Go to Fraser Hills – Done

13) Go to Bukit Tinggi – Done

14) Feed fish at a Lake – Done check out my post here

15) Go to Australia – Planning by end of 2013
*Updated Feb 24, 2014 : Obviously we decide to cancel the trip since I am pregnant. 
We so excited and grateful to have a new family member :) 

16) Hang out at Rabbit Farm  - Done

17) Scuba dive on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

18) Achieve at least 500 fb likes for illy blog – Done

19) Bring my Granma for Umrah

20) Meet up my childhood friend Elena

21) Meet up my childhood friend Manju

22) Visit Cameron HighLand– Done

23) Visit Pasar Siti Kathijah – Done

24) Visit Langkawi – Done

25) Learn to play any music – Done

26) Go for Europe Trip

27) Go to Lego Land

28) Go to Hello Kitty Land

29) Visit Disney Land

30) Picnic in the Park – Done

31) Girly Night In – Done

32) Drive as fast as I could full force on the fuel paddle

33) Bungee Jump

34) Swim with Dolphins

35) See orang-utans in Borneo

36) Ride a roller coaster – Done

37) Ride a camel

38) Jungle trekking through a rainforest - Done and below is the picture of my husband :)

39) Wonder at a waterfall – Done

40) See elephants in the wild

41) Walk the Great Wall of China

42) Fly in a hot air balloon

43) Go whale-watching

44) Learn exotic foreign Language

45) Donate Blood

46) Create a loving and happy home

*updated : Done, I believe so :)  Sofea's baby nursery

47) Adopt a pet from an animal shelter – Done

Travis and twisties aka tecik my comel cats :P

48) Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

49) Learn to ride a bike – Done

50) Travel to Japan

51) Start my Own Business - Done

52) Visit KL Bird Park  -  Done

53) Visit ICT Shah Alam - Done

54) Go Snorkeling - Done

55) Perform Hajj 
(Me and my husband already taken our que, have to wait few years in order to be eligible to go, please pray for us)

56) Enjoy a relaxing star cruise vacation

57) Stay at Philea Resort & Spa

 read about our staycation here :

58) Go for a holiday to Maldives 

 ticket booked and we will be flying on end Feb 2015 omg yeay! thank you Allah

*updated June 21, 2016 - Maldives was so awesome! I might come back for more. 
Read and check out about our budget vacation to Maldives

59) Family Vacation at Chiang Mai Thailand

wrote about out memorable trip here :

Currently I am listing 50++ things to do and I am planning for 100 things to do... more updates in the future!

My Big list might be smaller than your list, or the other way around.. after all, we all have different dreams and goals... Good luck and I wish you all the best in your list too :) 


  1. nice!! =) hope you able to complete them! all the very best! =)

    1. Thank you so much Abigail :) All the best completing your list tooo!

  2.'s a long list...Keep it up...
    If you believe then sure can achieve wan...
    I too should try to make my big list and see what can I accomplish...

    1. hahaha.. thank you for the kind support Nadia :) All the best in your list ya.. I will you will get all accomplished :)


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