Protect your Intellectual Property with MyIPO

Dec 16, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Came up with an idea or product and thinking how you can protect it under the law? Well, I got something very interesting to share with you today. Have you heard about MyIPO before? MyIPO is actually Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Where they are the responsible statutory body that took care of the development and management of intellectual properties. If you are wondering MyIPO is one of the goverment agency under KPDNKK.

Being a part time blogger, I think this is very relatable to me as I have a domain name that I think best to protect. Not just that you may also protect the picture you took, your business name, or domain name, your business name, your product name, the music you created, an idea, your company logo even to your product. There are many branches of Intellectual properties that you can protect. Just Basically it is very broad spectrum and best part of all it can be protected under the law.

Do you know how to pronouce MyIPO correctly? /maipo/ yes it is very simple.


Dec 14, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Going vacation does not mean you need to disregard your skin routine. However, I also understand you might worry that your beauty product could be the reason you hit the liquid limit allowed before taking your flight? What if items like your sunblock, some good skincare are not in liquid form? The first moment I come across there product by Shekku, I was actually very happy to see that it comes in such a compact packaging. Perfect for travelling and also everyday use.

Today, I would like to share my humble opinion over these two products. Before we get to that, just to make it clear that both products are imported from Korea and have received the green light from our Ministry of Health and registered under NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL REGULATION AGENCY also known as KKM. That’s a big relief, because I need to know if it is safe before testing out on my skin and also share it with you.

Resepi Ketam Telur Masin |Sedap, Mudah dan Bahan tak banyak| Gambar Step by Step |

Dec 11, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Masak special sikit malam ni. Buat buttermilk salted egg Kalau teringin illy sediakan resepi sekali kot korang ke masak next time.  Malas nak sembang banyak, dah jom kita terus ke bahan dan cara masak. Senang jer sebenarnya :-


Bahan - bahan:
Susu sejat
Cili padi
Kuning telur masin
Daun Kari
Bawang Putih

How I Feel About Death

White flower with green leaf and red cherries in bloom in Spring, San Sebastián

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

This year is going to end in less that two weeks. I spent sometime talking to my husband about one of the scariest topic recently. We talked about death. Over the years, I went to quite a number of funeral. Family members and friends called by God from time to time. This year, I have experience one of my blogger friend pass away at a young age. On top of that, another blogger friend turn into a single mother with four young children with a blink of an eye after her husband pass away at the work place.

Verthys Paris Enliven Serum and Complex |Review|

Dec 8, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Hope you are doing great today. I just like to share my humble opinion over this new range that I have tried. It is called Verthys Paris Supple which is a serum and also a face cream. It is my first time encounter with this brand. I have tried it for around 3 weeks and quite excited to share with all of you.

The product come in a clinical design feel with yellow and white box while the product container is in white and gold. It gave the impression of a professional care and look promising. If only the container is in frosted glass that would be even better. However, I am not going to dwell over it because it does not really determine if the product is efficient or not.

Pengalaman ke Taman Botani Shah Alam, Bukit Cerakah

Dec 6, 2017



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Sekarang ni musim cuti sekolah, kalau nak cari tempat menarik bawa anak jalan sambil belajar illy ada tempat nak suggest. Hehe baru ni kami pergi ke Taman Botani Shah Alam yang located di Bukit Cerakah Seksyen 8. Last sekali pergi masa tu dalam3 or 4 tahun lepas masa tu takda anak lagi. Kali ni bawa dua anak, decided untuk tak bawa stroller pakai baby carrier sebab alang – alang nak excercise. Besar tau tempat ni, illy suggest kalau nak datang pakai sport shoe atau pun kasutyang selesa sebab memang akan banyak berjalan.

Kali ni banyak juga nampak perubahan dari last sekali pergi. Paling obvious tempat masuk dia ni dah ada macam pintu gerbang. Dulu ala –ala kayu sekarang wahhh punya lah gah. Parking kena bayar RM3 per entry. Sangat berbaloi sebab memang parking berjam-jam kalau betul tawaf satu tempat ni.


Sebelum pintu masuk tu ada papantanda boleh tengok peta, but dont worry masa bayar masuk nanti pun dia ada provide peta. Illy prefer ambik gambar jer nanti tengok takda membazir kertas. Paperless orang cakap.

Jurlique Facial Treatment | Review |

Dec 4, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I took new year seriously. I tend to prepare myself before it comes. Completed my goal setting in November, bought my planner. I also like to mentally and physically prepare. Final quarter of the year would be focusing on self maintenance and preparation to go into a brand new year. Earlier, I have done my haircut and changed the colour of my hair. Went for a good total body massage. Go to the dentist to do scaling and to polish my teeth. The cherry on top would be a good relaxing facial. Owh boy…. and I really love the facial so very much.

It is not a secret that Jurlique is one of my favourite brand when it comes to natural wonder. Since I need to do my facial decided to try out the NEW Harmonizing Facial Treatment (RM380) and I also did the Firming Eye Treatment (RM140). It was amazing!!


The best part is they are currently having promo 50% off for the NEW Harmonizing Facial Treatment, Instead of RM380 you get to enjoy a blissful facial session at only RM190. Such a steal since they are using premium botanical skincare by Jurlique ofcause.  

Luxury in the Flower Shop

unnamed (1)

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as fresh, gorgeous blooms, and the best florist in Singapore knows exactly how to utilize the power of flowers to make your day better. Not only do they have flowers Singapore has gone crazy over, they tell beautiful stories with their creations, which is what gets you hooked immediately.

When you shop from their flower shop, you feel like royalty. Their luxurious designs make you feel really special. Each grand opening flower stand I saw was a rich, elegant arrangement that makes takes your breath away. Each hand bouquet is impressive in its own way, as they are these packed, gorgeous, lush arrangements, overflowing with beautiful blooms. It’s the flowers you would see in celebrity homes, but they are cheap and affordable and available for you. Besides grand opening flowers Singapore businesses love, you can also grab funeral flowers Singapore also needs, birthday flowers, rose bouquets, flower arrangements and so much more. The list goes on and on, because they have a lot to offer.

‘The World’s First Thermomix® Malay Cook Book’

Nov 29, 2017

Thermomix Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am so excited as I am writing this post. I love household gadgets that make life simpler. As predicted I couldn’t really sleep well after attending an event hosted by Thermomix. I have heard about Thermomix before but decided to see what the fuss all about is. All I know is that it is expensive until I went to the event – I found out it will make cooking experience a breeze.

The event unveiled The World’s First Thermomix Malay Cook Book, written by Kak Suriya Abdullah. During the event, Kak Suriya shared a few easy, healthy and inspiring recipes and cooking presentations and that was how I got to know more and seen with my own eyes of the kind of wonders that a Thermomix can do.

Thermomix Malaysia

When I first stepped in the Thermomix® Cooking Studio, I saw many beautiful ladies wearing the Thermomix green apron, standing next to a spread of yummy-looking dessert laid out on the table. Every meal on the table was prepared freshly using Thermomix®. I was like, really???

Pengalaman naik Cruise di Tasik Putrajaya

Nov 27, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Sebenarnya kan banyak tempat menarik dan cantik kat dalam negara kita ni. Baru – baru ni illy dan family try pergi naik cruise kat Tasik Putrajaya. Ajak my other family members tapi dorang dah ada program jadi kami jer la pergi anak beranak. Planning memang nak pergi awal pagi sebab tak nak panas. Bawa budak kalau panas nanti dia cepat merengek.

Nak cari tak susah. Korang parking jer depan masjid pink kat putrajaya tu, then pergi belah kiri kat tasik. Mula tu macam confuse juga mana ticketing counter ni. Pastu tengok map, baru paham. Kena turun ke bawah sikit baru jumpa. Satu floor lagi bawah dari cafe putrajaya. Kalau bawa orang tua ada wheelchair boleh naik lift untuk turun. Illy decided tak nak bawa stroller sebab pergerakan macam terbatas. Jadi Johan just pakai baby carrier jer senang citer. Lagi pun naik cruise boat tu nanti tak boleh bawa stroller.

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