Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY spa grade Face Mask in less than 5 minutes

Olla everyone,

Since the weekend is here, why not pamper yourself with a relaxing, full of goodness, spa grade face mask?

It takes less than 5 minutes and it is so easy! Lets get down to it..

GREEN TEA Face mask

All you need is just green tea powder (best to get the organic version) water, mixing bowl n mixer (you can use brush or spoon for the same purpose)

For the green tea powder got mine at "bake with yen" for less than RM10 for 50gram. You may also dry blend your dried green tea where you can get in those teabags make yourself your own green tea powder.

How to make?

Just mix 2 spoon of green tea powder with water till you get your desired consistency.. and you are done!

For the great benefits of green tea to your skin you may just google it awesome and best of all no chemical or harmful nasty stuff were input during the process. As natural as it can be :)

Hope you are inspired by this post. Bdaway, I am blogging using my phone this time.. Quite a nice experience haha :)

Have a great weekend!

CANON Pixma MG7570



Olla everyone!

If you are on my insta of fb.. I bet you might have noticed that I went to have a date with CANON. As promised earlier, I will be sharing with you my close encounter with CANON PIXMA MG7570. Last couple of week, me and few other bloggers  were invited to join a casual sharing session with Canon. It was such a fun and interactive session. I personally like it when the sharing session were done in a chillax environment and only small scale group of people involved. It makes it easier for us to interact with each other. Most importantly, it gave us the opportunity to understand more about the product as we can throw the question directly to the person behind the brand in a very cozy environment.



When I mention CANON, what came accross your mind? Camera? hahaha.. well, CANON is a renowned brand when it comes to printer as well. Actually, the first printer I purchased when I was still studying was also CANON and that is a looooong time ago. (ehem… ehem..I am a mother now). My point here is that, CANON have been in the industry for awhile and with their impressive resume of developing and producing top notch quality products, it is not a surprise that CANON is the brand to go for when it comes to printer.



I am glad that they developed this product into the market. It makes life so much easier and meaningful. I will explain more on that later on. Anyway, at the event we were proudly introduced to their new baby! CANON PIXMA MG7570. My first impression when I saw two printer on the table was, “OMG so funky la… the orange printer. Lets see what it can do” hahaha

One of the thing that tickle my fancy is that, I don't have to go the “traditional” way when ever I need to print. By traditional, I mean.. transfer the file, open my laptop, make sure it is connected to printer and then print.. Even typing it out prove how many steps i have to go trough. With this new awesome printer. All I need to do is download the app, and if your are using an android like me, download the app in the picture above and you are good to go.


Our fav spot to snap pictures at home. Selfie booth with picture collage!

Imagine, getting to print your pictures as easy as that. If that is not convenient.. I don't know what is.. haha anyway you may also use “air print” if you are an apple user. I personally love doing collage, as it helps me to cherish all the good memories in life. Do you know that I have like a wall at my house filled with collage? (Been using it for selfie booth haha) This product is great for those who love to do journal, scrap book apart from the all in one printing capabilities like scanning and etc.

CANON is so generous, that not only each one of the blogger get one. Our reader will get a chance to win one for themselves too! OMG! (continue reading to find out how to join, dont malas baca hahaha)


As I bring home my new “baby”, my older baby was more excited than me. Aiyo sofea, please dont perasan this is not for you. I am glad that she is quite helpful when I was about to open up my present by CANON. You see? sibuk betul la..




Check out whats inside the box. Ofcause you get the printer, then you get the toner, cables and the manual. The manual is very user friendly, even a non IT literate clumsy lady like me could do the setup. Anyway, during the event we were also informed that the toner comes with individual packaging so it is more cost efficient when you need to maintain it and the cost of the toner start from rm20++  You know, sometime we buy printer and when we need to replenish the cost of 2 toner can get you a new printer T.T 

For me to know that this  printer comes with an affordable range to maintain is very2 good thing. Do you know that is takes only  21 second to print a 4x6” borderless photo with this baby? 


pic credit

This printer also comes with wireless and NFC funtion. I bet you know what is wireless, but what is NFC? Sounds macam canggih jer ni..  NFC actually stand for Near Field Communication technology which allows you to print and scan easily by tapping your smart device on the printer. (WAhhhhhhh.. jaw drop and pull it up again.. and then it drop again haha) Belum habis lagi, ada lagi berita baik.. This printer also comes with 1+2 years on-site warranty.



If you prefer a slightly humble colour, you can go for white or black as this series comes in 3 colour option. Take orange la, same like me.. we can geng! haha So this is where the fun part begin..


As usual, please fill the rafflecopter below where you need to answer 3 simple question.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Terms and Contest Mechanics

1. Open to ALL of my readers.  

2. Giveaway period is from 20th Dec – 25th Dec 2014.

3. My readers need only to answer one (3) simple question on CANON PIXMA MG7570

4. Rafflecopter system is used to captured all entries.

5. The winner will be picked by CANON and me as this time it is shared decision making with mechanics.The winner will be announced on my blog by 25 Dec 2014.

6. The winners have to contact me to redeem the prize.

7. CANON will handle delivery of prize to the winner.



Dont forget to check out the video’s below to see how much fun we are having on that day.. haha “We had so much fun at the event recently held by Canon, that we could barely hear ourselves during the interview! Everyone was busy chatting away in the background and taking photos! So turn up your volumes to the maximum, and enjoy the video of our interview..:D”



Thank once again for dropping by at my humble blog and for joining this giveaway. I hope the winner will love the printer a much as I do. Also hoping that it will enhance your life experience and make it more wonderful. 


Ending this post with our group pic. Picture credit to CANON



** I am not paid to write or host this giveaway. The product was a courtesy by CANON. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of of the company that I worked for. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

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