| DIY IDEAS | High Tea Table Setting, Dreamy Princess Pink White Theme Featuring Ikea’s Products

Dec 5, 2016

 |  DIY IDEAS | High Tea Table Setting Dreamy Princess Pink White Theme Featuring Ikea’s Products

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you like high tea? Or looking for an inspriration for a table setting? As promised earlier (link), I’ll be sharing with you about my DIY High Tea Dreamy Princess Pink White Theme Featuring Ikea’s Products. One of the weekend earlier, I decided to host a tea party for her and her two bear friends. We had such a wonderful time together. Looking forward host another high tea party next round when her lil sister come to this world. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you about the table setting and hopefully it will inspire you as well.  Ready?






 |  DIY IDEAS | High Tea Table Setting Dreamy Princess Pink White Theme Featuring Ikea’s Products

Super Easy + Yummy, Fruit Tart and Trifle Recipe

Dec 4, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let me start this post by confessing that i have a sweeth tooth and I think it have been pass on to my daughter. She cant stop smilling the moment I told her that I am going to host a DIY tea part for her and her 2 bear friends LOL

I like to entertain my kids my spending quality time with her. Since she always invited me for a tea party. You know the type with plastic cup and non-edible cookies, why not I throw her a real tea party? haha.. Like any tea party, the most important thing is to came up with a theme, then the tabble setting as well as the yummy dessert! A night before our actual tea party, I did a test run on what kind of dessert to be served the next day. Decided to make our own Fruit Tart and Trifle so we can have a food test before the actual event. My daughterobviously more than happy to be my food critic.

Today, I will be sharing with you a simple recipe on how to make your own Super Easy + Yummy,  Fruit Tart and Trifle. Let’s jump into it right away!



Fruit Tart Recipe

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-01 at 15.33.42[2]

Ingridients :


Seedless Grape

Dried Apricot

Fruit Jam

Krustader – mini croustades by Ikea Food Market

Jurlique provide Deep Relaxation at your Home!

Nov 29, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Life can be hectic, it could be filled with endless things to do but it also very important for us to take a step back and to de-stress. I personally make a point to myself and my family to rejuvenate. It does not mean holiday every week or spa every other day. There are many ways to calm down and to relax. It could be as simple as resting on your bed, enjoying a calming symphony and with a lil help from aromatherapy.

It is no secret that aromatherapy can help reduce pain and stress. One of the most effortless, yet effective ways to relieve stress is by using aromatherapy. Exposing your senses to strong smelling chemicals such as essential oils can positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry, and stress levels.

Today, I would like to share with you about my calming and relaxing kit that I got from Jurlique. To those who have been reading my blog, you might noticed how devoted I am when it comes to botanical range by Jurlique. This round I would like to introduce you to Jurlique Aromatherapy Mist – Calming Blend and also Tranquil blend essesntial oils. Let’s start with the first product.


Beautiful Smile starts with SensiTeeth Kids

Nov 28, 2016

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-16 at 10.35.18

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Being a parent, it is important for us to instill as much good habit to our child since early age. There are many things I personally wish I could share with my child. My husband and I both think that it is important to enjoy every moment in life, smile alot, laugh alot and also enjoy food. Haha.. yes we have a soft spot for food. We are not food critics but more like people who appreciate good company while enjoying a meal.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-16 at 10.35.18 (1)

Talking about that, it seems like our daughter seems to follow the trait. The first bite of ice cream. She is taking time to digest the taste LOL

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-16 at 10.35.18 (2)

Yaaaaa… it is good. honey! so yummy that you have to enjoy it with eyes closed LOL


My husband and I have been quite strict with our daughter food intake when she was born up till she reach the 2 years old milestones. The reason behind is because her digestive system is still “virgin” ( we didn’t even let salt or sugar intake let alone msg, atitificial colouring or flavours) and like every other parents we wanted the best for our child. However, once she reached the 2 years old milestone we have been slightly open to let her enjoy more variety of food.  We also know that with the intake of more food options, it is important to take care of her oral health. This is to avoid issue like plaque, caries (decay) and other teeth issues. I mean a beautiful smile does start with a healthy gum and teeth right?

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care Review

Nov 27, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am so excited to share with you the latest skincare that I am currently using. It is the Botanical Effect Range by Mary Kay. If you noticed this is not the first time I wrote about Mary Kay product. The reason being is that, their products are very good quality, deliver as promised and also worthy of your penny spent. No wonder, more and more ladies are trying out Mary Kay and fall in love with the brand. Me included! haha



If you would like to try out the whole set it consist of 5 products for the cost of RM375. The cost of each product listed as per below :

· Botanical Effects Gel Cleanser RM 75 - 127g

· Botanical Effects Exfoliating Scrub RM 75 - 88ml

· Botanical Effects Toner RM 75 - 147ml

· Botanical Effects Moisturizer RM 85 - 85g

· Botanical Effects Moisturizer SPF 30 RM 65 -50ml

What makes the range special is because of the two main ingridients. The first one is dragon fruits while the second main ingridient is the Aloe. To be honest, this is my first time using skincare that actually contain dragon fruit extract. Both active ingridient are specially blended together to give an amazing result. Let’s get to know how :-

Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah di The Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures

Nov 23, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Cuti sekolah hujung tahun dah nak dekat  ni, kalau korang belum ada plan.. illy ada activity nak suggest. Pernah dengar tak The Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures? Kalau nak tahu tempat ni best dan sangat sesuai untuk nak bonding dengan family time cuti sekolah. Yer lah dah setahun penat budak – budak pergi sekolah jadi hujung tahun apa kata spend time dan reward mereka kan?

Lokasi The Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures berada di G30, Jalan PM9, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka. Tak susah pun nak cari, ni illy sediakan map google kat bawah ni so korang click jer terus boleh dapat direction ke lokasi. Tempat ni buka setiap hari termasuk public holiday pun buka so tak yah risau. Timing dia Isnin – Khamis (10am – 7pm), Jumaat – Ahad (10am – 9.30pm). Kalau nak booking awal lagi bagus lah jadi tak yah risau penuh ke apa kan? Kalau nak booking boleh contact :-

a. Telephon Bimbit: 010-978 8805 (Mr. Wilson Law);

b. Telephon Pejabat: 06-292 2070;

c. Email: sales@melaka1001.com.my

d. Website : http://melaka1001.com.my/

e. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/melaka1001/


Okay so apa yang best sangat tentang The Melaka Thousand Tales of Adventures ni? Konsep dia macam main game tapi real sebab korang anak beranak yang jadi watak dalam game ni. Kira nya moreto team work and make belief. Setiap sorang ahli keluarga jadi anak kapal dan lalui halangan bersama sambil selesaikan masalah. Seronok tak? Bila lagi nak main dengan budak – budak kan? Mesti kecoh.. Illy masa kecik dulu main masak pun dah happy bahis ni kalau main jadi anak kapal sekali dengan ahli keluarga lagi lah syok nya. Banyak lah nanti anak bawa cerita excited bila sekolah buka nanti.


Life Update : Third Trimester Second Pregnancy

Nov 21, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Just like to document life update this round. I am currently heavily pregnant tinggal 6 more weeks before my due date. Adik sofea, makin active in my tummy. From what I remembered, this round my baby is far more active compared to sofea dulu. Tapi takpe lah janji sihat kan? Recently as well, my wedding annivesary. Alhamdulilah tuhan panjang kan jodoh dapat merasa kahwin bertahun – tahun. Macam ni rupanya the  feeling. Syukur dapat suami yang baik, anak yang sihat. Nak masuk anak no 2 dah. My god.. cam tak percaya pun ada. Tak pernah terlintas kat kepala boleh sampai tahap ni. Terima kasih pada semua ahli keluarga dan family member serta kawan- kawan yang sentiasa doakan yang terbaik buat kami.

Disebabkan baru ni illy jatuh tergolek nasib perut tak cecah lantai. Masa tu punya la suspense. Jatuh kedepan pulak tu. Sempat tahan pakai lutut and siku, kalau tak as-salam terus. Pikir kan balik pun seram. Sampai sekarang sakit kaki belah kiri bila nak jalan. Nasib takda tulang patah. Bertongkat juga 2- 3 hari. Skang ni dah boleh jalan with out tongkat cuma masih lagi bengkak. Sebab memang jenis tak reti duk diam tu yang payah nak sembuh agak nya.

Pengalaman ke Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Nov 16, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Kali ni nak share pengalaman kami satu family pergi Hotel Hard Rock Penang. To be honest, ni first time kami tidur kat Hard Rock Hotel dah lama juga planning nak pergi ticket beli dari awal tahun kira boleh la planning awal kan. Kami naik flight jer senang citer dalam sejam sampai dari kl. Masa beli ticket tu pun dapat harga promo dari airasia. RM64 pergi balik untuk 2 dewasa satu kanak-kanak. Murah tak?? Berbaloi kan? Tu untung kalau booking awal. Dapat harga ticket murah dari naik bus haha

Nak dijadikan cerita dapat tahu illy pregnant, so alang-alang kira babymoon lah. Sambil bawa Sofea bercuti last lah sebagai anak tunggal lepas ni jadi kakak dah dia. Jadi kakak yang baik yer sayang..


Bukan main lagi excited nak gi jalan haha.. kali ni kami ambik cuti lama sikit alang- alang clear kan cuti hujung tahun kami ambik pergi seminggu. Sebab ada cuti deepavali weekend so ambik 4 hari cuti jer dapat seminggu. Untung lagi kat situ haha…ni nak citer airport Pulau Pinang tu agak jauh dari Hard Rock Hotel masa tu kami ambik airport teksi kena dalam RM76. Rasa mahal juga lah sebab ticket flight lagi murah dari teksi hadoi.. Tapi sebenarnya betul lah tu dorang charge sebab punya lah jauh Batu Feringghi dari airport kira dari hujung ke hujung. Illy berapa kali tidur bangun tak sampai hahaha

Dulu masa kecik ayah pernah bawa gi Batu Feringghi masa tu tidur kat Park Royal, pastu last sekali pergi masa cousin husband illy kahwin. Itupun dalam 4 tahun lepas jadi tak berapa ingat sangat jalan.



Simple, Fresh Look Featuring PALLADIO

Nov 13, 2016



WhatsApp Image 2016-11-14 at 12.48.00

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Recently, I just came back from Club Med Cherating. I was there for a work trip and then I was thinking maybe it is a good time capture a mokeover look using the new products I got in hand by Palladio. Since it is a beach location, I decided to go for a simple and fresh look. So, today I would like to share with you my personal experience and opinion trying out Palladio products.

For the base, I used MAC concealer and then put on mac pro-long wear foundation powder. I skip all the rest of the step as I am going for a very simple wearable look. I should have brought over the Rice Paper oil absorbing blotting tissues by Palladio with me but totally miss it out. Its okay I’ll try to write another review on it next time. Actualy, I would say it would be smart to bring the blotting tissue along since face tend to be sweaty and oily during a hot day.. Anyway, let’s start shall we?


Nov 10, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today I would like feast your eyes with the beautiful Rome inspired collection named Neo Gladiator by Bianco Mimosa. The classy and unique brand is founded by Dato Ida Suraya Mustapha. The brand was established on 26 April 2013 with the vision to become the most prestiged fashion butique in Malaysia. By looking at their latest design, it seems that they are going to the right direction!

Do you know that it takes up to 3000 hours and 20 production team to work with their heart and soul in order to materialize Biance Mimosa collection? Each piece are made with great attention to detail so each one is perfet before it goes out. Quality is the most crucial factor for this brand.

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