Selectiv' by Sasa Grand Opening Promotion

Sep 18, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Selectiv’by Sasa just opened a brand new store at Mid Valley Megamall and they are having lots of promotion to celebrate the opening. Congrats Sasa! The store is located at Lot F-071, First Floor Mid Valley. It is very easy to find the outlet. If you need any help can always get direction from Conceirge.

Before I get into a fun event involving shopping and blindfolded, let me share with you what promo there currently having. The opening promo happening from 16th to 25th September so be quick s it only last till this coming Sunday.


Selectiv’ by Sasa – Mid Valley outlet Opening Promo

  • BUY 1 FOC 1 (certain products)
  • Additional 10% discount on storewide purchase (on 16th Only)
  • Buy Sa Sa best seller mask at only RM1

KOMUJI CAFE sooooo yummy!



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you love Japanese pastry? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, I will be sharing with you about Komuji. I am pretty sure many of you have heard about this pastry heaven! If haven’t don’t worry as I’ll be sharing my experience with all of you in this blogpost.

So, last 2 weeks my daughter and I went to Komuji at Sunway Giza outlet to have a tea time session. We had a good time with Yukiko (always a pleasure to meet her haha), then we also meet Sue Lyn (@bangsarbabe), Ivan (@psylancer) , Kristal and John.  Aiyakkk…. Totally forgotten to take a group pic, its okay next time then!


As we arrived, we check out all of the amazing selection at Komuji. They have so many pastry selection and we spoilt with choices. They have cakes, bread, those with filling those with not, they have spicy one, sweet one and even savoury type of bread. Sofea cant seem to keep her eyes for the yummy looking pastry! P/s: Thanks Yuki for carrying my 15kg baby and make it look effortless haha


Our first delight of the day was an array of Hanjuku Cheese cake. I tried to get sofea to pose but the cake is more pretty interesting than mummy, hence the attention goes to it hahaha. As a mother, I only allow my daughter to consume all natural ingridients becasue I want her digestive system to stay healthy for a long as possible. Which is why I could be selective on what I let her eat. With Komuji, non of that worry me at all as Komuji only use all natural and premium ingredients for all of their product. 

BIOTHIK Active 21 Days Challange

Sep 15, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you have any hair loss problem? or hair thinning or just want to ensure that your hair is at the healthiest point? I have a prodcut to share with you. Recently, I joined the BIOTHIK Active 21 Days Challange and would love to share with you my personal input on it. Also did a video incase you want to check out more of the product and we had such a great time filming. Great thanks to my husband, my bro and my daughter sofea for being part of the video infront and behind camera hehe. The video will up online on my youtube channel by tomorrow. Do check it out k?

Let’s start with the first step of hair care. It is definately the shampoo and conditioner. I have tried BioTHIK Protien Keratinized Cleanser and Protein Keratinized Conditioner for the 21Days Challange and even my husband join the challange as well. He is such a sport haha.. Below is how the product look like.


Beauty ala French? Introducing The Therapy First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

Sep 13, 2016


Image result for french sea water

Bonjour and Assalamualaikum everyone!
I am happy to be back with a latest skincare review and this time around we are going to get deeper into French beauty. Where it is all derived from the nature. If you have been around following my  humble blog, then it is not a secret that I am a believer when it come to power of nature. Anyway, have you heard of  Thalassotherapy? It is my first time encounter with this word. It is actually from a Greek word which is “Thalassa” meaning sea and it is introduce by Dr. De La Bonardhiere way back in 1867. What is actually mean is the beauty therapy using the sea. Specifically the French salt water from the sea. What makes French salt water so crucial when it comes to beauty? According to the research, when dipped into the sea mineral water, the minerals from the sea absorbed into our epidermis (skin layer) and the process is similar to a discharged battery being charged.

The good news is, scientist found out that the sea water from French contain not 2 not 10 but 100 times more minerals that the renowned European mineral water Evian. How interesting is that?

For Thalassotherapy, blue algae and oligofucellaran is also combined as a trio for amazing skin result. This is because blue algae contained great anti-oxidant properties while Oligofurcellaran helps to retain water inside your skin which act as moisturizing agent.


My SUPER Awesome Fashion Haul at | |

Sep 12, 2016


Image result


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I would like to share with you my latest fashion haul that I got from This is a very interesting website as their prices are very compatitive and so many selections! We all know by now that China have lots of e-com website and what if you could access to them and have their inventory in one website? Sgshop work as shopping agents which makes your life so much easier when ever you want to buy items from china. Want to see what I purchased? You wont believe how much they cost. haha Below are the items I purchased with the help of sgshop


Bought myself, 3 wool coat and 2 sweater. I was just thinking to stock up on thicker garments and we are going to enter the raining season soon and it is always super cool in my office when ever it is raining outside. Plus it would be nice to have a coat to keep me warm in office.

Really value for money and I am impressed with the quality as well. Soooo worth it. I cant wait to hop on to their website and make more purchases. Other than fashion products, they also have everything under the sun. From electronics, home appliances, pet supplies and many more.  

A photo posted by illy ariffin (@illyariffin) on


| GUCCI GUILTY | Switching the Gender Defined Notes

Sep 7, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are feeling awesome. Are you in the mist to look for a perfume? Right in time as I have an exclusive one of a kind perfume to introduce to you today. It is the latest range of GUCCI Guilty.

For those who have been with me over the years, you might have noticed that I have soft spot when it comes to GUCCI Guilty. I mean how could I not? The iconic sleek bottle, and the out of this world fragrance just hit my spot every time. Incase you are interested to read about my other GUCCI perfume write up you can find them here, here, here , here and here. I love them all.

Gucci Guilty for him and for her

Visiting my nenek comel

Sep 6, 2016


WhatsApp Image 2016-09-06 at 14.54.27 (2)

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

That is my nenek. We call her tok. Basically she is sofea’s great granma orang melayu cakap moyang. hehe Beruntung sofea dapat jumpa moyang. Illy dulu masa kecik tak sempat. Belah ayah pun tak sempat. Dapat jumpa atuk belah ayah pun sampai umur 5 ke 6 tahun pastu dia meninggal. Belah maklagi lah pula tak sempat langsung jumpa atuk sebab dia arwah masa mak illy umur belasan tahun. Belah husband illy pun dia cerita macam tu juga lebih kurang. Tak sempat nak jumpa atuk nenek belah pak mertua illy, belah mak mertua rasanya sempat tok yang perempuan jer.

illy sebenarnya jarang dapat jumpa nenek illy ni sebab dia duk kat Kuantan. Punya lah sibuk hal dunia hal kerja sampai nak jumpa setahun 2 kali pun payah. Apa punya cucu lah illy ni kan? Nasib lah teknologi dah berkembang boleh call tanya khabar nak kirim duit pun boleh bank in.. jadi masih boleh kekalkan hubungan walaupun jarang jumpa.  illy selalu rasa bersalah bila tak dapat jumpa spend time dengan nenek illy sebab dia baik n comel. Tapi apa kan daya, harap lepas ni bole buat lebih more trip melawat tok kasi dia happy.

Masa kita sibuk kejar kerjaya, kejar kehidupan di bandar.. our parents, our in laws our sedara mara semua makin tua. Jadi kalau boleh bila ada kesempatan nak spend more time with all of them sebab tak nak menyesal. Haritu before gi rumah nenek illy, sempat tidur umah mak illy 2 malam tapi lupa plak nak ambik gambar haha.. next time lah ambik gambar.

Betul ke budak kecik nampak hantu/mahkluk halus?

Aug 28, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Hari ni illy off topic sikit, tapi nak cerita ni pastu nak tanya pendapat korang. Sebab benda dah jadi 3 kali. Orang kata budak kecik nampak beda halus, tapi illy kalau tak jadi kat keluarga sendiri illy malas lah nak percaya benda pelik2 ni. Those who know me well memang tahu illy memang bukan jenis yang buka topic ni.

Tapi kan lately ada beberapa kejadian yang agak seram bagi illy. Kan my daughter dah 2 years old plus. Jadi dia macam dah boleh start communicate dengan kita as adult. Tapi yang seramnya tu… apa yang dia nampak dia pergi cerita.

First encounter tu masa dia kecik sgt lagi malas nak type. Nak cerita pasal yang second encounter and paling latest sekali jadi. Ada sekali tu kami balik malam dari umah mertua illy. Selalu nya okay jer, tapi on that specific night.. Masa dah sampai kat parking rumah.. anak ilyl cam merengek nak suruh dukung. Illy dah la pregnant tak larat nak dukung dia pastu ayah dia pula tangan dah penuh kiri kanan angkat barang. Jadi pujuk dia jalan.

Dia punya buat perangai.. menjerit nangis2 nak suruh dukung. Sampai depan umah, kami bagi salam nak masuk. Tertiba, boleh plak sofea tanya “ Dia nak masuk” “sofea takut” Omg apa yang kau cakap ni nak? siap yang nak masuk??? takda sapa dah ni.

Husband illy terus tanya sofea, dia ke yang kacau sofea buat sofea nangis? Terus sofea angguk. Bulu roma ku terus menegak. illy minta husband bacakan ayat kursi. Nasib bagi salam before masuk rumah. Jadi benda2 ni tak boleh masuk rumah. Bayangkan kalau dia ikut kedalam sekali? Tu yangada kes budak menangis tak berhenti tu kot? Sebab dia nampak apa kita tak nampak..

Paling latest sekali recent weekend, kitorang gi shopping complex (nama tempat di rahsiakan) pastu pergi makan kat satu kedai steamboat ni. Then kat situ my daughter merengek duk tunjuk at certain area cakap “uncle..” pada hal mana ada sape kat situ. Mula tu dia good mood jer, tapi tertiba nak nangis la pastu nak duduk kat husband illy sebab dia takut. Asyik pandang atas tunjuk atas. Gosh seram gila.. dah la kitorang nak makan ni. time ni pula dia nampak benda pelik. Masa tu siang jadi cam tak seram sangat. My husband pasang doa kat phone pastu letak kat sofea baru dia cam berani skit. Tapi memang tak selesa kat kedai tu. Kejap – kejap dia tunjuk atas

Ada orang cakap sesetengah kedai pasang pelaris “tak tahu la apa benda dorang pasang” ada yang juga cakap sebab budak – memang nampak benda macam ni. Tapi siang kot!! So tak tahu lah nak cakap apa.

I just decided to document this journey sebab when I sign up to be a parent, tak pernah terfikir akan lalui pengalaman macam ni. Harap benda ni is just a phase dan tak melarat amin.. korang pernah tak alami benda macam ni? selalu kena buat apa yer?


Nyra Skinworks Pearl Foundation dari Nazatul Nazira

Aug 23, 2016


WhatsApp Image 2016-08-18 at 08.59.38 (2)

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Apa cerita? Harap semua sihat dan happy2 always. Hari ini illy nak kenalkan korang dengan Nyra Skinwork Pearl Foundation. Pernah dengar tak? Sekarang foundation ni tengah hangat dipasaran. Ramai yang dah cuba. Illy pun dah cuba. Antara yang menarik tentang foundation ni sebab dia bukan make up semata, tapi ada khasiat skincare sekali.

Maksudnya, foundation yang biasa kita pakai kan selalu nya untuk jadi asas before pakai make up kan? Yang foundation ni selain tu boleh tolong control kulit dari jadi berminya, then bantu bagi lindungan dari matahari on top of that siap bantu kulit sentiasa muda sebab dia pun anti penuaan.

Foundation ni juga sesuai untuk setiap umur, yer lah tak kan dah tua jer baru nak jaga kulit dari awal lah kena jaga so that continue maintain kan? Apa yang illy perasan, foundation ni mudah sangat nak pakai. Colek sikit then sapu rata kat muka. Nak pakai beauty blender pun boleh, nak pakai foundation brush pun boleh, kalau rasa nak pakai tangan pun boleh. Tapi pastikan tangan tu bersih supaya kulit muka bebas kuman.

Be My Reason Shower Run 2016 |9th Oct 2016, The Arc|

Aug 22, 2016


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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I would like to invite you to join a run with cause. It is the Shokubutsu BE MY REASON Shower Run 2016 it is actually the first ever shower themed run in Malaysia. This run encourages people to run with their partners to symbolise their reason to staying healthy for their loves ones and be aware of the consequences breast cancer can do.

Wonder why is it a Shower Run? Do you shower while you run? hahaha no lah.. it is actually a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. So, how does a shower can prevent cancer? A simple act of self checking few mins in the shower could be an early detection for a breast cancer and this could save life. I mean, as woman my self, I find that this initiative is noble. To remind ladies the importance of spending couple of minutes out of 720 minutes we have daily.

The roadshow which Shokubutsu and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) held last year to demonstrate breast self-check yielded worrisome results. Many were unsure of how to conduct breast self-check, and even more were not committed to breast self-check in the convenience of their home! Adding to the shock was that such random checks at roadshows detected six ladies to have suspicious lumps in their breast, showing how prevalence the breast cancer is.

By having this event, hopefully it will give more insight and awareness and can pontentially save life along the way. To be completely honest, even myself did not know to perform a self-check up. It is good to find out how. Just sharing it below incase you want to find out too :-


Pic credit

So, if you are free on this coming 9th Oct 2016 (Sunday). The run will start at 7am and the  venue will be at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. The registration is Rm50 per person and RM90 for 2 person. You can actually register online at

or you could also win a pass. Actually I will be giving away 3 pass to this Be My Reason Shower Run. Do you want to win one? All you need to do is just to comment below that you want the free pass and 3 random winner will be contacted. Dont forget to leave your email address so I could reach out to you if you are the lucky winners!


Race kit

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