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Review Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa, Krabi



Olla everyone!

Since is it end of the year, school holiday around the corner and many of you might have been thinking on where to go to finish off your annual leave or maybe you just want to recharge before the new year… Well, what about Krabi?

Last month, I went to Krabi with my workmates as it is our company trip.. So, I was thinking maybe it is a good idea to share a lil bit of insight and write a review about this hotel where we stayed in. Just incase, you are in the market to search out for your accommodation in Krabi.


centara anda dhevi review


So, we stayed for 3D2N at this beautiful yet very reasonable Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa, Krabi. We took the Deluxe Room with 2 single bed for sharing basis. As we arrived it took around 40 minutes ride to arrive to our hotel and it is located at Ao Nang beach. You can also take a bus or taxi for a more budget more of travelling. Since we are going in a group and aiport transfer is included in our package so we just go with the flow and took the van provided.

As we arrived, the check in procedure it very smooth as we already paid upfront for the accommodation all we need to do is just provide the booking number and we are good to go. Seriously it take less than 15 minutes and we were also served with a nice lemon grass welcome drink. If I am not mistaken this hotel is 4 star and believe it or not is cost us only RM280++ per night. I personally believe that is a very affordable rate for 4 star hotel.



The lobby, candid pic.. I bet my peers are updating status or check in fb LOL

The room is quote spacious and comfy, all the nessecary amenities were provided like tea bag/ coffee, soaps etc but do bear in mind to bring your toothbrush. I didn’t bring mind as normally hotels do provide, have no idea why they didn’t provide at that time. Maybe run out of stocks I guess. Even if you didn’t bring it, it is not the end of the world, just in front of Centara Anda Dhevi Resort you able to find FamilyMart where you can grab your supplies or snacks.



my room, comfy and they also provide the hugging pillow

This hotel also have a bath tub, it is a must for me to have a bathtub everytime I book for a hotel. Ya…. Kesian or not? I don’t have bath tub at home, so the only time for me to enjoy my bath bomb or bath fizz is when I stayed in hotel rooms. Hahahaha…



Nice swimming pool huh?


the yummy pancake 40 bath

As for food option, like many other hotels they provide breakfast with good selections. If you are bored with hotel food, you can always check out the hawkers stall. It is just a walkable distant outside of the hotel. Like literally I can crawl to go to the hawker stall with out even feeling penat.. That near… hahaa I don’t know about you but for me, the best part about Thailand is their hawkers food!! How can I resist? Check out this yummy banana nuttela pancake. Cost me only 40 bath (around rm4) and it is super yummy! Every time go Thailand, die2 have to makan this yummy stuff.



Picture I took at Ao nang Beach

Maybe, I write a separate post of our activities and where we eat and even our experience at emerald pool… Since this is a post about the hotel, I must say, I am more than happy to come back again maybe next time with my baby sofea and my hubby.

Thank you for reading my humble post, I hope it does help you out and stay tune for more updates. Don’t forget to like my fanpage and Instagram at the side banner there for more fun update.



** This is my company trip and I am not sponsored by Centara Anda Dhevi Resort and Spa, Krabi. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of of the company that I worked for. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

WALL’S PADDLE POP AND LEGOLAND® MALAYSIA RESORT break a new record in Malaysia Book of Records


Olla people!

If you are on my facebook or Instagram, I bet you might have noticed that last Friday I went to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and great thanks to Paddle Pop for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Children’s in such an awesome way!

This is actually the first time, I am allowed to bring my husband and our baby Sofea for a media trip and we are sooo excited. It is always nice to hangout with blogger peers and get to know people from the main media including their family members. We went there by 2 bus, great work by the PR team for being super thoughtful and accommodating to us thought out the whole journey!



As we arrived, we check in to Legoland hotel and the room blown up my mind. I am planning to write about the hotel experiences as well as the themepark experience in another post. Please stay tune for that ya.. *wink wink*

One of the main reason we were brought to Legoland is to witness and take part in the campaign to break the Malaysian Book of Records. for “The Biggest Painting Assembled by Children”. In conjunction with World Children’s Day, Paddle Pop and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort invited 725 children from various orphanages and kindergartens in Johor as well as children guests from LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort to paint their pledge to have fun as kids. All individual handprinted tiles from the children were gathered to break the record for the largest assembled painting measuring 12.27 metres by 7.53 metres (40.26 feet by 24.7 feet). This broke the previous record of 9.75 metres by 5.48 metres (32 feet by 18 feet).

“I am extremely thrilled that Wall’s Paddle Pop and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort have broken the Malaysia Book of Records with these kids while spreading awareness of “Let Kids be Kids”. The breaking of the record symbolizes the pledge by kids to have fun while they are still kids, which is inspired by Paddle Pop’s brand core belief of “Let Kids be Kids,” Shawn added.

2014-11-15 15.13.14

Children today may be busier than ever. Their schedules are usually filled with school, tuition classes and enrichment classes such as piano, art and dance classes. Likewise, childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoor with electronic gadgets like televisions, computer and mobile devices.

In light of this, Paddle Pop and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort joined hands to bring the outdoor fun experience to these children.

“We are happy to collaborate with Paddle Pop under our CSR programme of Merlin Magic Wand to celebrate World Children’s Day with this fantastic record-breaking activity. We are excited to display the painting at our Resort as a beautiful reminder for children and their parents on the importance of balancing studies and having fun outdoors,” said Mark Germyn, General Manager LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.During the World Children’s Day activity, over 400 underprivileged children from the orphanages in Johor were treated to a fun and exciting theme park experience in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

I personally believe that it is important to let kids be kids for as long as they could. It is also even more important for adults especially parents to support, spend some quality time with them and just enjoy the fun together. I will definitely bring Sofea to come and visit Legoland another round.

2014-11-15 09.39.27

That’s it for now, thank you for reading my humble post. Stay tune for my future post as I will be sharing more about the hotel room and the themepark plus new show by Legoland. Have a great day ahead!

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