My fav beauty products in 2012 <3

Dec 31, 2012

From the left

1) Victoria's secret Body Cream - Coconut Passion
Love that this product have this sweet smell of coconut and vanilla.. reminds me of the beach n it is super quick absorbed into your skin :)

2) Sunsilk Co-creations -Smooth & manageable in Pink
I honestly bought this product because it came in pink container muahahahah.. but when I start using it.. I instantly fall in love.. it is soooo affordable and it makes my hair become so smooth.. and I love the facts that it is easier to rinse off compared to my other hair conditioner :)

3) Loreal Total Repair Night Essence - for damaged hair
I love this products because it really does help to make my hair healthier.. it is slightly pricey.. so I end up only using it once in a while :) but you can really feel the difference everytime you use it.. and it is like an extra treatment for your hair.. you just have to use it before bed :)

4) Avene - Cleanance Cleansing Gel
I wad introduced to this products during a beauty workshop... What I love about this product is that I dont feel my skin became 'tight' after using it.. I personally do not prefer the tight feel.. this product also is asoapless cleanser which help me to control my oily and blemish-prone skin condition. since this product is designed for sensitive have less amount of chemical in it... I found that my skin condition became better with the help of this cleanser :)

5) Avene Eau Thermale - Spring Water
Well,, this is of of my most fav :) Totally versatile.. I can use it as refresher, and mist before and after putting on make up.. not just that I sometime spray it to mask sheets and use it as mask :) it has high minerals composition and I even use it after shave for the soothing effects.

6) Redken - Hair Cleansing Cream
My fav shampoo! It help nourishing my hair.. I love that it is very creamy.. even though I dont relly fancy the smell but I just have to tolerate it since this product works. it was encauraged to use this produts alternate with your regular shampoo.. I love that this products really help to make my hair shine since it have fruits acid :)

7) Facial Mask - SaSatinnie
If you ready my blog.. you know that I am a facial mask freak :p well what I love about SaSatinnie rangr is that it is very affordabld and easy to use.. the essense amount packed is just nice.. so it wont have dripping.. I dont really like when facial mask drips... and SaSatinnie provide generous range of mask to be try on!

8) SilkyGirl - Sweet Temptation Collectible Doll Perfume
I love it because it comes in cute bottle.. so cute and since it is small I can even put it in my purse or if I travell it is so convienient since It is small and smell nice tooo! I also love this cute lil frangrance because of the sweet smell and it look so nice on my dressing table :)

9) Victoria's Secret - Fragrance Mist
What more can I say? I love the sweet and fruity and flowery smell... so I basically love Victoria's range I normally wear it on working day.. so I have the boostof happiness and it help to instantly give me good mood :) I simply love this mist! And I like it because it is light..

p/s : What are your fav produts in 2012? Please comment below.. I would love to know it!

Super Cute Bento

Dec 30, 2012

lately ily asyik craving Japanese food je.. mengada tak? hahaha entah mungkin musin.. nanti da bosan mula la cari menda lain pulak..

actually i just like to share some pictures of cute bento I come across the internet :) So cute n creative! so cute :) omg i have been so cute few times already! hahaha

anyway hope you like it too!

Avene Eau Thermale (facial mask review)

one of fav mask :) simple je nak pakai. just spray the sheet with the awesome Thermal Spring Water. then pakai.. rasa sgt relax..

the best part i love about this mask is that it do not contain any chemicals :)

no smell at all since it is purely thermal water :)

Unplanned and totally spontaneous trip to Fraser Hill Review

ily dgn hubby main selamber je redah pg fraser hill ni.. kitorang gerak from kl actually from umah kitorang dalam 110+km tapi sebab kitorang ade sesat mase ke kuala khubu baru tu yg jadi lambat skit sampai tu... kami takde gps.. pakai phone pun cam berape accurate so kitorang main selamber jer la use old fashion way.. tanya orang kat traffic light n tanya kat fuel station :)

so sampai la juga :) mase sampai tu cam malam... jalan landai but banyak sgt selekoh n turning2 so if korang jenis cepat mabuk.. ily nasihatian bawak minyak angin just to be safe :) pastu nak naik atas tu takde lampu jalan jadi tersangat la gelap... kitorang cam seram2 juga.. ily dlm kepala asyik terpikir citer hantu jer...

makanan kat atas ni agak pricey.. yer la jauh kan nak bawak bahan mentah naik atas.. but sekali sekala..takpe la.. yg unik kat foodcourt die ada jual lempeng kelapa as breakfast.. unik :) kat kl payah nak ade camtu...

overall, kat sini takde la plantation2 cam kat cameron.. tempat shopping pun takde.. but if korang suke tempat yg calm, n sejuk, more to nature this is the place.. kat sini tarikan die is the paddlock (tempat naik kuda n memanah) then air terjun, then burung2 ( ramai kitorang tgk org bawak camera canggih2 ambik picture burung) the big clock, n banyak trail untuk yg suka hiking :)

other than that biase2 jer.. bole la jalan2 yg penting da sampai.. org asyik cakap fraser hill, kali ni dapat juga merasa pergi :)

enjoy the pics!

Mini Haul - SaSa

Dec 24, 2012

I just bought few beauty essential at unbelievable cheap price :) Yeay! Last few week I have told you ladies that SaSa outlet in curve is having a clearance sale right? guess what.. I went there for a movie at e@curve just know.. And they are still having the sale! Omg!

the best part is with lots of other products ;p

so they have this small package area.. where they sold 3 things in a pack ( i think it mig be their christmas promo) well I got this cute twizzer in red ( with lady cartoon printed on the steel ) then the phone charm n also the lady printed nail buffer... and it was only for RM5 :) high 5!

then I got this 4 mask for the total of RM10 wooow weee! I am such a sucker for face mask hahaha Then those small blade for only RM 9.90 for 3 pcs.

Inspiration of the Ombre hair colour :)

Dec 23, 2012

Some pictures of Ombre hair style for inspiration... I prefer the messy one compared to the defined one :)

Fresh Star Fruit Scrub - So refreshing and you can DIY :)

Dec 22, 2012

Simple you can do this any time :) most recommended to do this on weekend.. since you can relax and enjoy the yummy ice cold star fruit juice before or after your scrub session :) 

This is so simple all you need is 

1) Sugar / Salt 
2) Star Fruits

Just cut the star fruits in any shape you like and blend it... once done, filter it. The juice you can just simply enjoy it with family and love ones :)

As for the remaining extract.. Add sugar/ salt to it.. Stir it add up some more until you have you desired consistency.. Thennnnn Enjoy you home made scrub out of yummy fresh star fruits!!

Star Fruit Health Benefits

One of the most important benefits of star fruit is reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is because of the fruit's high content of polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants are also known to help in the prevention of cancer.
The fruit helps in lowering cholesterol.
It prevents and treats constipation.
It helps in managing symptoms of jaundice.
Given its anti microbial property, the fruit also shows promising results in treating infection caused by bacteria such as staph, salmonella, and e coli.
The water extracted from the leaves and roots by boiling, helps in the treatment of headaches, ringworm, and chickenpox.
Manages hangover, and prickly heat in summers.
Star fruit is also known for its property of treating sore eyes, and stimulating milk in nursing mothers.
Scientists believe that this fruit might have a significant role to play in slowing down aging thus, delaying the onset of signs such as wrinkling or sagging of skin.
Sunstroke, nausea, indigestion, and symptoms of colds and flu can be managed by the help of this fruit.
Helpful in losing weight.

My star fruit scrub and my refreshing star fruit juice 

p/s : Have you tried making your own scrub? Share with me.. I wanna know more :)

Given By Flower Ageratum Mask Sheet Review - Nature Republic

That day my office mate baru balik Korea pastu belikan goodies dari sana :) sweet kan? tak sangka ingat kat kami :) terharu....

Mase die pergi Korea tu ily memang terpikir pasal mask je.. sebab banyak mask kat Malaysia ni from Korea.. pastu the best part of all die balik die belikan... yeay! seronok tak terhingga :)

I was given 2 type of face mask.the first is Daisy flower and the other one is Ageratum flower.. To b honest ily tak tahu sgt about this ageratum flower :) so I am excited to try and find out :)

nasib baik ada english instruction n wording kat belakang tu..if al
in Korean.. memang payah skit la ily nak review for you all :) ily bukan reti bahasa korea ni :p

Basically this thime around ily pakai mask yg Ageratum ni.. it claimed to keep your skin hydrated for along time :)

The pro : The difference form the other mask that I have tried is the mask is quite thick.. and it have the section to cover your eyes as well. Normally if I use other mask.. I will cut a cucumber or tomatoes or out a toner on mu cotton pad just to hydrate n cover my eyes area.. So I kinda like this function :)

Other than that biase2 je la.. biase la bile pakai mask ni ada calming effect.. just like all the pther mask.. it will make you feel relax :)

The con : I dont know if we can buy it in Malaysia.. hurm...

So until next time n enjoy the pic :) n yup I look like a mad lady in the picture below.. look at my crazy hair in the most messy bun..hahhaha!

P/s: What is your fav mask?

Please ignore my super messy bun.. hahaha.. focus on the mask.. see it have the section for your eyes :)

Front View 
Back View

Some of the other souviniers given to me by my friend :) So generous right? 

Very Voluptuous Lip Plumber by Victoria's Secret Review

Dec 19, 2012

I bought this lip plumber from my own pocket :) It cost me RM77

they came in two types, I decided to take the bare one :) but actually after the first application it does gave me the shiny hint of rosy colour..

during the application, I felt the tingling sensation on my lips.. It felt like a little sensation on my lips :)

The gloss is thick which I believe help in the plumbing effects :) The tingling sensation lasted around 15 mins on my lips..

this is my first time trying lip plumber and I kinda like it :)

P/s : Have you tried any lip plumber before? Do you like it?

Monthly Beautiful Surprise - Brought by Vanity Trove

Dec 18, 2012

Everyone love surprises!!  Guess what you will have the chance to have an awesome beautiful surprise on monthly basis.. Yeay! Woot.. Woot! 

Imagine you'll be receiving a box with surprise beauty products every months on your doorstep.. High five to that! Yeay!  Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, Vanity Trove provide this awesome service now in Malaysia :) You could indulge and try all of the products for only RM 60 per month.. 

Not just that, you can only send it as gift to your best friends, family members and even your boyfriend.. also have beauty box for men :)  Yes! This will help you from avoiding scratching your head on what to get for them on their birthday.

Sample of Vanity Trove box for the Ladies :)

This is the one for the guys.. Nice and masculine box :) 

For most of the beauty bloggers or readers, you might be well aware of how the beauty box work.. To those who do not know yet.. No worries :) I am here to share it with you.. 

This is how it works :) Simple 3 steps.. 

What make it so great? 

As for the time line, for some beauty boxes... You will only be getting your the box on the 3 weeks on that month.. Or before the month end.. Let say you order a box for December and you will be getting it on 3 or 4th week of December..

However for Vanity Trove you will receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get December’s themed trove by end of November!)

So, how do you get started? Just go their website and subscribe.

I am getting the February box and I cant wait.. Yeay! I will definitely do a review on it :) 

For more details and information please check out their facebook page [ here ] 
you can also follow their twitter [ here ]

p/s : Have you tried any beauty box service before?

You have too many coins? Here is a simple n easy way to convert it to notes :)

Dec 16, 2012

Semalam ily pg Jusco kat OU... biase la merayap skit :) then..... I saw this super clever machine!

bole convert syiling then tukar jadi voucher... so balik tu ape lagi? ily pun korek la semua syiling yg ade kat umah n dalam tabung :) selama ni simpan duit syiling.. last malas nak gi hantar masuk bank sebab berat pastu cam segan.. selalu ily tgk budak kecik je bawak tabung gi bank :p

then the next day, ily pun pergi la try machine tu.. very impressed i must say :) da la laju je machine tu kire.. huhuhu.. instruction pun senang n very user friendly tau the machine :)

then lepas masukan.. dapat la RM 142.75. so die cam print out receipt.. lepas kena pg counter customer service (dekat je literally tepi tu je) then because the jusco voucher is in multiple of rm10

so ily pun bg kat cashier tu rm7.25 then dapat voucher RM 150.. huhuhu nice right? ily pun ape lagi... membeli la groceries alang2.... menyemak n berat je syilling tu bole tukar jadi notes kan? actually korang bole guna the voucher untuk ape2 je as long as dalam jusco :) electrical bole baju bole.. bedsheets bole... ape2 je la....

so pasni ily dgn my hubby nak buat new mission.. like a new year vision la...kitorang nak kumpul duit sylling banyak2 then nak pg tukar voucher jusco tu pastu nak beli lcd tv :p

nak beli lcd tv pakai duit syilling huhuhuhu wish for the best ay? tolong doakan kami berjaya k?

p/s : have you tried or saw this machine before?

Galaxy Wonderland - Samsung GALAXY Note II and Yuna

Dec 14, 2012

Wonderland.. huhuhu what can I say?  The word says it all... A place where is is magical, nice and full of everything which is inspiring :)  

Samsung GALAXY Note II and Yuna let all of us to be apart of their special project name "Project Sparkle" by contributing and sharing idea on why we think that our lovely Malaysia is a wonderland :) The best part is inspired by the stories shared by us on GALAXY Wonderland, illustrators, armed with the GALAXY Note II, will use it to create a new music video.. sounds fun right?  

Want to know why Project Sparkle is so amazing and unique? Check out the video below.. You will be amazed.. 

Do you know that the Sparkle music video won the Best Music Video award on Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM) recently? Woot! woot!.. Huhuhu 

Check out the award winning video below.. Enjoy.. 

Well how do you take part? Super easy and fun :)

First go to this link  and you have the layout below as the home page... Pretty right? 

Next, just click on create icon on top :) 

Alright. then just be creative!! 

Here is the picture I draw :)  I love the Ocean soooo much and very great full that here in Malaysia we have a wonderful & beautiful tropical Ocean.. Well, my drawing didn't do justice in compare to how beautiful our ocean and underwater scenery is :) This is the best that I could come up with.. huhuhu

Here it is :) I just put in the mermaid to represent me.. hahaha :) Super dreamy right? 

 Once you are done, you just have to login via your facebook or you email :)  Simple as that!!  

What do you have in mind? Why do you think that Malaysia is a wonderland? Yummy food? Awesome people? Fantastic Scenery? You may also check out the wonderland and check out what others opinion on what makes Malaysia a wonderland :) 

Have fun and happy participating!!  Join all of and be a part of this great project. 

For more exciting info, dont forget to can check out the fan page at

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