my fav lotion :) Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion

i love this lotion because it is super creamy n absorb fast with out leaving those sticky feeling :)

plus the smell is simply yummy! mild smell of fresh coconut n vanilla :) I felt like an ancient princess when I put it on... huhuhu..

this lotion also contain avocado + sweet almond oil & honey! nyum..nyum!

it claims to provide 24 hours of moisture :) but I mostly love it because it makes my skin feeling soft n sweet smell :)

p/s : what is your fav lotion? mind to share....

I post up this post using my ipad, so the camera picture is not so good :) 


  1. Owh their lotion is all so sweet in smell...

    1. ya.... I really hoping that they will come out with Christmas promotion or something.. But went to the store in OU yesterday.. and there is none yet :(

      I really love their yummylicious smelling lotion :)

  2. Replies
    1. try it Sherry :) smell so nice plus very affordable compare to body shop...

      now they have few shops already in malaysia.. in OU and Pavilion :). most of the lotion RM 53 for 250ml worth it :)

  3. thanks for your lovely sharing

  4. I love this brand, thanks for sharing

  5. alright, good thing good to share.


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