Buka Puasa di Hilton Petaling Jaya

Mar 31, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Kalau korang tengah survey mana nak bawa family pergi buka puasa buffet then illy nak suggest Paya Serai Hotel Hilton Petaling Jaya. Baru ni keluarga illy dijemput pergi buka puasa preview. Tempat ni memang agak nostalgia sikit sebab bangunan Hilton Petaling Jaya ni memang dah lama. Ada chef yang dah kerja 20 tahun lebih, yang chef buat kerabu pun dah 15 tahun kerja kat sini. So boleh bayangkan dorang puya experience. Masa preview tu head chef siap bagitau yang chef masakan briyani pernah bekerja untuk keluarga Diraja Sultan Pahang. Wah.. ni memang confirm sedap ni. Actually, siapa yang pernah makan kat Paya Serai akan tahu kualiti makanan kat sini memang tak pernah mengkecewakan. Nak tengok apa yang menarik? 

Ikan kembung bakar berempah ni dah la seksi, pastu sedap. Just nice bakar dia tak kering dan rasa rempah tu memang sebati. Cicah dengan air asam lagi la terangkat. 

A year after our home was caught on fire

Mar 27, 2019

 Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I don't really like to remember the event but it is okay, I guess it can somehow help the healing process. It has been a year. Exactly a year ago, our home was on fire. We lost the majority of our physical possession and when I taught it was just that, I realized that every big event in your life tends to shape you as a person. 

Freeman Hydrating Water Gel Mask and Soothing Cooling Mask |Review|

Mar 26, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are doing great. If you are not then not to worry because I am about to share a de-stress product! Yup, I always relate any facemask products as one of my go-to for if I ever need to de-stress. It is when I enjoy a good 10-15 minutes and practice self-love. Introducing this two facemask which is the HYDRATING Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask and SOOTHING Watermelon + Aloe Cooling Gel Mask. Have you tried them before?

Foreo Luna Play Plus

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

Today, I would like to share with you about my experience adding Foreo Luna Play Plus to my skincare routine. I've heard about Foreo for awhile. Have always been wanting to try them out. Since it was a want to me rather than necessity,  it has been in my wishlist for a while. Imagine my excitement when I finally own one! It better worth my cravings LOL

There are a bunch of models that you can pick from. If you are wondering the difference between Luna Play and this Luna Play Plus, the Play Plus is slightly bigger with longer bristles and operated with AAA battery. 

I don't get the rave at first but I have been noticing them on my timeline a lot. I tried Clarisonic before and few other face cleansing brushes but this is my first time trying out the silicone bristles. Personally, I think this Foreo Lune Play Plus is way easier to be maintained. I don't have to worry about the need to repurchase the brush or charging port or the need to have a dedicated charging outlet in the bathroom or wires. I mean I don't bother to bring so much stuff with me during travel and I would prefer to reduce the number of wires I need to pack. Having Luna Play Plus make things so much easier for me. Just dump it in my skincare bag and it is ready to go. 

Mickey Go Local - Limited Edition Tin - 7 Eleven

Mar 21, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I have interesting news to share today. Have you heard about the Mickey Go Local Tin Campaign? I am going to share all the details and also run a giveaway on my Instagram. Before we get to that, let's talk on how you can own these super cute tin collection. 

For those who are familiar with 7-Eleven campaign, you might know about the sticker method. Basically, all you need to do is spend RM5 in a single receipt to get 1 sticker. You may obtain additional bonus sticker if you purchase any of the partner products. I'll share the poster shortly.  By collecting 16 stickers you will be entitled to redeem FREE Mickey Go Local Mini Tin or you may also buy it at RM9.90 with 6 stickers. 

Barefoot Scrub, Overnight Foot Treatment and Nature's Bounty Hair, Nail and Skin Gummies | REVIEW |

Mar 19, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I am so grateful that I am given a chance to raise two little girls. It means I can to share with them as many self-care and beauty tips that I learned along the way. I am so glad to be the one who teaches them how to put on lotion on your body, plus it is quite a fun activities to pamper ourself, together. We have been to numerous salon and pedicure date. Can't wait till they are older and we can all go for a massage day out!! 

Girls being girls, they tend to be even more excited that I do whenever I received products. Recently I was sent with 3 products, Freeman Barefoot range which is the Exfoliating Foot Scrub with Peppermint and Plum, the Barefoot Healing Overnight Foot Treatment with Marula Oil and Cocoa Butter and the last product is a beauty supplement gummies which is known as Nature's Bounty, Hair Skin and Nails Gummies. Since they are so interested over it, might as well I use it as an opportunity to teach them about scent, texture and the wonder of natural ingredients. Since Freeman is devoted to being FREE from Harsh Chemicals, I don't mind sharing it with my girls. 

Pengalaman ke Cherating - BEST GILER

Mar 18, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Okay, terus terang dah banyak kali pergi cherating and setiap kali pergi pun best. Sebab apa? Tak jauh sangat, tak payah nak fly, naik kereta dalam 3 jam pun dah sampai. Sebenarnya bercuti ni bagi illy ada 2 jenis. Satu yang kita memang nak explore, banyak berjalan nak tengok macam - macam. Yang ni pergi jauh berbaloi sebab banyak nak experience cuma dia punya down side memang penat kalau berjalan yang style macam ni. Walaupun penat tapi puas hati sebab banyak info baru, boleh cuba makanan baru boleh tengok benda baru boleh belajar pasal culture. 

Satu lagi bercuti adalah betul - betul nak rehat nak tenang. Kalau yang betul nak rehat salah satu cara illy paling suka is staycation. Tu pasal banyak hotel review area kl dan selangor tu kira staycation. Nak duduk hotel, nak rehat nak tidur selesa and just nak betul spend time dengan tenang. Boleh order room service, sambil baring tengok movie dengan family. MEMANG SELESA. Yang trip staycation dia tak banyak explore more pada rehatkan badan dalam keadaan paling selesa. Selain pada staycation, cuti-cuti malaysia pun boleh consider jenis cuti yang rehat. Ni kalau pergi tempat tak sesak lah yer. Kalau tempat sesak dalam malaysia pun semak jugak. Vibe tu penting. Aura bandar dia cam ada serabut tu, kalau pergi jauh sikit dari sesak bandar dia punya aura tenang tu memang terasa beza. Kepala jadi kurang bingit, mata tak serabut, takda jam, takda masalah cari parking dan pemandu kat jalan pun more tenang takda asyik nak menyondol jer. Tu suma faktor tu. Lagi plak kalau pergi pantai. Potensi chill vibe tu tinggi. Memang terbaik. 

Sensez Beauty Shampoo and Instant & Intensive Hair Treatment | REVIEW + GIVEAWAY|

Mar 11, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!

If you are like me, constantly looking for products that worked and deliver its promised then continue reading. Today I would like to introduce this haircare that recently falls in love with. Have you heard of Sensez Beauty? It has been in the market for quite a while and I think to myself, why didn't I come across it earlier? Would have saved me so much money and heartache.. hahaha

You know that I have always lean towards nature wonder right? When I found out that Sensez Beauty used natural key ingredients it gets me so excited to try them out. 

Look at that, so many products to play with. Being a beauty blogger does have its perks. I remember those days when I dig my make up purse looking for items that worth sharing about. Never thought that one day, I would be lucky enough to receive lots of amazing products and being able to share my humble opinions about it with you. During this a decade ever since I started blogging, I have been showered with more products that I could ever consume personally. Hence, I decided to share the love with you! I think the best part of living is where you get to share. 

Kids Learning Activities - HP Little Makers

Mar 5, 2019

Assaalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

As mentioned on my Instagram, it has always been my wildest dream to bring my kids around the world to learn. Which is why my husband and I tried our very best to bring our kids to explore nature, going to parks and just try out new experience together. We did a mixture of some outdoor and indoor activities in order to broaden up their comfort zone. 

When the activities are indoor, it is super handy to have a printer at home. I received this printer around last year and I think it is such a great learning tool. We get to print out worksheets, decor, time table, and so much more as the possibilities are endless. 

Jimat Beli Package Percutian di Traveloka Saleabration

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Rasa macam bukan rahsia yang kitorang suka bawa anak pergi explore dan try experience baru. Tak semestinya nak kena mahal atau jauh. Kalau dapat jauh memang lagi best sebab lagi banyak terbuka kita punya mata dengan minda. Tahun ni kami dah plan nak pergi Krabi dan Can Tho. Yang Krabi tu husband illy ah nak sangat, rindu pantai katanya. Yang tu family trip bawa budak gi snokel pun okay. Bukan nak cakap apa lah, belajar pasal laut ke ikan ke sotong ke, kat dalam buku dengan duduk kat laut tengok sendiri depan mata pun kira belajar. Sebab kita ni belajar dari pelbagai deria. 


Mar 4, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

I have amazing news to share with you today. Those who have been reading my blog would notice that I have a soft spot for Guardian. If you go to my old post in 2013 you can see that I have been very active in attending their event. I can still remember vividly The Great Guardian MakeOver event in 2013 that was held in One Utama Mall. There are many sweet memories with Guardian, from attending their event and workshop to our collaboration ever since the first Blooming with illy. 

Ulang Tahun SAHI Sarang Burung

Mar 3, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Weekend baru ni illy di jemput pergi celebrate Ulang Tahun Sahi Sarang Burung HQ. Event di host dekat The Royal Chulan The Curve. Yes, suka kalau event area damansara sebab dekat dengan rumah hahaha.. boleh tak bias camtu? Actually event jauh pun illy pergi jer support kalau timing tu kena and also if brand tu illy betul-betul berminat. 

Tema 2nd Anniversary SAHI Sarang Burung HQ kali ni adalah white and gold. Apa lagi illy korek la apa yang ada kat umah, boleh lah kan? Bagi illy, salah satu cara untuk kita hormat dan hargai event organizer adalah dengan ikut tema yang ditetapkan. Walaupun tak compulsary tapi illy rasa seronok bila dapat gembirakan host. Walaupun nampak cam benda kecik tapi yang kecik tu lah yang penting kadang - kadang tau. 
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