I have a stalker……. This is super SCARY

Jun 13, 2012

 Out of curiosity I go and check my Feedjit.. Where do my reader source came from and such.. Like simply la I wanted to check.. tgk my reader ni suke bace pasal ape?

Then.. jeng jeng jeng.. I found out that ade orang search name ily OMG OMG seriously got people want to know about me? Hehehe I felt a lil bit perasan and ouch I got a stalker =P

Kalau niat baik takpe.. risau yg jahat evil hearted je.. I hope not (Ya Allah please forbid that)

DEAR STALKER, I am watching you!  If you have no hidden agenda, you are most welcoemto stalk even more =)

But if you just nak sebab nak tahu perkembangan, busuk hati,, waiting for me to fall down or write up nasty thing .. I am not going to satisfy you, please get a life..

One of the reason people stalk you is that they are jelous =) why do they jelous? Because you have a more interesting life than them =) So pity them… Deepest sympathy from me to you…

If you spend your time lesser in googling about me.. you could use that time to upgrade your life and make it more interesting.. live it with happiness n joy =)

P/s: Enjoy the screen shoot I took =)

Galactic Laser Tag - Review

Jun 11, 2012

 So I was assigned to lead and plan an “Annual employee activities” for FedEx KULHQ management staff. It is not a one man show. I have great peers who work together to make it a successful event. We delegate the task so that everything went smooth. We were given less than 2 weeks (such a short notice considering we also have other task) to get everything going from A to Z, from getting the budget approve to brainstorming and to every little details such as itinerary and getting confirmation… and so on.. and so forth…

OUR team members are very committed to make it work, and that is why it WORKED =)

So Last year they organize a treasure hunt ( I wasn’t in charge), this year we are playing Laser Tag =)

Die mcam paint ball juga just not as painfull and not la ganas.. SAFETY first =)

I haven’t tried this game before, and me being ILY always super excited about every single thing…

For this corporate event I liaise with Philis ( Operation Manager for Galactic Laser Tag) and Kobe ( Assitant manager), they were super helpful and nice =)

So for the cost, normally for corporate event inclusive of (2 hours usage of the function room & 3 games & finger food like sandwich & drinks ) it will cost around RM60 per pax for normal days. If on weekend akan ada extra RM10 surcharge. (Minimum 20 pax)

You could also order more food (preorder from them if your group is large), you could also request for longer usage duration for the function room (they have karaoke facilities in there) they gave us extra 1 hours ( I told you they are super nice) this is ofcoz based on availability. The rate for the function room rental is RM800 per hour.

If you haven’t try it before,, PLEASE GO and TRY =) super fun!!  Lil bit exhausting for me since I cant help running around and scream all the way like head less chicken.

Just like to share few tips,

 AVOID Light Colour Clothing, unless you want to be LOSER (glow in the dark)

AVOID High Heels or Slippers

 And…. As usual enjoy the pictures

Resepi sambal udang petai & resepi sayur campur

Jun 4, 2012

Cube la yer :) kalau da cube share la picture dgn ily :) nak tgk gak :)

Rezeki :)

Jun 3, 2012

Alhamduliah bertambah job make up part time ily. Sape2 yg berminat nak try bole email illy.ariffin@gmail.com

So kat bawah ni salah satu contoh before n after.

Ayam bakar portuguese style

Semenjak dua menjak ni ily suke upluad pic food2 yg ily masak kat fb :)

Hubby kuat makan, ily plak suke masak. Takda la teror mcam chef terkenal. Tapi cukup la kenyang kami mknan di umah :)

So ily ada dpt few inbox text kay fb kawan2 ada yg minta fb :)

So i decided to share my recipes :)

Hope you will like it & happy cooking!

1 year old birthday girl :)

Jun 2, 2012

Yesterday I went tona lil girl bday party :) i had a blast :) the cute n lovely girl name is Nadine.

She is a very lucky baby. From my observation, she is greatly love by her parents :)

Well her dad loved her super dearly :)

I wished one day, if im lucky enough to have my own baby girl, i hope her dad would love her super dearly as well.

Well peeps, it have been a while since I went to kids birthday, so I am very excited :) and super amazed.

Enjoy the pics :)

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