Galactic Laser Tag - Review

 So I was assigned to lead and plan an “Annual employee activities” for FedEx KULHQ management staff. It is not a one man show. I have great peers who work together to make it a successful event. We delegate the task so that everything went smooth. We were given less than 2 weeks (such a short notice considering we also have other task) to get everything going from A to Z, from getting the budget approve to brainstorming and to every little details such as itinerary and getting confirmation… and so on.. and so forth…

OUR team members are very committed to make it work, and that is why it WORKED =)

So Last year they organize a treasure hunt ( I wasn’t in charge), this year we are playing Laser Tag =)

Die mcam paint ball juga just not as painfull and not la ganas.. SAFETY first =)

I haven’t tried this game before, and me being ILY always super excited about every single thing…

For this corporate event I liaise with Philis ( Operation Manager for Galactic Laser Tag) and Kobe ( Assitant manager), they were super helpful and nice =)

So for the cost, normally for corporate event inclusive of (2 hours usage of the function room & 3 games & finger food like sandwich & drinks ) it will cost around RM60 per pax for normal days. If on weekend akan ada extra RM10 surcharge. (Minimum 20 pax)

You could also order more food (preorder from them if your group is large), you could also request for longer usage duration for the function room (they have karaoke facilities in there) they gave us extra 1 hours ( I told you they are super nice) this is ofcoz based on availability. The rate for the function room rental is RM800 per hour.

If you haven’t try it before,, PLEASE GO and TRY =) super fun!!  Lil bit exhausting for me since I cant help running around and scream all the way like head less chicken.

Just like to share few tips,

 AVOID Light Colour Clothing, unless you want to be LOSER (glow in the dark)

AVOID High Heels or Slippers

 And…. As usual enjoy the pictures


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