undefined feeling

Oct 29, 2011

A : if you don’t feel happy, you can change your mind.. u can try to tell those people how you feel

B : that is not an option, there are so many people involve.. Innocent people

A : You cant never expect to be happy, if you choose to absorb and keep you feeling hidden

B : hurm.. I think you should go

A : I not leaving… until I know that you will be okay

B : I don’t see any way.. That I am ever going to be okay

Rendezvous Steak House yang Yg Yummy!

Oct 27, 2011

nak post citer2 pasal makan la kali ni =) boleh share kot2 korang nak idea lepak mane pulak kan =)

aritu ily n johan n apiz n enma n farid (the usual closest peeps) pergi mamam kat Rendezvous Steak House, kedai ni kat dengan kampung pandan.. tepi jalan je yang ade higway nak gi bb kalau dari area ampang tuh..

sedap makan.. atmosphere menarik.. yang paling best menu die yang ade melted cheese pastu celup2 with daging goreng nyum! nyum! harga berpatutan dalam belas2 je pun... rase pun sedap sangat =)

next time you all bole la try and enjoy the pic =)

Ujian HIV untuk berkahwin

Oct 25, 2011

Akhirnya settle urusan HIV test.. Next time if you all nak buat HIV test, kena buat apppointment dulu.. ily dapat pun 1 month time range tarih appointment from the date yang ily request tu..

Apply hujung bulan 9, ni ha.. 25hb 10 baru dapat apointment die.. Bukan nyer rumit pun nak buat HIV test tu cume the cekadak je yang banyak..

If your home address kat kl kena download dulu borang HIV test then isi, then bawa mase nak pergi buat ujian tu...

Menunggu tak payah citer la.. =) we spend few hours waiting, last2 procedure nyer take like less than 5 mins je.. nak menunggu pegawai perubatan tu chop dgn sigh punyer la lamee.. nak tick 1 kotak je pun pastu sign seciput......... Aduh.. its ok la.. ni la ape orang kate dugaan nak kahwin...

p/s : Be strong and hopefully everything will go smooth after this...

Good and Bad Mirror

Oct 20, 2011

Perempuan mane yang tak suke tengok cermin.. I know some guys yg fascinate tgk cermin.. ok la let me be frank even my future hubby pun love to see his reflection in a mirror.. tapi tak boleh la kalahkan my bro.. Aduh here n there he put mirror in the house.. Anyway, in this entry I nak share sikit pasal good and Bad mirror..

U all ade that your favourite mirror? I know I have.. Ade satu mirror kat umah ily ni paling ily suke.. My reflection will always made me happy if I see my self using that mirror.. like more kurus.. slim less acne marks.. everything is like so fine =)

Tapi ade few other mirror which is not so kind to me.. paling menyampah magnifying mirror.. aduh.. yg tu black head semua nampak like wicked witches punyer mole.. seriously tak sukeeeeeeeee! Pastu ade je mirror yg berapa kali kite touch up muke still nampak cam bengong.. like the bedak nampak bertapuk la.. nampak eyeliner smudge la… aduh.. sangat demotivate tengok mirror yg evil ni tau..

I really hope every girl will have and get their own comforting mirror.. that will show your advantages instead of your weakness… in that case every girl and guys will be even more happier with their appearances..

Ps : Cantik luar, pastikan cantik dalam juga =)

You were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping

Oct 18, 2011

Cepat mase berlalu.. like so fast I wish.. the time could be more kind to me..

Less than a month, I’ll become someone else wife.

New title adding up mean new responsibility adding up…

I am a daughter – Still catching up with my task as a daughter.. I don’t even know if I have fulfill my task. I can be quite pain in the ass for my parents.

I am a sister – I tried my best to be an example to my bro.. Sometime I still feels like there is a big room where I could improve.. I love my bro. He is the only sibling that is very close to me.. I wish I could be the SUPER sister that can help him every time he needs assistance.

I am a friend – I love all my friend.. I wish I could be as nice as they are to me.. Lots of love goes out from me to all my friends..

I am a worker – I am trying hard to be a good worker,, and workmate. I hope everyone have a pleasant experience working with me =)

N next month.. I am going to be someone else wife.. can I do it? Can I fulfill the required responsibility?

Am I able to be selfless towards my life partner?

I hope I can be a good wife for my future hubby.. and be a good daughter in laws for his family..

P/s: sometime things are easily said than done =) at this moment with a big heart and a big hope.. I wish I will not stop trying to be the best for everyone =)

Sebulan dan seminggu sebelum Wedding

Oct 14, 2011

Perasaan : bercampur baur.. excited, nervous, takut , happy .. my feeling semua ade mix in blender like a smoothie =)

kad2 da start dihantar by stages.. baju da fitting.. berape kali fitting.. hopefully semua ok la =)

friend semua mostly semua very supportive =) love you all

bdaway on this 11.11.11 friday my dearie friends nak plan buat non traditional bachelor + bachelorette kat TGIF =) a little bit like a reunion kinda thing before my n my future hubby kahwin.. I AM SO EXCITED about the event... they are all very sweet sebab nak tolong arrange kan =) so kitorang ade la bincang2.. we decided to buy some hydrogen gas ballon nak tight up kat chairs kat TGIF nanti..

then nak beli a crown for the future groom n of coz me "the future bride" then ingat nka beli some other decor2 =)

I AM so Excited.. nanti da settle je the event i will upload and do lil review, so that if anyone intertested nak buat lil gathering before kahwin boleh la buat penambah idea here n there =)

Enought said. I am excited yeay! But mostly I am really thankful to have a bunch of loving and funny friends around =)

I am so great full to have them in my life =) thank you guys!

Dugaan nak Kahwin

Oct 4, 2011

Dulu orang ckap, nak kahwin is not easy.. banyak dugaan, I seriously thought it was just an old saying.. tp seriously, once da merasa da hidup bertunang almost 10 months and less than 2 months away before the actual date..

Aduh.. sakit jiwa dan dugaan nyer Tuhan je la yang tahu. satu demi satu..

Part Paper works nak kahwin tu yang major head ache... actually pihak lelaki need to settle their paper works first.. nak siapkan tuh kena ade surat akuan bujang la, nak kena ade copy i/c nak kena ade copy of the sijil kursus kahwin, nak kena ade result hiv.. settle semua baru boleh minta signature ustaz ikut daerah tempat tinggal the groom, after that kena pergi perjabat agama guys side untuk dapat surat kebenaran kahwin..

then only pihak perempuan boleh proceed bride punyer paper works.. tedious kan? OMG tell me about it..
so today kitorang pergi la nak pergi buat hiv test kat klinik ampang, then boleh pulak officers tu minta datang again on the 1st of nov? thats is like only 2 weeks away from the actual day...sempat ke nak buat semua paper works? seriously risau..

knowing that the process will be tedious and super pening, will we be able to make it on time? will I be able to book a kadi for the solemnization day? 19th Nov 2011?

Crossing fingers.. What will be will be.. hopefully everything will go smooth as planned. Big Big AMIN =)

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