Jun 24, 2014



Olla everyone!

Today we going to play with make up not just any other make up… It is NARS bebeyhhh. Allow me to introduce you to 3 products from NARS latest range the SUMMER 2014 Collection – Adult swim. Why they name it adult swim? Hurm.. maybe because people like to go swimming during summer ker?  Lets check out each product more closely.





This is the Eye Paint in Baalbek for Summer 2014 Adult Swim Collection. When I look at the packaging, it reminds me alot of eyeliner. Baalbek Eye Paint is described as bronze as for me I personally found that the gold shimmers is just so pretty! I never tried dark base shimerry eyeliner on my eyes before. Glad that this eye paint in universal as I could also use it as glamour dark base for a smokey eye look. (Will share in my second post of the glamour smokey eye look)

If you ask me, the texture for this product is more towards weightless gel and it dries smoothly yet very quickly. Found out that the colour last for up to 18 hours. Impressive, shall we do a test on it? Hurm… maybe I’ll include the test result in my second post.




The second product of the day is the Tropical Princess Duo. It is one of the favourite eyeshadow combination in this entire collection. I found that these eye shadows deliver what it claimed to be and it is micro-fine powders that are pigmented.

The first colour on the right is neon lime. Okay honestly, I am the type of girl would not gravitates towards bright funky colour let alone neon to be wear on my eyelid as eye shadow. I just dont think I could pull it off. As, I play around more with Tropical Princess Duo it makes me change my mind. It is quite fun to go funky and vibrant once it awhile to spice things up!  P/s: I’ll share my day and night look maybe it will help to inspire and give your more ideas if you would like to grab Tropical Princess.Other than Tropical Princess, NARS also come out with Lost Coast which is also pretty!




Does the name of this third product sound familiar?? My hubby’s hometown! hahaha.. A very catchy name I must say! This beautiful eye shadow shade is described as an iridescent peacock. As much as it looks greenish, when swatched I discover that it have like a dark brown base with micro green pigment and it is just so pretty.

I use Malacca in my night look make up to give my eyes more dramatic edge. It turn out just the way I like it. I like the fact the shimmers is super fine and it makes me look classy. (ehem… ehem.. perasan time) I am so conscious that with all that shimmers I might look like a glittering ornaments. Once again, glad to be proved wrong!


Check out my swatches! I use flash so that you can see all the swatches clearer including the shimmers. If you have the time do go to their outlet in Pavilion to swatch the colours your self. It is just super pretty!





As promised, my Day and night make up look using the Summer 2014 – Adult Swim Collection. It is so much fun to play with make up, to me it is like therapy. I cant help my self and currently trying out few more looks to be input into my second post.



Thank you for reading my post and what do you think of the look? and yes before I end my post, you may know more details about the product by going to NARS official website.


BAALBEK EYE PAINT, RM 95 for 2.5 gram



GIFTBLOB : Mobile Gifting App

Jun 22, 2014




Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are doing great. Today, I would like to share with you about this new “gifting”app which is GIFTBLOB. Have you heard about it? Basically, it is a new fun way to send gift to anyone one your facebook friends via mobile. It can be your parents, your love ones, your friends or even your workmate.

I am currently in my confinement and basically, I am not as mobile as before during this period. Well, with this app it help me to send out gift super easily just by using GIFTBLOB. My Bro is currently in his exam week and since I am now at my mum in law house, I dont get to see him as frequent. So, I decided to try out GIFTBLOB service by sending him a “GOOD LUCK” gift to boost up his motivation!

So, if you want to send a surprise gift or even birthday gift to your friends but you dont have the time to meet them in person (lets say you are travelling or your friends is tight up with bz life) you can still give them a lovely gift Smile





As I browse the app, I saw quite a number of merchant is on board. There are quite a number of category. From food, services and many more. There are few that caught my attention. I saw RAMA V RM100 voucher, I saw pampering package as well (ehem… hint2) and cupcakes!


Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-42-25 Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-42-37Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-43-06Screenshot_2014-05-24-00-45-40


I decided to give my bro a lil cup of sweetness by giving him a yummy cupcake. Exciting! All you need to do is login to their system using your facebook. Pick your intended recipient. Write down your lovely message and may payment. I make payment using maybank and it is very convenient.


I found out that you may also track all the gift that you sent and received. So I went digging for more info.





Not bad right? Since they also provide the merchant details I could plan to provide gift that is nearest to recipient location as well. P/S : Even link to the map of the merchant outlet is provided. Thumbs up!

So exciting, cant wait to find out my bro reaction once he got the notification. Hope that he like the literally sweet surprise.. hahahaha..

Dont forget to check out the video below to understand more about how this app work. P/S : I love their cute app design!! comel jer…


You may download the app to your at playstore and appstore it support both iphone user as well as android.The app is FREE. For more info do check out their social platform that I have link up for you below Smile

MOROCCAN HAMMAM by INLOVE Beaute (Maintenance Kit Review)

Jun 17, 2014


2014-06-17 10.28.27

Olla everyone!

Does the word Hammam sounds familiar to you? If you are a fan of going to spa then it is definitely familiar. Hammam is a steam room, similar to a Turkish bath, where Moroccans habitually go each week to cleanse themselves. Yes, you read it right.. each week..

Hammams used to be the only place people could come to bathe and scrub, since a private bathroom in a house or apartment was a luxury few could afford. There are fewer hammams now since modern plumbing means people can bathe in their own homes. But taking a public bath is still very much part of the culture in Tunisia and Morocco.

Today, you will find public hammams in almost every town in Morocco, and in every neighborhood in the cities. We also have few spa in Malaysia inspired by the Moroccan Hammam culture. Apart of their hammam culture, there are traditional ways of how you could to enjoy the ritual.

Thanks to this Maintenance Kit by INLOVE beaute, I be able to enjoy the products used in Morrocan Hammam ritual at the comfort of my own home. The kit contains four Moroccan Hammam products:

-1 Black soap jar 180 ml for the face and the body

-1 Kessa glove for scrubbing

-1 Rassoul jar 180 ml for face, body and hair

-1 Argan oil bottle 70 ml


2014-06-17 10.28.52

2014-06-17 10.30.54

2014-06-17 10.29.14

2014-06-17 10.30.08


The Moroccan Hammam black soap is a natural emollient that can be used with the scrubbing kessa glove for exfoliation. It allows a complete cleaning and elimination of dead cells to prepare the skin for the rassoul treatment.This black soap is made using the traditional Moroccan recipe. The concoction is made up from a paste of organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt. These elements combined will fulfill a strong and effective exfoliation while smooth and not harsh to the skin. The incorporation of olive oil into the blend ensures a smooth application that helps soothe irritation and redness.

The black soap can be used as a normal soap but does very little foam; therefore, the soap should be applied by massaging evenly the moist skin during a bath or a hot shower. Let the product act for 5 minutes, then rub vigorously with the kessa glove. Do not worry if you see dark rolls of skins that appear: it's the dead skin that comes off your body.


2014-06-17 10.30.37

2014-06-17 10.31.45

2014-06-17 10.32.15

Found exclusively in the Moroccan Atlas, the rassoul is a natural mineral clay rich in nutrients such as silica, magnesium, iron, potassium, and sodium . The Ghassoul word in Arabic means "that washes". Its high mineral content makes it an ideal toning treatment for the whole body. The rassoul is hypoallergenic so it’s extremely soft to the skin and suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. For the Moroccan, it is custom to offer it as a wedding gift. At the traditional hammam, the rassoul is applied after the scrub.

The Moroccan Hammam rassoul is 100% organic and natural. It acts as a wick, instead of repelling the dirt, it absorbs impurities. The rassoul does not attack the protective film of the skin or protective sheath of the hair and therefore makes it an ideal treatment for sensitive and allergic skin and is even suitable even for dyed hair.

Your pores will thank you after the rassoul wrap. Being one of the best-kept secrets in Morocco, it infuses your skin with a unique blend of trace elements while pulling all the impurities and the sebum.The rassoul is often sold in powder or flakes and the proper amount of water needs to be add to make a paste of the right consistency. The Moroccan Hammam rassoul is already ready to be used and it have been added with a eucalyptus essential oil to enhance the treatment.


2014-06-17 10.31.05

2014-06-17 10.31.12

2014-06-17 10.32.56

I dont think I have to introduce Argan oil to you ladies…Recognized as the best oil for the face skin, hair, and nails, it has a wealth of unparalleled vitamin E particularly recommended for dry skin as moisturizer or as a powerful natural anti-aging. Argan oil has long been a well kept beauty secret.

Used at the traditional hammam for generations, the application of argan oil is the reward following the black soap treatment, the scrubbing with the kessa gloveand the rassoul exfoliation.

Usage in any season: Apply the argan oil on the face, the neck, the body, or hair. Massage gently with circular movements to penetrate the skin or the scalp. Apply also to the length of the hair to nourish and revitalize the scalp. Argan oil brings shine to hair restoring their natural and silky softness.Argan oil also protects the soft and brittle nails from external aggressions by nourishing and strengthening them.


2014-06-17 10.33.16

Last but not least, this is the Kessa glove that I have mentioned earlier. This peeling glove will erase dead skin altogether for the whole body. I would recommend you not to use it on your face as it might irritate from all that rubbing. Cant wait for my next at home Moroccan Hammam session!

Thank you for reading my kind post and have a good day ahead.


Jun 16, 2014


Olla everyone!

Im back and this time around would like to introduce you to a new limited edition perfume by Dolce&Gabbana. If you still remember, I did a review about The One for Men earlier and you may find the post by clicking here.  These new range that I am going to share about today is the latest siblings in Dolce&Gabbana The One range.

This elegance and very exclusive perfume came in new Limited Edition Gold and Platinum bottles. The gold bottle is for the ladies and the platinum bottle is designed for the guys.Today we going to focus on the guy version. Ehem… might as well check out this perfume…. not to late to grab a bottle for your dad [Father’s Day], love ones or friends..  





A little bit info about the perfume, it claimed to be an Oriental Spicy perfume which is developed from the harmony of Tobacco notes and refined spices.The vibrant elegance of the top notes comes from the mouth-watering combination of Grapefruit, Coriander and Basil. Spicy and warm notes of Cardamom and Ginger drive the strong sensual signature, which over time yields to the authentic masculinity of the deep dry down of Tobacco and Ambery notes along with Cedarwood.

I gave this bottle to my hubby and the first time I smell the perfume, it reminds me of a smooth, sexy and warm feeling.One thing I truly adore about this cologne is the mature man can pull it off as well as a younger male like my hubby. Approaching 30’s in couple of years still considered young right?? hahaa

Did I mentioned that the longevity is amazing? Anyway, longevity varies on the person and how it's applied I guess. It's best for my hubby with a couple spritzes on his shirt and one to each of the inside of his forearms. He usually get 4 hrs or so. The One holds on cotton fabric much longer than on his skin.


Thank you for reading my post and if you would like to know more do check out their website at


The One Limited Edition EDP 50ml RM 287
The One Limited Edition EDP 75ml RM 373
The One for Men Limited Edition EDT 50ml RM 212
The One for Men Limited Edition EDT 100ml RM 298



*Products  courtesy by Dolce & Gabbana. I am not paid to write this review. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Being a new mother

Jun 10, 2014


Olla everyone!

Hope life is treating you well.. I am currently approaching my first month being a new mom.. it have been such a surprising yet very warm  journey. I still remembered the time when my hubby and I go for prenatal consultation and check up. It felt like yesterday that I got to see my baby only via the screen.Now, to be able to hold her in my arm, to care for her, to soothe her, to “sayang2” her… it is just surreal for me.

2014-04-04 17.29.37image

There are times that I missed being pregnant. I miss those big belly, I miss walking like a penguin (hahahah) I miss carrying baby Sofea around in my tummy and lots of other things about being pregnant.. I am humble thankful to Allah for blessing me with a chance to felt this amount of happiness.



Oh ya, we went for maternity photoshot at Taman TTDI right after The Butterfly Walk event. Thank you to Nala for doing my make up,arranging the whole shoot as well as for engaging Vitri to snap on that day. Tammy and Ayna were also around during the session. All of us having fun snapping and try not to be scared of the naughty monkeys there. hahaha..


2014-06-04 13.09.38

So how was my first month being a mum like? Like I said earlier.. surprising! At first, I didnt know that my body able to tolerate 23 hours of contraction pain. Surprising huh? Then, I never knew that my hubby will join me in the labour and operation room. I wonder how does it felt seeing a person you love being cut open in front of you while you are sober. To my hubby, thank you for being there. (Due to the drug given to me before the operation started, I end up drowsy.. so when my hubby came with covered face and those plastic green outfit, I didnt know it was him and in my mind I was like “ wah bagus hospital ni, bole assigned nurse datang duduk tepi peganng tangan bagi semangat..” then when he start to talk to me.. I am surprised it was him all the time that have been holding my hand.  Apa punya blur la ini illy.

Then my confinement started. I have been using 2 sets for berpantang, the first is the set bersalin afiat and the next is the set bersalin from tanamera. I will share the review of each sets soon.

2014-05-26 11.28.09


During my confinement, all I did was taking care of my body so that it heals faster, then eat confinement food (you can check it out..I shared most of my daily meal on my insta/fan page) pump milk for baby, feeding her and loving her.

The first week was really awkward. Yes, I cant find other word to describe my feeling. I am still overwhelm with the fact that I am now a mother. Then slowly still recovering from my c-sec, I am still learning how to hold a baby properly.  Before Baby Sofea arrive, I have been doing lots and lots of reading on how to care for your newborn, how to feed (up till the amount of milk needed per day), how to calm a baby when she cry.. plus many more tips you name it..

The thing is I never had any practical. When Baby Sofea arrived, she do not come with a manual. I tried my best to recall what I have read and studied earlier.. but when she scream, I instantly forgot everything. BLUR and panic. at time I felt upset when it takes sometime to calm her down T.T felt like a useless mother. I wanted to help her out but I cant understand her yet.. so it is communication breakdown. Surprising I learn to adapt and to learn more about her. All you need to do when your baby cry is to 3 main thing a) hungry or not? 2) hows the diapers? 3) maybe she have wind so put minyak and try to console her..



After few days, I am able to catch up with her trend. I know which interval that she going to wake up, how does she move when her tummy upset her.. and when she need a hug. She love to be hug!! so cute haha

I gain lots n lots of kg during my confinement, I got some scars from my pupp, stretch mark, pigmentation.. you name it. At first I felt sad looking at my scars especially my tummy part.It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It's where I first grew to love you, where I lay my hand as I dreamed about who you were and who you would be. It held you until my arms could, and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it.

2014-05-19 16.42.13


All those sleepless nights, sakit kena c-sec and bau masam muntah budak kecik felt nothing when I saw my hubby slept after spending time staring and adoring his daughter. To me it is a very heart warming scene. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for spending your time reading my post. I am still learning on how to be the best mom I ever could, going to share more when time permit. Hopefully you will find it somehow helpful.

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