Sofea first casting experience!

Jul 29, 2015


Olla everyone!
Harini nak share skit pengalaman Sofea jadi cover packaging baby diaper. Hehehe.. Actually, illy peram cerita ni da setengah tahun. Sebab kena hormati contract yang tak boleh reveal brand name before it officially out to the market. Basically, Sofea terpilih jadi the new face untuk size M huggies new packaging. Masa mula tu memang excited and happy sangat for her. Tipu la cakap tak happy kan.. memang bersyukur sangat tuhan jer la yang tahu.

Dermax Bio Perfect C Serum by Dr.Ko Review

Jul 28, 2015

Olla Everyone!

Wouldn’t it be nice it if we could keep our youthful skin for as long as we want? Wouldn’t it be ever nicer if we could also improve our skin texture along the way? Today, I would like to share with you about my current favourite skin serum the Dermax Bio Perfect C Serum by Dr. KO

Do you know that this serum is jam packed loaded with all the goodness for your skin especially vitamin C? Yes, Vitamin C. I bet many of you have heard about all the benefit of vitamin C for your skin. But do you know that Vitamin C is required to produce collagen, a protein that plays a critical role in the structure of our bodies? Yes, meaning with lack of vitamin C will automatically affect the production of collagen in your body.

Beli Buku Aktiviti Baby Paling Murah dan Selesa

Jul 26, 2015


Olla everyone!
Semalam illy ada pergi jalan kat Amcorp Mall. Memang dalam kepala satu je motif. Nak pergi beli as many educational and activity book untuk Sofea. Kalau korang tengah nak cari idea apa activity nak buat dengan your own toddler or untuk anak sedara ke ni illy nak bagi share skit kat mana murah pastu nak mebeli pun selesa.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review

Jul 24, 2015



Olla everyone!

Today illy nak cerita pasal Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. Camera ni memang best la. Belian yang paling worth it in terms of gadget setakat ni. Sebenarnya memang dah agak lama illy and husband terpikir nak beli GoPro. Dari before kami pergi thailand aritu da survey. Dengar citer beli gadget kat sana murah pastu bole claim tourist rebate untuk tax. Tapi survey punya survey last2 tak beli pun GoPro sebab budget tak mengizinkan. Seribu lebih tu sayang nya duit. Last kami sabar dan terus survey, jumpa review pasal Xiaomi Yi ni kat internet pastu macam berminat sangat. Yang buat extra berminat sebab harga nya yang tak sampai RM300. Betul tak tipu, murah kan? Illy beli kat dorang ada promotion raya masa tu. Sebiji RM289 kalau takde memory card. Kalau nak tambah memory card so tambah lagi la duit. Kalau 16g aritu dia jual RM321. Bagi kami memang seronok la mana tak nya banyak tu beza dari beli GoPro.

 Bukan apa sebab bila action/sports camera ni dia lebih ringan pastu kecik. Not as bulky as DSLR nak bawa kemana payah. Yang Xiaomi Yi Action Camera ni masuk pocket pun muat. Jadi memang mudah untuk bawak pergi mana-mana.

On top of that the lens fish eye jadi lebih luas dia dapat capture. So, kalau nak snap picture ramai2 takde la risau siapa tak masuk gambar or nak cari angle kan? just point and shoot jer. Illy yang tak pro sangat pasal angle ni pun bole jer buat. Nak tengok contoh picture dia? jap eh… ni kat bawah


Amacam? okay tak? ni gambar ambik masa balik kampung haritu. MEmang best sebab sangat wide jadi dapat capture the scenery sekali. Lagi feeling la gambar tu kan? Video dia pun cantik illy ada test ambik video during day time, memang clear la. Bole la kita pun nak guna bukan untuk professional use. ni ada contoh video illy ambik petang lepak dgn sofea kat playground.


Camera ni HD and korang bole setup sendiri nak pilih. Pastu illy nampak dorang ada jual pulak dah underwater cover dalam RM50. Geram tul nak beli. Nanti bole shoot video dalam air pula. Excited! Setakat ni memang takde complain pakai camera ni. Lepas ni pergi event nak ambik gambar wefie ke dah tak payah pening. Nak shoot video pun mudah. Husband illy pula excited nak pakai record road trip dia.



owh yes, illy pun ada buat like a simple review dan cara nak guna camera ni kat youtube. Bole tengok kat bawah ni kalau berminat. Bole survey kat website2 lain mana tau ada lagi better deal.  


Okay tu jer la nak share kali ni. Harap perkongsian kali ni bermafaat. Mana tau korang tengah survey nak beli camera sport ke bole la bagi idea2 skit. Hope it is not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya!



* I am not paid to write this. Bought the product with own hard earned money. This is my personal experience. I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Jom shopping kat Triumph Malaysia

Jul 21, 2015

Olla everyone!


How are you today? Hope everything is going great at your end. Today, I would like to share with you on where to get your inner wear supplies. Hehehe… some sexy time ahead. I would suggest male readers to come back tomorrow instead k? Today this post is specially for my fellow ladies.

Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner Review

Jul 14, 2015

Olla Everyone!

Wouldn't it be nice if we can just clean our whole house by snapping out fingers? Imagine this, snap your fingers and your house magically turn to be clean and organized? haha.. if only right? Anyway, today I would like to share with you about this new device that help me to maintain my house in a way more efficient than before. Wanna know why and how? Stay with me on this post. 

Around Nov 2014, I was invited to join Toshiba Convention in Genting where the invite was extended by nuffnang. It was such a great and informative experience I must say. I learned about the latest smart technologies for house whole items ranging from tv to air-cond and including vacuum. Do you know that Toshiba released their first electric vacuum cleaner in Japan in 1931? That’s like 84 years of experience developing vacuum cleaner.  During the Toshiba convention, that is the first time I had an eye to eye encounter with this baby. It was like a love at a first sight. haha didn't believe me?


I was actually hoping to get one personally and baaaam… 7 months after that I was approach to do a review. What a pleasant surprise huh? Just in case you want to check out the other smart products by Toshiba, you may check out my blogpost about the convention by clicking here :

So, here I am introducing Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner with Dual Tornado System!  What is so great about Dual tornado system? The Dual Tornado System works by employing a two-step system- firstly, high-speed centrifuging generates high-speed spiral power that separates the heavier dust from the air, and in so doing, prevents blockage to keep suction strong and consistent. Secondly, low-speed centrifuging generates a low speed spiral power spin to compress the dust into the dust cup.

This is is the main brush also known as the revolving brush. I like the safety feature of this brush because it will automatically stop spinning when it’s been lifted off the floor. So, I don't have to worry that about my baby safety. If you have curious pet at home, this function would be very helpful too.. I assume. 

On top of the safety measure, this product is also kind to your wallet in the long run. This is because there are other cyclone type vacuum cleaners in the market with input power between 1600W ~ 2400W. Higher W does not mean better suction power. It simply means and that higher input power are needed to operate the machine and in return you may face higher electric bills. High W = expensive electricity bills.

off topic, but this pic reminded me of Edward’s Scissor hand hahaha
This Toshiba Torneo vacuum designed with 1100W (Suction Power – 220W) input power which far more energy efficiency. You may just skip worrying over high electricity bills and you can just enjoy cleaning all day long. Found it to be a good way to exercise as well.

As you can see in the first pic of this post, I got to try this one in beautiful stunning red. So sexy huh? If red is not your colour , no sweat this Toshiba Torneo comes in four models VC-GC33BSA which comes in two attractive colours i.e. Pink Gold or Gran Red, and VC-GC32BSA which comes in Silky Pink and Light Blue.

Total of 4 models available :
o VC-GC33BSA (R ) gran red - 2.8KG
o VC-GC33BSA (N ) pink gold - 2.8KG
o VC-GC32BSA (L) light blue - 2.7KG
o VC-GC32BSA (P) silky pink - 2.7KG

Recommended Retail Price inclusive of GST
o VC-GC33BSA – RM 889
o VC-GC32BSA – RM 667
The fact that this vacuum is weighing 2.8kg (lighter than my laptop) it makes cleaning so much easier. If you are staying in a two storey house, I would imagine dragging a bulky n heavy vacuum cleaner up n down the house. Then, more reason to get your hand on this compact, lightweight and most importantly efficient vacuum! I like that it is so compact it also save space for storage.

Another solid point that makes Toshiba Torneo awesome is because it comes with a Futon Brush. Honestly I have tried few vacuum in my life and never come across this type of brush before. This specially-designed Futon Brush with 16 times beat by four flexible sticks per one rotation of wheel effectively removes dust mites on the bed, mattress or sofa and removes even minute particles of dust to ensure the highest levels of hygiene for your family. 
2015-06-09 18.50.16

I personally like to use it on my mattress, on my baby’s mattress and noticed that she didn't fall sick as often as before. You may also use this on your fabric sofa. Imagine all the dust mites and nasty stuff out from from fabric! would recommend this product to those who have a baby or elderly even if you have a pet at home this is a perfect tool for you.I don't talk nonsense okay? This product is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to the following allergens: house dust mites & pollen, As certified by The British Allergy Foundation.
20150709_200018 (1)
20150709_200026 (1)



It is also very easy to maintain this vacuum. Just remove the cap, dispose dust and wash it if you want. I like to wash mine with warm water just to sterilized the cup after each usage. You can see that the cup is transparent (easier to check out if it is full) and no dust bag needed (environmental friendlier). You don't have to keep on purchasing the vacuum dust bag so definitely kind to your pocket.

I also did a video just in case you want to check out more about this beautifully built smart device. You may just play click below :

Tried to use it on my house carpet as well as tile floor and it works amazing. Great thanks to its 99.9% of suction power. You may also check out the before and after picture before. I pour some baby powder and biscuit crumps to test on the suction power. Very happy with the result. That's about it. I really love my new baby the Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner and have been using it very often ever since I got it at home. I love how it is very lightweight and help me to take care of my house and my family. Even if I have to spend my own money on this machine, I would say it is worth every penny.

If you are in the market to get a new vacuum cleaner, I hope that you find this post helpful. That’s it for now and till next blogpost! more info on Toshiba Torneo range, do check out Toshiba’s product info page or Toshiba’s youtube demo video  

* This is a sponsored post. Product courtesy by Toshiba. This is my personal experience. I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Mighty White Cupcake, Sedap and Berbaloi

Jul 13, 2015



Salam Ramadhan and Olla everyone!

Cuba tengok gambar kat atas tu, geram tak? haha.. Dah la tengah bulan puasa ni kan? haha.. Eh, korang takda buat open house ke? Kalau ada jangan la jemput illy and family. Bole juga jumpa eratkan silaturahim. Bagi yang nak plan buat open house tu, and da bosan asyik hidangkan kuih raya jer apa kata kita hidang cupcake pula nak?

Apa cupcake mahal? siapa cakap, kalua tahu beli yang mana confirm jumpa yang sedap dan berbaloi macam Mighty White Cupcake ni. For your info Mighty White Cupcake ni ada flavour Original, Chocolate and Orange. Illy da cuba semua terbaik boss.. bagi satu thumbs up!




Cuba tengok ni, yang ni original flavour. Punya la lembut spongy dan tak manis sangat sebab dalam takde cream. Jadi kalau yang prefer tak manis tu bole makan tanpa was – was. Illy rasa memang sesuai sangat kalau beli barang terus bawak balik kampung pun bole. Sebab dia individual packaging and tak yah nak risau cream bersepah ke apa. Beli la lebih skit bole kongsi – kongsi makan dalam perjalanan balik kampung. Nak jamu untuk orang datang pun terbaik juga. Harga pun berbaloi RM 0.95 satu. Tak sampai seringgit pun. Kalau buat door gift orang kahwin pun macam okay kan?


For those yang nak buat open house bole juga personalise your own cupcake. Mana tahu nak tunjuk bakat hehe.. tak payah penat nak tidur tepi oven semata nak bakar cup cake. Beli jer terus siap pastu tinggal nak hiaskan sahaja. Nak letak apa pun bole ikut la your own taste. Kalau illy suka letak buah pastu cream.. hehe




Amacam comel tak illy hias cupcake Mighty White ni? Sedap tau.. kalau tak caya pergi try beli satu rasa dulu. Tak mahal pun 95 cent jer satu. Besar plak tu, so bagi lly memang puasa hati la dengan harga and rasa nya.



Nak lagi jimat? Korang pergi fb Mighty White, mereka tengah ada promotion. 30% disoucnt kalau beli lebih dari 300 biji. So kiranya kalau order 300 pics patut bayar RM285 jadi RM199.50 kat situ pun da jimat banyak tu. So apa lagi? Nak browse atau nak beli, bole click link kat bawah ni k?


Okay la tu jer nak citer kali ni, harap this post memberi manfaat and idea untuk korang semua. Illy tahun ni balik raya perak.. Doakan perjalanan kami pergi dan balik ya? n Hope it is not too early to wish Selamat Hari Raya!





*This is a sponsored post. Opinion expressed is my own. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Citer Pasal Sahur Pulak

Jul 12, 2015


Salam Ramadhan and Olla everyone!

Kali ni nak bercerita sikit pasal sahur. Masa kecik dulu illy punya la liat nak bangun sahur hahaha… Kekadang tu sampai sanggup skip sahur semata sayang tidur punya pasal. Tapi kan sebenarnya banyak tau kelebihan sahur ni. First off kita akan mendapat pahala sebab ianya Sunnah and at the same time juga it is actually the best timing untuk tunaikan Qiamullail dan nak solat subuh lagi mudah sebab memang da bangun kan alang2?

Kalau masa kecik tu ada parents yang bole sediakan sahur untuk kita tapi da besar ni da jadi wife orang ni kita punya turn la pulak nak sediakan betul tak? Husband illy jenis sempoi punya orang, dia kalau sahur prefer yang ringkas. Buat air, bagi manisan skit pun dah cukup.



Jangan nak risau tak cukup vitamin la apa la bagai. Senang citer #SAHURDENGANHORLICKS lagi sempoi. Tak payah nak risau for the whole day sebab Horlicks ni memang dari dulu kita tahu memang banyak nutrients. Siap ada multivitamin and macronutrients. Nak tahu apa? Bukan satu bukan dua ada 23 vital nutrients siap dengan vitamins and minerals. Nak citer banyak pasal rasa tak perlu kot sebab mesti dah pernah rasa kan? It is filled with natural goodness of milk pastu ada dietry fibre, matled barley dan juga wheat. I would say cukup untuk tampung keperluan seharian.



amacam sedap ke bang? hehe.. that is my husband and my bro

Bagi yang ada anak kecik pun elok bagi #SAHURDENGANHORLICKS sebab bukan sahaja bagi nutrients malah the ingredients actually also contained Calcium and Vitamin D yang memang diperlukan untuk budak- budak. So takde la cepat penat. Sofea kecik sangat lagi baru 1 year plus, tapi kalau dia da besar skit nanti masuk zaman kanak-kanak da bole berpuasa, memang illy tanpa ragu nak bagi #SAHURDENGANHORLICKS

Untuk those yang under no sugar no salt diet bole jer minum dan #SAHURDENGANHORLICKS sebab takda minuman ni takda any artificial flavour, colour, preservatives or sweetener. Kalau yang rajin bole buat cookies pun pakai Horlicks ni, korang ada ke resepi nak share? Share la skit nak try gak hahaha..




Owh ya, alang ni nak citer Horlicks ada buat contest sekarang ni. Kalau teringin nak menang STOCK HORLICKS SETAHUN bole cuba join k? illy pun teringin nak join. Horlicks Ramadan Experience Contest ni nak cari 5 pemenang. Ada harapan tu.. cara nak join pun tersangat mudah. Just share picture Sahur Recipes pastu jgn lupa letak #SahurdenganHorlicks. For those yang nak join pakai facebook pun bole jer. Parents boleh upload picture anak punya fasting experiences pada fb page Horlicks. Contest run dari 18 June sampai la 16 July 2015.Tinggal seminggu lebih jer lagi ni.. cepat kang jangan cakpa illy tak share plak :P  For more info check out links below k?

Horlicks’ Website

Online Video

Horlicks Ramadan Experience Contest (Terms & Conditions)




*This is a sponsored post. Opinion expressed is my own. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

WHAT TO DO SEBELUM RAYA.. Fast and Easy memang Best!

Jul 9, 2015

Salam ramadhan everyone,

I am Dhiya Ariff, Illy’s brother and this is my first time as a guest writer here. So my preparation week before Hari Raya is to service my car and do some shopping. Top in my list to do is to check condition of the car , then i went to service my car at a service center inside a mall! haha awesome because now i know that i wont be boring gile waiting for them to fix my car and wait there do nothing, felt useless for a this service center does help me out being productive human again! Yeszaa! So talking

About the location of this service center, it is inside Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya. Now i feel like back to live if i send it here because i can go eat shopping & do my stuff yes yes.

My appointment is at 11am , because its after 1 hour retails shop normally open. So i drove my car to Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya basement parking lot and its not that hard to find this place. We can see the bright red car logo.


The space is not bad, im sure they can do more than 2 cars at one time. Look at these picture that i took. Huge space for working area. I met Steppini in their office and she confirming my appointment seconds later. Next i know its my favourite, the “waiting time”, but this time in the mall hehe. What i know is there are 3 person working on my car, best la my car got the touch that he craved for haha, normal la i dont really know much about car, else then start engine, fill up its tank and drive it. They call me later to inform about what they going to do with my car.



What they did is Montez Semi Package like nitrogen gas for tyre, anti-rust, engine treatment like engine oil,filter, flush and they asked if i want to change my brake pad and my air filter and i agreed to do it because we kasi settle terus senang hati balik kampung hehe. Then i continue to do my raya shopping, waa i can see alot of promotions for festive season! good timing for people like me, i love to do last minute shopping. I just go explore and grab what i like. Continue back about the car, i present some pictures for you to check it out.


(air filter) (flush&engine)

This is the team and i also include myself to interframe hehe.clip_image020


Spa treatment for the car, for me to continue my lifestyle :) Dont forget to check Citicars on their facebook too. Mahaloo for reading this and bye bye! Salam Ramadhan & Selamat Hari Rayaa!



This is my first time to write a guest post on my sister’s blog. Very nervous! Anyway, please let me know if there is anything I could do to improve. Below are my social site if you would like to keep in touch.

facebook : Dhiya Dann
twitter : @dhiya_sape
instagram : dhiyagallery
website :

3 Amazing Sites to Save Money While Shopping Online in Malaysia


If you are shopaholic and hate the idea of visiting malls to buy stuff, then online shopping is the best way for you. Most of the people in Malaysia love to stay updated in fashion and buy stuff that look cool, classy and trendy. They seek for online e-commerce portals to buy clothes, jewellery or even shoes. Getting stuff right from the comforts of your home is very easy when you have the online shopping websites at your services. People love to buy from these websites where they provide genuine services at all times. Thanks to this online shopping convenience, people in Malaysia feel relaxed when they get their favourite shoes or clothes just by sitting back at home.

Saving money when you are shopping online is really a matter of concern for most of the people. They love to spend money on the attractive items displayed on their computer screen but still get worried with the budget. So most of the times they seek for discounts and deals that can help them to save some amount of their money. Unfortunately it is not always possible to offer discounts for products by the online shopping portals. It is a great source of relief as there are coupon and discount providing websites that help people by offering discount codes, coupons and promotional codes. Three such discounts providing websites popular in Malaysia are as follows:

Savingmart Malaysia:


Savingmart Malaysia is one of the most preferred website by the people in Malaysia who look for effective deals and discounts on certain reputed brands. Like the coupons given in the newspapers and the magazines, this is one such place where you will get the best discount coupon codes for the famous retailers in Malaysia. So if you are looking for the best bargains in deals for some brands like Zalora, Topgirl, Agoda, Foodpanda, Luxola, Lazada and others then the name for you is It is one of the most reliable websites where you can get the deal of your choice and manage to buy stuff from your favorite brands. You just have to visit the website and search for your favorite brand. Then click on “Get the Code” or “Go to Offer” in order to get access to the deal or the discount. So this is how you can save a lot of your money while you are shopping online from your favorite retailers.

Groupon Malysia:

clip_image002 is another reliable website for people all over Malaysia. It brings you the best deals that can be very helpful for you while you go for beauty treatment services or buy a product from an online shopping portal. Any kind of deals regarding food, health, entertainment, leisure and other sorts of fun activities are well available in this website. Living a comfortable life in Malaysia is very easy when you have this website for your service. It brings you the best kind of deals that you will always seek up your everyday routine life. From fashion to consumer electronics, from home to travel any kind of deal are provided in this website for the convenience of the users. People love to visit the site that offers them the most appropriate deals to live life smoothly in this place. Groupon is becoming one of the most trusted sites in Malaysia for discount shopping.

Streetdeal Malaysia:


Streetdeal is again a leading shopping platform for the people in Malaysia. It offers you the best advantages of online shopping that people in Malaysia love to afford. The site offers you some of the vouchers that are very useful for your life. You can get several useful vouchers related to food and beverages, health and beauty, travel, variety of services and activities for a comfortable stay in Malaysia. Apart from the variety of coupons, you can get products here at reliable discounts. From electronics, fashion, health and beauty to kids and kitchen stuff, you can get a variety of products here at reliable rates and discounts. It is one such place where merchants and customers come together and create a wonderful bonding between the duo.

So these are some of the websites that people love to visit when they are shopping online. The sites are highly user friendly and reliable enough to provide you an awesome shopping experience.


*This is a guest post. Wrote by a guest writer.

Sajian Pagi Raya

Jul 6, 2015




Salam Ramadhan and Olla Everyone!

Tinggal lagi berapa lama dah nak raya kan? Korang raya mana tahun ni? illy tahun ni raya belah ayah di Perak. Semoga semua berjalan lancar amin… Ni nak citer skit pasal Sajian Pagi Raya. Korang kalau pagi raya apa menu wajib? For me, kalau raya belah mak atau belah in laws memang insya Allah bole masak malam raya. The thing about raya belah ayah ni, kami tido resort. Dah bertahun – tahun macam tu tak silap illy dah lebih sepuluh tahun kami beraya di resort di Lengong Perak. Sebab nya? Rumah kampung dah usang. Tiada yang jaga, lagi pun anak beranak makin ramai jadi dari dulu kami decided to balik kampung and tido kat resort. So, ada la dia punya pro n con. Antara con nya? Dah tido kat hotel nak masak camner kan? hahaha

So, auntie2 kitorang mostly akan masak dari rumah buat rendang ayam, daging, kerang, paru dan macam2.. ada yang buat kuah kacang apa semua. Buat masak siap2 dari KL pastu bawak balik rice cooker or other electric cooker untuk warm up nanti sampai kat resort. Camtu la kami every 2 years. Sebab masing2 alternate gilirang jadi memang every two years kami beraya di Lengong Perak. Ada siapa raya kat Perak tak tahun ni? Jom ah jumpa haha…

Tahun ni illy first time beraya bawa Sofea balik Perak. Wah dah masuk alam motherhood ni lain macam perasaan nya. I wanted to create our own lil family tradition or special dish. Kalau ikutkan nak masak rendang ayam banyak pastu bawa balik… tengok camna kalau dapat idea baru ke kan? Sofea pulak jenis yang suka makan sayur.. Was thinking maybe illy nak masak lontong la. Lontong banyak sayur kan?




Rasa macam nak buat 2 version lontong la nanti. Satu Sofea’s version without sugar and salt . Satu lagi version for kids n adult yang cukup rasa gitu hahahahaa… Tengah puasa ni pulak aku gi cerita pasal makan kan? hahaha hambik kau. Bayangkan kuah yang pekat, punya la power pastu ada tempe pastu ada kacang panjang, carrot udang pulak tu dalam kuah lontong makan dengan nasi himpit pergh! Sedap nya…

Tapi dalam kita seronok happy nak raya, jangan lupa la pula pada yang tak dapat balik beraya. Bukan semua tau dapat enjoy balik raya, tahun ni step mom illy kena kerja first day raya. Sian dia puluh tahun kerja first time kena kerja time raya. Illy pun ingat arwah step father illy jenis yang memang rajin dan commited dengan kerja almost every raya dia kerja. Tak payah citer banyak husband illy dulu pun around 4-5 years ago, punya la payah nak dapat cuti raya siap kena cabut undi bagai.

Bagi yang reti masak takpela bole la masak ke apa kan? Kalau yang bujang tapi takle balik raya tak ker kesian? Ish.. dulu husband illy cakap masa dia kena kerja time raya (masa tu kami belum kahwin lagi) da la kedai makan mostly tutup.. yer la orang kedai pun nak balik cuti raya. Jadi food choices memang limited. Kalau nak masak pun tak berapa syiok sebab makan sorang (org lain balik raya hehehe kesian dia hehehe) jadi the best option is to masak menda yang simple segera and sedap.

Bagi yang tak dapat balik beraya or teringin nak merasa harini illy nak share skit recipe masak #MameeChefLontong illy twist. Bahan – bahannya seperti kat bawah :



1) Sepeket #MameeChefLontong

2) Telur goreng besama sedikit bawang

3) Tempe Goreng

4) Bawang Goreng – guna minyak ni untuk goreng telur ada rasa “kick”

5) Cili padi skit

6) Apa sayur yang korang nak letak – illy letak pucuk pacu n carrot yang da direbus


Caranya :

1) Didihkan air pastu masuk #MameeChefLontong

2) Hampir masak dalam 2minit camtu masuk yang lain semua susun dalam mangkuk.

3) Apa lagi? Bedal lah.. sedap pergh…




Kalau bangun pagi sahur pastu dah terlambat pun bole la cuba or kalau teringin tengah malam pun bole. Sedap, simple and cepat. Kalau korang nak buat twist korang pun bole, illy haritu pergi event #MameeChefLontong dorang ada bagi buku resepi dari Chef Ismail. Dia ada ajar banyak lagi cara nak masak #MameeChefLontong ni. Siap ada letak sambal sotong pun ada. Memang terbaik la.. Apa yang menarik pasal Mamee Chef Lontong ni sebab ia nya hasil dari usaha sama Chef Ismail dan Mamee. Kalau korang rasa dia memang hampir sama rasa dengan lontong sebenar. Special paste dia tu yang buat lain dari lain. Pastu pulak Mee dia tu di buat dari cara mee tarik. So, memang sedap. kena try la kalau tak cayer…




Okay la bagi yang tak dapat balik raya dont merajuk k?nanti kita gi jalan open house sama- sama k? takpun tahun depan ada.. raya haji pun ada insya Allah illy doakan korang dapat balik masa tu. amin… Buat yang dapat balik raya, jangan lupa berhemah balik kampung tuk? dont racing – racing…




*This is a sponsored post. Opinion expressed is my own. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Priorities in Life




Salam Ramadhan and Olla Everyone!

How are you doing today? Hope that everything is going awesome at your end. As for me things are going up and down but I am enjoying the ride so could be considered as awesome la kan? Hahaha

As per my goal for this year, I wanted to spend more quality time with family members and friends.. Been trying my best to do so ever since early of the year. The thing is, we only have 4 weekends in a month and so far we have already used up 24 weekend out of 48 that we have for a year. Meaning we only have around 24 more weekend before we say hi to a new year!

Time does flies and that is the reason why we have to plan our time. If we don’t we might end up wasting it away. I come across a phase where I felt like I don’t have enough time to do anything. At the end I figured out it might be because I did not plan well or I did not prioritise well. Came out with a simple methodologies :-

Not enough time? = quit staring at screen

Not enough sleep? = apply a no phone/ internet after dinner and you will go to bed earlier.

I wanted to visit my family member more frequent this year and the coming years. I wanted to spend quality time with my husband and my baby Sofea. Talking about that, the recent weekend my hubby and I decided to bring out baby Sofea for a baby day out. It is the best decision ever, we had so much fun and it is truly a day to remember.

We went to this place called Jkids Malaysia at The Curve. Paid around RM31.80 and we get to spend an unlimited fun time. They had like few segments for kids and toddler the whole place is padded so don’t have to worry about falling down and stuff. Our favourite spot would be the balloon room. Like seriously so much fun weyh.. Worth every penny. A lot of balloon floating around you and it was just amazing. I love the experience very much.

Tips : You need to wear socks to enter the premise or you may purchase one at the counter.

Had a great time bonding with my hubby and Sofea and hope they were having a blast too.. Just incase you are curious, check out the 2 min plus video below! Hahaha don’t forget to like and subscribe ya!



We are at the end of this post. Hopefully you will be inspired to spend time with your family members and treasure the real treasure in life. At the end of the day it is best to collect as much beautiful memories than materials

Hugs! and Selamat Bepuasa!




*I am not paid to write this. This is my personal post. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Mon Cheri Essentials Review

Jul 2, 2015




Salam Ramadhan Everyone!

We are now 2 weeks away from Raya and like many other I wanted to look best for a special day. Even though we have make up to help enhance our feature but we can’t expect to be wearing make up all the time right? Especially when you an active toddler like me. Haha So, it is best to try to achieve the best complexion so we could look good even without make up. Who say you can’t look best and feel pretty? Let me share with you on how you can look your best for raya and for every other day.

I have been using this product by Mon Cheri Essentials and would like to share with you on how they performed. First of all look at that packaging. So cute right? Have a French style to it huh? If you are wondering Mon Cheri Essentials are a home grown brand that is formulated in French.



This 2 babies are actually their top seller and from the right we have Mon Cheri Lightener and next we have Clear Sun Creme. Each come at the cost of RM160 for 30ml (Lightener) and RM128 for 30ml (Clear Sun Creme). Let’s start with Mon Cheri Lightener first shall we?  



As you can see it comes in this beautiful container and a pump diffuser. The pump diffuser really help to ensure that you wont contaminate the product by using your hand to scoop it out instead.


With just one pump, it secrete just nice amount of product to be use. The most important expect are the ingredients and this lightener formula incorporated amazing ingredients that help to brighten your complexion but also hydrate, fight pigmentation and also inhibit melanin synthesis. Melanin are actually the reason each of us have different skin tone. The more melanin you have or synthesis then the darker your skin will turn out. Simple logic as by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin your skin will be brighter. In this bottle of product it is actually jam packed with Olive Oil, Chamomile Flower extract (explain the nice soothing smell), Licorice Extract,Rosemary Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon Peel Extract and many more.  It is advisable to use this Lightener with Mon Cherie Boosting Mist (which act like a toner I assume) but I did not do so and it still give a good result.



Next we have this Mon Cheri Clear Sun Creme SPF 50 PA+++. I cant help but to noticed that they have range for Sun Creme which is SPA 25 and that one costing RM50. So, if you are the indoor type of girl who rarely play under the sun then you might opt for that one instead since it cost way lesser that the SPF 50 version. As for me, I just like to play safe and go with SPF 50 instead and save my time from re-applying the product.

Just in case, you are wondering what is the big deal with SPF and why it is important to put it on.. Let’s just start by saying that UV radiation reaches the earth in the form of UVB and UVA rays. UVB radiation plays a key role in skin cancer, and SPF refers mainly to the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen offers. Thus, higher SPFs can help. For example An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks 93% of UVB radiation, while an SPF 30 sunscreen blocks nearly 97%.This Sun Crème actually a sunblock that helps to treat and protect your skin in order to allow you to enjoy a beautiful bright glowing skin.

I like the smell of this Sun Crème because it is very soothing and calming. It actually reminds me of the smell of fresh flowers. Me likey! and do you know that this Sun Crème even contained marine algae?




The one on the right is actually Lightener and the one on the left is Sun Crème. Both products are white in colour and you can see the texture better once they were spread in the bottom picture. Both products are light, non-greasy and more important absorb quickly into your skin. As if they cant wait to go into your skin and make you pretty! haha



Specially for Raya, Mon Cheri is having a promo which is going on up till end of July this year. So you can have beautiful skin to celebrate raya and to jalan open house and visit family members. I you ask me, I would say it is a good promo because you pay RM160 for the Lightener and get a full size Toner complementary. That is like RM96 worth of saving.


2015-05-18 19.07.06

2015-06-06 17.43.15

you may click the picture to see it clearer

The first picture taken 4 week before I used the products and the second picture taken after been using the product. Of coz I am wearing a light make up in both pictures but you cant fake a good complexion. I mean you would know… If we have lots of gigantic pimples and dark skin even we dip ourselves in make up the finishing result will still have some flaws. I am actually impressed with the result of using this product. My skin actually look more dewy. Not to mention brighter and look healthier. It makes it so much easier to apply make up and I don't even have to apply so much. Just a light make up would do.

Hope you like this post and for more info do click the link below, you may even buy the products online and browse to see what else they have in store. Till next post and Selamat Berpuasa!






use my code and you will get 10% off on top




*This is a sponsored post. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

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