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Salam ramadhan everyone,

I am Dhiya Ariff, Illy’s brother and this is my first time as a guest writer here. So my preparation week before Hari Raya is to service my car and do some shopping. Top in my list to do is to check condition of the car , then i went to service my car at a service center inside a mall! haha awesome because now i know that i wont be boring gile waiting for them to fix my car and wait there do nothing, felt useless for a while..so this service center does help me out being productive human again! Yeszaa! So talking

About the location of this service center, it is inside Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya. Now i feel like back to live if i send it here because i can go eat shopping & do my stuff yes yes.

My appointment is at 11am , because its after 1 hour retails shop normally open. So i drove my car to Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya basement parking lot and its not that hard to find this place. We can see the bright red car logo.


The space is not bad, im sure they can do more than 2 cars at one time. Look at these picture that i took. Huge space for working area. I met Steppini in their office and she confirming my appointment seconds later. Next i know its my favourite, the “waiting time”, but this time in the mall hehe. What i know is there are 3 person working on my car, best la my car got the touch that he craved for haha, normal la i dont really know much about car, else then start engine, fill up its tank and drive it. They call me later to inform about what they going to do with my car.



What they did is Montez Semi Package like nitrogen gas for tyre, anti-rust, engine treatment like engine oil,filter, flush and they asked if i want to change my brake pad and my air filter and i agreed to do it because we kasi settle terus senang hati balik kampung hehe. Then i continue to do my raya shopping, waa i can see alot of promotions for festive season! good timing for people like me, i love to do last minute shopping. I just go explore and grab what i like. Continue back about the car, i present some pictures for you to check it out.


(air filter) (flush&engine)

This is the team and i also include myself to interframe hehe.clip_image020


Spa treatment for the car, for me to continue my lifestyle :) Dont forget to check Citicars on their facebook too. Mahaloo for reading this and bye bye! Salam Ramadhan & Selamat Hari Rayaa!



This is my first time to write a guest post on my sister’s blog. Very nervous! Anyway, please let me know if there is anything I could do to improve. Below are my social site if you would like to keep in touch.

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  1. Nanti nak cuba ke sini. Kereta saya servis di merata kedai hehe. Selalu yg berdekatan dengan rumah

  2. wow! its great for your first post :) u so lucky to have your sister to guide you :)
    good luck to you and all the best :)

  3. Lepas servis kereta dekat sini tapi Garden punya outlet, rasa macam tak ada beza sangat. Cuma stereng je suami cakap macam ketat sikit.

  4. hi there :) first post not bad.. very informative but i dont really understand :) hehehe.. must be the guy thingie :)

  5. first post must be more nervous ,no worries ,your sister must be able to guide u for better on next time

  6. Well written. Looking forward to more of your posts ^-^

  7. 1st time write consider not bad...better than mine..XD

  8. keep support away illy for all information


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