Divorce Ceremony - Japan (This is Real)

Apr 22, 2011

Yesterday I read a post in twitter by OMGfacts.

As a bride to be, I am cracking my head trying to organize my wedding. And when i come across the tweet, i can stop by laughing! hahaha

I was like " so divorce people have to do event as well?"

Well there must a certain reason, we live in a wonderful world where there are so many culture and to get to know about new culture is interesting to me =)

Below is the youtube video of the Divorce ceremony in Japan

Semalam ily ade bace post dalam twitter dari OMGfacts.

Sebagai bakal pengantin, ily memang stress nak urus majlis kahwin tu nanti. SO bile terbaca tweet tu memang ily tergelak la kan! hahaha

"Nak bercerai pun kene urus event juga?"

Ape2pun, semua benda mesti ade sebab, kita semua hidup dalam dunia ni.. banyak budaya and dapat learn banyak2 budaya ni seronok juga =)

I want Beige colored heels!

Apr 21, 2011

tadi ily boring, pasal la playlist kat youtube.

pastu terperasan and terjatuh cinta dengan heels yng one of the extra dalam video clip "I got a feeling" B.E.P.

Cantik gila OMG padahal terpandang few seconds je pun.. tapi terus replay tang tu je.. lawa gila cun kaw2 la heels tu. I WANT! I WANT! I wANT!

minggu ini akan drag my future hubby pergi cari heels ni..

*anggau* oh no!

ape2 pun thanks to B.E,P sebab menjumpakan ily dgn cinta hatiku ini

Human Size Barbie - Real Life Barbie =)

Apr 20, 2011

Masa kecik ramai girls suke Barbie including me haha..

Then teringin sangat nak jadi barbie.. tp actually it is creepy to have a barbie fugure in realy life.

nak tengok?

ily ade terbaca kat website www.beautylish.com, about ada girl ni nak create awareness pasal eating disorder. Then die buat prototype of real life barbie.. the result super creepy!

Life-size Barbie stands about 6 feet tall with a 39" bust, 18" waist and 33" hips.

gile ke ape kan? seram huhuhu

then my fav blogger Kandee ada buat post juga pasal real life Barbie ni.. you can click here untuk more info.

ni ade picture of the different mould for barbie now days.. I guess more realistic

SO there is some fun fact for you today =)

Please follow me for more fun post in the future!

p/s : sorry for any typo =) Hugs!

Ape yang best sangat dengan Twitter

ily da register my twitter akaun da lame.. pastu peram je tak bua ape yer la.. macam confuse dengan function die semua.. da biase dgn facebook.. pastu ramai pulak yg da rajin bertwitter sekarang ni.. so ily try la korek2..

hambik kau! terus addicted = da jadi tahi twitter

seronok juga sebab boleh follow ramai orang celebrities politician and public figure. Yang paling best sebab dorang tweet sepanjang mase. so boleh keep up to date dgn issue2 semasa.. boleh follow roadblock kl, klcompaint dan macam2 lagi la..

so ape lg? jom la bertwitter same2!

Thank you for Loving Me

Apr 18, 2011

Thank God I Found You

Apr 17, 2011

wedding preparation

sekarang ni tengah bz meng'update' my wedding blog..

macam2 inspiration dan things to do for my wedding..

pejam celik da april. dah 4 bulan menjadi tunang orang.. semalam baru balik tempah kad..

hopefuly everything will be fine Amin!

My Birthday

Hari ni ily da tua =) da 24 tahun hhuhuhu

kenapa this year best?

1) my tunang bought me a new car for my birthday! huhuhu.. kete kecik dan comel je pun =) tp seronok sgt =) Thanks love

2) got a cute ice cream cake Sukeee!

Thank you Nuffnang and TGV for the free movie pass

Apr 11, 2011

Nuffnang - Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community

Seronoknya! Nuffnang and TGV bagi FOUR (4) complimentary passes for any movie* at TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide,

Seronok! Happy! thank you so Much!

Usage of Vaseline =) Cheap Beauty Tricks!

Apr 7, 2011

Hi all,

To be honest I use Vaseline every day and this will continue for the rest of my life hahaha =)

so why do i love Vaseline so much? Actually ada banyak tips and usage of vaseline. Vaseline is super versatile =)

So i list down some of the usage just to share with korang semua =)

1) letak kat lips untuk moisture and bibir tak kan merekah

2) balance of old eye shadow yg da pecah mix with vaseline and voila! you got your self a cream eye shadow =)

3) Run out of lip gloss? senang je ambik any colour pigment (your oli lipstick can do as well) then mix with vaseline and keep it in a tube and ta..da.. new lip gloss =)

4) nak kaki yang smooth ? before you go to bed, just apply vaseline and put on socks and the next morning you will get your smoother foot =)

5) nak kuku yang shiny and moisture? for me i stay in office minimum 8 hours a day so i tend to have like dry nails and so on.. so just apply vaseline =) you will have shinier and smooth nail looking nails =)

6) boleh juga pakai vaseline and mix with a lil bit of your blusher to create a creamy blush.. your face akan nampak more dewy and fresh all day long! =)

so thats it tips yg ily nak share hope this help to stretch more value on your every penny and keep you looking beautiful every day

p/s : its 10 more days to my birthday! yippie!

Why I LOVE teaching

Apr 6, 2011

I da start semula ajar part time.. last time ily berhenti becoz ------ (malas nak panjang citer)

But now I am a part time tutor again! yippie!

now I am teaching part time in Suria Jaya Tuition center.. So get back to the main point. I do really2 love teaching..

I felt happy =) I felt loved =) I enjoy the presence of kids and teen ager

they were so high spirited and brutally honest =)

I still remember mase ily kecik dulu, I adore all my teachers so much..

the fact that I have the opportunity to be apart of younger person learning phase is just adorable.. I felt blessed to have the opportunity and I promise to be the best tutor might as well a friend to them =)

My Latest Fav Song - Bitter Sweet

Apr 4, 2011

from bitter sweet =) take 2 blue

the lyric

Sit up straight
With your head held high
Start your day
With a random act of kind
Don't forget
To brush your teeth before you rest
And remember to take two blue
Now goodnight

It's your life
It's your life
Yours to do with what you choose
to keep in stride

Heard you say
You're not feeling fine
Why not have
Some more of that nutritious wine
Doctors say
Take two more blue and you'll be ok
See, now don't you feel lovely?
Now goodnight

It's your life
It's your life
Yours to do with what you choose
to keep in stride

HOP - Trailer

movie i look forward tooo!

comel je.. he poops candy hahaha =)


Apr 3, 2011

Seronok merayap satu hari with Johan Ariff and Johan Danish ke Petrosains today =)

sometime.. as an adult we just tend to forget how it was when we were a kid =)

going there again today as an adult.. make me happy and will remind my self that it is ok to act like a kid sometime =)
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