Iftar bersama rakan sekerja di office =)

Aug 27, 2011

seronok biler berbuka bersama rakan2 =)

pic kat bawah ni credit to the owner.

picture can say a thousand words, jadi tak payah la nak type2 tgk je okie =)

To my Ex bf, It sucks to be you right now =)

Aug 2, 2011

haha.. ade la satu kesah yg lawak ni.. mase ily bercinta dulu2 tp the best part now i am so glad that it doesn't work out =) I am so glad he BLEW it =)

I am SERIOUSLY thank full to Allah that it doesnt work out =)

I might not find my future hubby if im still stuck with my ex.

I go trough quite a hell in order for me to arrived to this great destination...

I have never been happier =)

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