Hero Remaja 2012

Jul 8, 2012

Hero remaja punyer final 22 September 2012.

Da nak dekat :) my fav finalist is ofcozzzz Dhiya Hero Remaja dalam form kat bawah tu yang number 22.

He is agood example for budak2 zaman sekarang. Rajin berkerja pada umur yg muda da ada syarikat kecil sendiri.

Walaupun kecil2an tapi die berusaha :) tu yg kite nak tgk pada remaja sekarang. Dhiya ni buka company part time maid. So sape2 yg nak upah maid sambilan bole la contact Dhiya ni :) Die jenis yg wont give up n fighter :)

Dalam masa yg sama ramah serta tak sombong :) A good attititude n great interpersonal skill.

Harap2 he will win :) Amin

Jangan lupe vote tau. Yang no 22 Dhiya Hero Remaja

Be happy, do what ever you like :)

Jul 7, 2012

Lepas mcam2 jadi kak ily, ily rase no point nak bersedih. Be happy :) terima segala ketentuan Tuhan.

God have a great planning for everyone :) so be happy :) Tuhan tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita semua.

Ily harap everyone pun mcam tu k? be happy :) walaupun apa yg jadi just cheer up, bounce back! Many more to come :)

Hidup ni mcam main game, bile kite da settle each level, kite akan masuk new level. When da at new level, challanges pun akan bertambah, akan ada lebih banyak obstacles :) tak kan nak quit kan?

So hadapi je dgn great smile :) everytime game over, replay over n over again sampai menang level tu :) do not give up!

Normally, when Im not in the mood.... I do this that make me happy n smile :)

I grab my comfort food. Ily ni suka sgt makan choki2 so bile makan tu seronok sgt :) you all pun mesti ada your own comfort food kan?

Lepas tu ily suka swim, everytime ily swim, ily rasa semua masalah ily hilang :) i felt peace. It is total relaxation for me :)

Ily suke bace buku, rase mcam besy je berangan :) masuk dunia lain.....

Ily suke tgk menda warna warni n cute :) rase seronok I mentaly felt that our world is so wonderful colourful n that
I just need to hang on :)

So ily harap by reading this post, korang pun akan kuat semangat juga :) kita sama be strong dalam level2 kehidupan kite k?

I hope by me sharing the pictures below, will spark lil happiness in your day!

'Jom cari makan' Restaurant review

Jul 6, 2012

If nak rasa chinese muslim food yg sedap and harga berpatutan, ily suggest korang pergi kedai ni. Name die Jom cari makan. Or shortform die JCM restaurant. Sedap tau :)

Siap ade dim sum, yang penting halal. Restaurant ni kat kota damansara. Area giant kota damansara tu, depan skit ade shop lot2 yang menghadap The Strand. Signboard warne purple.

Restaurant ni ambience die simple je. Tapi yg penting is that this place is Halal.

Dim sum die 3 ketul per serving baru Rm 3.50 je. theb ily suke die punyer butter prawn small serving Rm 20, kira ok la sebab udang nyer pun besar dan banyak. masak pun sedap cukup rasa :)


Jul 4, 2012

Last saturday,I found out that I am pregnant. I was very happy about it.

I was planning what to name the baby, how to take care,googleing on what to expect n such :) I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I wont lie,I also fet abit nervous since I dont know what to do n can I handle this?

Tapi ily memang happy sebab nak dapat baby :) rasa bersyukur sgt2

Ily pun nak share my happiness with family n friends sekali :) mereka pun tumpang happy :)

But the sad this, I slipped inside the toilet this morning. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I have a miscariage. I am deeply depressed.

I felt like that the baby was taken away from me in a flash, without my willingness.

I felt it is my fault for not being careful enough :(

I am very grateful that I have nice close friends like Kat n Coco n Andrew.

I knew they were tired after work, but they are nice enough to drop by to give mental support. I really apreciated that.

Johan have been trying to give moral support as well n my bro also have been trying his best.

Parents called n give advices. They said we are still young. We can alsways try in the future.

I have to be strong. I promised if I ever given a chance to conceive again, I will take care of the baby with my live. I will try my deepest best to take care of the baby.

Ya Allah, please give me another chance.
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