Be happy, do what ever you like :)

Jul 7, 2012

Lepas mcam2 jadi kak ily, ily rase no point nak bersedih. Be happy :) terima segala ketentuan Tuhan.

God have a great planning for everyone :) so be happy :) Tuhan tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita semua.

Ily harap everyone pun mcam tu k? be happy :) walaupun apa yg jadi just cheer up, bounce back! Many more to come :)

Hidup ni mcam main game, bile kite da settle each level, kite akan masuk new level. When da at new level, challanges pun akan bertambah, akan ada lebih banyak obstacles :) tak kan nak quit kan?

So hadapi je dgn great smile :) everytime game over, replay over n over again sampai menang level tu :) do not give up!

Normally, when Im not in the mood.... I do this that make me happy n smile :)

I grab my comfort food. Ily ni suka sgt makan choki2 so bile makan tu seronok sgt :) you all pun mesti ada your own comfort food kan?

Lepas tu ily suka swim, everytime ily swim, ily rasa semua masalah ily hilang :) i felt peace. It is total relaxation for me :)

Ily suke bace buku, rase mcam besy je berangan :) masuk dunia lain.....

Ily suke tgk menda warna warni n cute :) rase seronok I mentaly felt that our world is so wonderful colourful n that
I just need to hang on :)

So ily harap by reading this post, korang pun akan kuat semangat juga :) kita sama be strong dalam level2 kehidupan kite k?

I hope by me sharing the pictures below, will spark lil happiness in your day!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment :)

I love reading it <3 Big hug!!

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