Last saturday,I found out that I am pregnant. I was very happy about it.

I was planning what to name the baby, how to take care,googleing on what to expect n such :) I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I wont lie,I also fet abit nervous since I dont know what to do n can I handle this?

Tapi ily memang happy sebab nak dapat baby :) rasa bersyukur sgt2

Ily pun nak share my happiness with family n friends sekali :) mereka pun tumpang happy :)

But the sad this, I slipped inside the toilet this morning. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I have a miscariage. I am deeply depressed.

I felt like that the baby was taken away from me in a flash, without my willingness.

I felt it is my fault for not being careful enough :(

I am very grateful that I have nice close friends like Kat n Coco n Andrew.

I knew they were tired after work, but they are nice enough to drop by to give mental support. I really apreciated that.

Johan have been trying to give moral support as well n my bro also have been trying his best.

Parents called n give advices. They said we are still young. We can alsways try in the future.

I have to be strong. I promised if I ever given a chance to conceive again, I will take care of the baby with my live. I will try my deepest best to take care of the baby.

Ya Allah, please give me another chance.


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