Dreadlocks? this is what you need to know

May 31, 2015

Hello everyone. My name is Johan. I am Illy’s husband. This is my first time writing for Illy blog as a guest writer.. From now on, I will be contributing write ups every now and then. Hope you guys enjoy it drop a comment or two on anything that I can improve.

For my first write up, I would like to share with everyone my experience and findings on dreadlocks. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dreadlocks is probably a controversial topic. Some people love it, some are not. For those who love it, it is usually because of obvious reason. It looks cool, stand out from the crowd, probably a musician or just a cool hipster. But for those who dislike it, it is due to the reasons that they “geli” looking at it, looks like gigantic “ekor tikus”, “busuk” and the list goes on and on.

For me personally, I’m in the former category. I love dreadlocks for the fact that (well at least for me) I love the “musician look and aura”. Haha. I know. Perasan. Back in 2008, when I managed to grow my pony tail for the first time, I did considered to get dreadlocks at that time. Spoke to my cousin, he encouraged me. I did have some cash that time, but I hate to admit that I chickened out. I don’t know what to expect from my surrounding. I was curious at how people around me would react, but I didn’t dare to take the risk if any of them would (especially my parents) “bahan” me later.

During that time, the cost of getting dreadlocks is around RM200 – RM400 depending on where you go to get ‘em. Cewah. When I was in MMU Melaka, there are few foreign students who are good in braiding hair and dreadlocks will charge you about RM200. There was a rasta shop at Dataran Pahlawan that time and they are charging up to RM400 complete with hair care products for you to clean and maintain your locks.

On our recent visit to Chiang Mai, we saw a hair salon very near to one of our favourite lunch spot that offers dreadlocks service. I was intrigued when the staff at the salon told us that it only costs THB100 per lock/piece. I was excited, scared, worried, happy and confused all at the same time. Right after we reached back at the hotel, I decided that I will give it a go at dreadlocks.

I walked backed to the hair salon alone from the hotel after Sofea had slept, I did not realize I walked so fast that I was sweating heavily (seriously) when I arrived at the salon. There was a girl getting her hair braided with colourful hair clips for her school play accompanied by her mother. I had to wait for my turn. I really didn’t mind at all although I actually waited for my turn for almost an hour. Haha. Excited punya pasal.

Then my turn came, and I was seated in front of the mirror. I requested for the fattest locks available as I want it to look like Bob Marley’s. They put on seven dreadlocks extensions on my hair and the whole process took about an hour. It started with parting my hair into seven different sections for the locks to be “locked” in place. The bigger the section, bigger dreadlocks can be formed. Once parted, each section will be backcombed and they knit my hair as neatly as they could, to form dreadlocks and will act as a base apply the extension on. It is actually quite a simple process though.

I was so happy when it finally completed. The extension ended down my back until my waist.  I rushed back to the hotel to show it to Illy. That moment on I was smiling like a donkey for the rest of the day realizing that I finally had my dream came true.

Then the nightmare begins…Below is exactly how I felt with the dreadlocks:

-    I had trouble to sleep because putting your head on the pillow is no longer comfortable with the dreadlocks.
-   I spent long time in the shower cleaning it.
-   I spent long time drying it after cleaning it.
-  Secara jujur, saya berasa sangat gatal di belakang badan. Serius.
-  Once I started sweating, it just would not stop.
-  Repeat from top

Quite funny when I think about it. I was happy when I got the dreadlocks, but I suffered while trying to keep it. Right after we arrived back in KL from Chiang Mai, I took off the dreadlocks extension.

Back to office, I spoke with some colleagues of mine and they told me a surprising thing. I was shocked. I did not do proper research on that matter though. In Islam, applying hair extension on your own hair using human hair is haram. I am glad that my colleagues told me that. A simple googling and ask-around-ustaz can confirm it. This is the main reason behind this write up. I just want to share my experience and findings from Islamic perspective.

With this article, I hope it would be beneficial to anybody who is still undecided in getting yourself a dreadlock.

First Half 2015 Update

May 29, 2015

Alright, we are reaching towards the end of first half for the year 2016. Beginning of every year, like many others I did a goal list and so on.. and every now and then I like to reflect of what I have achieved  and then what are the progress.. Was thinking, maybe I should just write it on my blog to appreciate all the milestones during this first half of 2015.. It is kinda hard for me to absorb that 5 months have goes down the road and we getting older each day.. Well,

Let’s start with January.

The kick start to my year, was when I was approached by Brand Director to go to Korea for a beauty treatment sponsorship. It went good at first and I was honestly very excited. Then after communicating and liaising further I decided not to proceed due to so many reason. If I want to write it out here then you might need to grab some nasi lemak or something while reading becoz it is gonna be loooong.. So, let’s just cut the hassle and put it as personal reason. Haha

My Daughter turn 8 months in January 2015 and looking at all the pictures, I am sooo thankful that I was given the trust by Allah to experience this amount of happiness of becoming a mother. Mummy love you loooong time Sofea!

Also on the same month, Sofea went for her first casting and landed a job as the new cover baby for a diaper brand. Her chubby cheek face will be on the new packaging throughout 6 countries in South East Asia for the next 3 years. I am still anxiously waiting for the packaging to be out haha.. The production house told me that it will be out in public by Jun, so we will see how it goes.


It is my bloggingversary.. is there such a word? Hahaha.. Well anyway yes, been blogging since Feb 2010 and it have changed my life so much. I really grateful that I started a blog and hold on to it. Like tanam pokok la must siram consistently baru la tumbuh sihat dan ada buah kan? If hari2 siram for the first few weeks pastu abandon cammana pokok nak tumbuh sihat kan? Cheewahh tips di situ. If nak whole details about blogging then you all dah kena ambik cuti sebab blogpost akan panjang menjela hahaha… nanti la ada masa illy share more n more tips macam mana nak develop and maintain blog k?

In the same month, we went for Keduri Aqiqah my anak sedara , and satu kali my dad side buat family reunion di D'Heritage Homestay. Seronok la tempat tu, siap malam tu kami barbeque dan my cousin pergi memancing bcoz just infront of the rest house ada kolam for pancing. Seronok rasa tenang jer. If ada kesempatan insya Allah nak pergi lagi laaa


Feb is more like a celebration month to me personally, I went to few gathering on that one itself. CNy makan2 and all the reunions..

Went CNY dinner with my ex-workmate from FedEx. Cant wait for our next session!

Ofcoz also go makan2 with my current workmate. Actually this is my 3rd time celebrating CNY lunch with my current workplace. #ebaygirls rock!

Went to my blogger friend Shivani’s Wedding.. sorry for the blurry pic! But I think you can easily spot the beautiful bride.

Not forgetting Ayna’s Baby Shower at Villa Manja.. Owh mannn the message is sooo good. Jom pergi lagi jom jom! Haha come to think of it time memang cepat berlalu.. at the moment I am typing this Ayna da in confinement dah.. hehehe.. I cant wait to meet baby Ammar n kiss him on his cheek

Also on the same month of February 2015, we lost our step dad. He is a very kind man and please sedekahkan Al-fatihah to him if you are a muslim and happened to read this post. Amin, semoga Allah membalas segala budi yang arwah telah curahkan kepada kami.


With a new month comes a new hope, during March this year, went to quite a number of blogging event.. and my cousin got married! Tahniah Kak Nurul and Syed.
Me and my bro 

Owh ya, we also went to Bangkok with my dad and my brothers. It is Sofea’s first plane experience and travelling abroad. She did well on the plane at first but end up crying for the whole flight back to KL hahaha…which is why I learn (and developed) few skills on how to make her calm haha

It is definitely a trip to be remembered. Macam2 jadi ada manis ada pahit macam2 la.. haha siap my husband kena pick pocket pun ada.. ifyou want to read more about my Bangkok trip you may just check out my archive post. Ada kat sana, tapi ada juga yang tak sempat update.. still dalam progress hehe.. sorry la saya part time blogger jer mana ada masa nak update semua serentak kan..

In March, I had a good catching up session with Pr friends from Impact Communication Eva, Renuka and Fatin. Thank you for the lunch invite. So bila lagi nak lepak jom haha.

One of the main highlight of Mar is when my father went for back disk operation. We are truly grateful that everything goes well and that my dad is healthy back! Stay strong tok ayah. That’s kind conclude my March.


Moving on to April, wahhh even more dramatic.. Sometime I felt like living in a soap opera. One minute like this one minute like that.. tapi sebagai orang islam kena percaya qada and qadar (ketentuan). It is actually one of the hardest situation that I ever faced. My daughter was admitted to hospital, it started off just a normal fever and one thing lead to another.. End up spending a week in hospital and 4 days in ICU sobbing continuously and helplessly praying to God to heal my daughter.

I also end up having my birthday dinner in ICU with my husband and daughter. To me nothing it more important that my beloved baby to be healthy back again. So happy she is healthy now. Yabe dabebu….

Well, wait first.. the drama still haven’t even ended.. On the same morning while I was in ICU with bengkak eyes (since I cant stop crying) and while I was busy taking care of my sick daughter.. It is my first time not be able to sleep (even when I am extremely tired) for more than 5 days.On that same day.. I was hit with another news. My kawan share with me that there is this one community that I used to be contributing to last time update a public status with my name and it is just nasty. Tapi takpala I maafkan dia. Terima kasih sebab tunjuk betapa murninya hati anda. Kalau nak citer panjang.. For me, kalau benda tu tak datang kan kebaikan tak payah la I nak join meroyan.. I rather focus on what is important. After all, time will tell.


Here comes May and we went to Chiang Mai for a whole week haha.. It is such a good stress free and relaxing experience. I seriously cannot wait to come back for more. 
Memang syok la, talking about Chiang Mai trip. I have complete 2 blogpost about Chiang Mai and 3 more currently still in the mist of drafting.. Nanti I update skit2 k?

May is my new favourite month becoz it is my daugther’s birthday month! Yeay! Since my daughter is now on a strict no salt no sugar diet, so we got her a birthday salad instead hahaha

Also Sofea’s birthday is the same date as Ayna’s!! hahaha… Caro, me and Ayna went for makan2 to celebrate and it have always been awesome to meet the girls and catch up. Now kena tunggu Ayna habis pantang first then only jumpa.. counting days..

Actually, I book a weekend stay at Philea Resort & Spa to spend my birthday weekend but since my daughter is still in ICU at that time, then we end up pushing our trip to May instead. I kind glad that we went on May as things goes so smoothly during our trip. We also visited the butterfly park and it was another beautiful memories that will last forever in my heart.

That’s it.. for now.. That’s basically the my milestones of what’s happening in my life during the first half of this year. I don’t know what else will happen in the future.. Until then.. I’ll just enjoy the moment and appreciate all the blessing. I know Allah akan sentiasa menguji hamba nya dan janji Allah itu pasti. Honestly, the more I try to understand my religion the more strength and happiness I received. For my workwise, things is going great and I am grateful that I am given the trust to hold a managerial position in this company. I am also blessed with wonderful people around me. On top of that, blogging have been bringing in so much opportunities into my life. I will promise to be more hard working and to contribute as much as I can.

But then again… This is only 20% of what is truly really happening in my life. Like you, I am also human.. I face lots of issue in life and the list could go on and on and on… What I am saying here is, no matter what.. It is best to try your best to look at the positive side and find goodness in everything. As it is obviously less tiring.

I hope you like this post and thank you so much for spending your time to read this. I love you guys a lot. Thank you for all the support that have been given to my humble blog for all these while. HUGS!!


May 28, 2015

Pencarian Dewi Remaja 2014/2015 kini sudahpun sampai ke kemuncak apabila peserta termuda, Raysha Rizrose, 18 tahun yang berasal dari Petaling Jaya, Selangor dimahkotakan sebagai Dewi Remaja untuk tahun penganjuran yang kesembilan pada malam tadi. Episod kemuncak pencarian Dewi Remaja 2014/2015 ini telah disiarkan pada jam 10.00 malam secara eksklusif menerusi saluran Astro Ria (104) dan siaran serentak di Maya HD (135).

Selain Raysha Rizrose, empat finalis yang turut mara ke pusingan akhir untuk pencarian tahun ini ialah Syamim Farid, 23 tahun, Balqish Maarif, 25 tahun, Deeba Halil, 24 tahun dan Mawar Rashid, 19 tahun.

Mahkota kemenangan telah disampaikan sendiri oleh juara Dewi Remaja 2009/2010 iaitu Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor atau lebih dikenali sebagai Neelofa. Dengan kemenangan ini, Raysha Rizrose berjaya membawa pulang hadiah wang tunai yang bernilai RM10,000. Selain itu, beliau juga turut memenangi kategori Dewi Berseri (Fair & Lovely).

“Raysha sememangnya seorang gadis Fair & Lovely. Beliau menunjukkan tahap keyakinan yang tinggi dan berani mengatasi segala cabaran yang diberikan kepadanya sepanjang program Dewi Remaja berlangsung seperti cabaran pengacaraan, solekan dan sebagainya dan akhirnya beliau berjaya mencapai impiannya sebagai pemenang Dewi Remaja sesi 2014/2015. Selaku jenama krim pencerah dan penjagaan kulit nombor 1 di Malaysia, Fair & Lovely yang terkenal di kalangan golongan remaja, kami berasa gembira untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada perjalanan dewi-dewi bagi Dewi Remaja sesi 2014/15 ini. Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin, formulasi terbaik Fair & Lovely bagaikan rawatan pencerahan mencerah, mengurangkaan kecelaan dan mengatasi masalah tona kulit tidak sekata secara tidak langsung dapat membantu memberikan keyakinan diri kepada para gadis. yang mengambil bahagian dalam Program Dewi Remaja Sesi 2014/15,” kata Chong Yen Nee, Pengurus Jenama Kanan Kategori Kulit, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Syamim Farid pula diumumkan sebagai pemenang tempat kedua di samping turut memenangi kategori Dewi Menawan (Sunsilk). Manakala Balqish Maarif dinobatkan sebagai pemenang tempat ketiga.

“Sebagai jenama yang memahami bagaimana rambut boleh mempengaruhi keyakinan diri seorang gadis, kami sentiasa berusaha untuk memberi gadis rambut kelihatan cantik yang boleh meningkatkan keyakinan diri dan membolehkan mereka mengecapi setiap peluang di hadapannya. Dengan itu, kami berharap gadis Sunsilk boleh meraih peluang ini sebagai batu loncatan mencapai impian mereka sambil menikmati pengalaman sekali seumur hidup ini dengan rambut yang cantik. Hidup ini penuh dengan pelbagai peluang yang boleh diterokai dan bersama Sunsilk anda boleh menghadapi hari-hari yang mendatang dengan penuh keyakinan,” kata Phoenix Ho, Pengurus Jenama, Kategori Rambut, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Selain itu, Mawar Rashid pula memenangi kategori Dewi Favourite. Pemilihan untuk kategori ini adalah berdasarkan 100% undian oleh peminat melalui laman web rasmi. Manakala Fify Azmi, 25 tahun  pula dinobatkan sebagai Dewi Persahabatan. Pemilihan kategori ini pula dilakukan menerusi undian oleh 18 orang peserta musim ini.

Untuk cabaran pusingan akhir, kesemua finalis telah diuji dengan sesi soal jawab bersama panel juri yang terdiri daripada Erra Fazira dan Edry Abdul Halim selaku juri tetap serta Scha Alyahya, Farah Hussamuddin (Pengarah Kreatif Kumpulan Karangkraf), Ridduan Ismail atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ridduan TTFGA (Jurugambar Bebas) selaku juri jemputan.

Juara Dewi Remaja 2014/2015, Raysha Rizrose berkata, “Secara jujurnya, saya masih seakan tidak percaya apabila dinobatkan sebagai juara Dewi Remaja 2014/2015. Dunia seperti berhenti seketika apabila nama saya diumumkan sebagai sebagai juara dan ia merupakan antara pengalaman paling manis dalam hidup saya.Diberi peluang untuk bersaing dengan kesemua finalis pada peringkat akhir merupakan suatu penghormatan yang cukup besar buat saya kerana mereka semua merupakan pesaing yang sangat berbakat dan cantik-cantik belaka.

Banyak yang telah saya pelajari sepanjang berada di dalam pertandingan ini terutamanya mengenai kepentingan untuk menjaga disiplin diri, menepati masa, memperbaiki ketrampilan diri, cara berhadapan dengan orang ramai dalam pelbagai situasi serta banyak lagi. Pengalaman yang cukup berharga ini secara tidak langsung telah memberikan impak kepada personaliti saya secara peribadi.

Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak Astro Ria dan Majalah Remaja di atas kepercayaan yang diberikan untuk terbabit dalam program Dewi Remaja 2014/2015 dan saya amat berbesar hati dapat menjadi sebahagian daripada program ini. Tidak dilupakan kepada para juri, pihak penaja, keluarga, para peminat, pihak produksi serta semua yang tidak putus-putus memberi sokongan dan semangat selama ini.”
Menurut Pengurus Saluran Astro Ria, Encik Raqim Ahmad berkata, Kami amat berbangga dengan komitmen yang ditunjukkan oleh semua yang terlibat dalam program ini. Kesungguhan mereka yang sanggup berkorban masa menghadirkan diri ke sesi rakaman dan meninggalkan rutin harian mereka amat kami hargai.

Di kesempatan ini juga saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan ucapan terima kasih kepada pihak Fair & Lovely yang hadir selaku Penaja Utama serta Sunsilk selaku Penaja Bersama untuk program Dewi Remaja 2014/2015. Sokongan yang telah diberikan oleh kesemua pihak sepanjang penerbitan program ini amat kami hargai dan berharap kerjasama ini dapat diteruskan pada masa depan.”

Dihoskan oleh bekas juara Hero Remaja 2008 iaitu Kamal Adli dan pengacara hlive! iaitu She Nabilla, Pencarian Dewi Remaja 2014/2015 telah bermula pada bulan Ogos tahun lalu menerusi sesi uji bakat yang dianjurkan oleh Kumpulan Media Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd. Seramai 18 orang peserta telah dikenal pasti menerusi sesi saringan pemilihan yang teliti untuk menyertai musim ini.

Selama 7 minggu, mereka telah diuji dengan beberapa cabaran seperti pengacaraan, lakonan, imej, solekan, peragaan dan juga fotografi. Peserta akan dinilai bukan saja dari paras rupa, tapi mereka juga diadili melalui cabaran yang telah diberikan. Setiap markah akan dikumpulkan dan peserta yang mempunyai markah yang terendah akan disingkirkan pada setiap minggu. 

Seramai lapan orang telah dinobatkan sebagai Dewi Remaja sebelum ini yang mana kehadiran mereka telah menggegarkan dunia hiburan, pengacaraan dan peragaan. Bermula dengan Tengku Anis Tengku Ismail (1985/86), Aleeza Kassim (1987/88), Jasmeen Dhillon (1990/91), Wan Khatijah (1993/94), Juliana Banos (1997/98), Annahita Bakavoli (2002/03), Scha Al-Yahya (2005/06) dan Neelofa (2009/2010).

Menarik lagi, episod kemuncak pencarian Dewi Remaja 2014/2015 juga turut dimeriahkan dengan persembahan istimewa oleh barisan artis jemputan yang terdiri daripada Hafiz Suip, Ella, Mojo, Kaka dan Sleeq. Program Dewi Remaja mula disiarkan pada setiap hari Sabtu bermula 4 April lalu secara eksklusif di saluran Astro Ria (104) dan Maya HD (135).
Dapatkan maklumat terkini mengenai aktiviti-aktiviti serta galeri gambar & video mengenai program ini di www.glamgempak.com.my dan www.dewiremaja.com atau ikuti mereka di laman sosial dengan #dewiremaja.

*text extracted from Press Release

KO Series–Acne Therapy Solution

May 24, 2015



Olla everyone!

Do you know that stress could cause acne? Yes, I am human. Like everyone else I also face some up and down time in my life. Previous month have been tough on me, and thanks to that I developed some acne. On top of that, being a beauty blogger I have to try on many product to test the effectiveness. Some of the product does not suit my skin and end up giving me some break out.. Oh my! That’s why it is very important for me to try out every single items before I share it to my readers. That’s the main purpose I open up my blog in the first place. So, others would have more insight before purchasing a product.



To cut the story shot, with all the acne happening.. I decided to treat it using this product by KO cosmetic. It is their Acne Therapy Solution. It is amazing how it does help to improve my skin condition. The secret is in its ingredients benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. If you are looking for acne treatment, it would be very wise to have the ingredients in. why?


Salicylic Acid Benefits

Salicylic acid can exfoliate the skin as well as decrease inflammation. The cells in the lining of the hair follicles of people with acne tend to multiply quickly, and stick to one another. Salicylic acid works by dissolving this cement that holds those sticky cells together in the clogged pores. Most effective acne treatments can make skin a bit red and inflamed while the skin adjusts to them. This ingredient is unique because it's very effective at fighting acne, but it has a soothing, calming effect on skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient are not surprising, given its close chemical relationship to one of the most well-known anti-inflammatory drugs available, acetylsalicylic acid.


Problems can arise when high concentrations of salicylic acid are applied to a large area of skin for a long period of time. When this occurs, something called salicylate toxicity can occur. That being said, the concentrations of salicylic acid found in over-the-counter products designed to treat blemishes (and the dark marks they leave behind) are too low to cause trouble. Some over-the-counter wart treatments, on the other hand, have much higher concentrations of salicylic acid, so you wouldn’t want to spread those all over your body! Levels of salicylic acid found in products designed to clear your complexion are usually very well tolerated. They almost never cause irritation or peeling when used once or twice a day.

Benzoyl Peroxide Benefits

Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful ingredient that is effective against all kinds of acne lesions (blackheads, whiteheads, and big red pimples). It is bactericidal, meaning it kills bacteria, rather than simply slowing down their growth. It also works very quickly, improving acne as early as five days after starting treatment. Its a great first line treatment for acne, but its also helpful to use in combination with antibiotics. In fact, benzoyl peroxide has the ability to prevent antibiotic resistance! So, if you have a severe acne condition do consult doctor to get your antibiotic prescribed.


One thing to watch out for with benzoyl peroxide is that it can bleach dark fabrics. Be sure to apply the benzoyl peroxide after you pull that dark sweater over your face! It can also cause drying, peeling, and redness if it is not delivered in the right amount, surrounded by the right mix of ingredients.



Personally, I like that this product really does what it claimed. I also like the fact that it comes in this tube container ass it is easier to do a spot treatment. I noticed that my active acne heal faster once I use this product. To compare with the products I used before, It is a clear gel and absorb quite fast and it does not leave the sticky after effect. This product is currently retailing at RM112 for 20gram. If you would like to make a purchase, I would recommend for you to check out their fb and website to look for promotion and discount.




Till next time! Ending this post with my before after picture. For more details do check out link below or number below

1800 22 33 22





*Product courtesy by KO Skin Specialist . I am not paid to write this review, I spent personal time and put in personal effort on thisblogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.

Philea Resort and Spa Review

May 23, 2015

Olla everyone!

Thinking to have a mini vacation around malaysia? How about Philea Resort & Spa? Allow me to share with you about our 2D1N experience at the place. We booked this place way in January 2015 via groupon at a very good discount rate. The cost of this place could sky rocket to RM900++ per night during high season and we are fortunate enough to saw the deal.

We have planned to go during my birthday weekend in April but life happen and we end up spending my birthday weekend at the hospital instead. My daughter was admitted in ICU and it was just one of the scariest moment in my life. I am grateful that she is now healthy back and be as active as she were before.

The management of the hotel were kind enough to allow us to change the date of the booking and we decided to go during my daughter’s birthday weekend instead. So exciting! We went on Saturday morning around 10am and then went for simple lunch before heading to Ayer Keroh, Melaka. The check in at 3pm. The drive took around 2 hours from our home in Kota Damansara.

My husband is very familiar with Melaka as it his home town from my mum in law side. To fine the place is just breeze for him Smile But worry not, even if you are not familiar with Melaka, it is very easy to find the place. As you pass the Ayer Keroh tol, drive slow keep the left as it is the first exit.

That it me and my daughter at the lobby. We arrived 1 hour earlier and they were kind enough to let us check in early since our room is ready. Yeay~! this is a good start. Owh ya, as you check in they will provide a welcome drink and welcome ice cream.

Since the place is huge, a buggy service is provide to chauffeur you around. If you like to walk, you may do so too. We end up using the buggy service only 2 times (check in, check out) because we prefer to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Check out this video to have a room tour, by sincerely yours.

They even provide a baby cot and it is complimentary. Yippie yeay! So, if you have a toddler or baby it is convenient to have a family vacation. I also found out they also provide a baby sitting service but didn't try it out. We end up bringing Sofea to the swimming pool to play with other kids. We had such a memorable experience!

We spend the night by having a fancy buffet dinner at the hotel restaurant. Since we are staying at the place, we were also given a 20% discount.The food selection was okay. If you cometo Melaka for the food, then you may drive out to the town and enjoy your assam pedas. The breakfast on the other hand was awesome! We all agreed (yes, including Sofea) that the breakfast really out do the dinner. Breakfast was given for 2 pax each room and no charge for baby. Baby seat is  provided for all restaurant inside this hotel, so good news  to parent out there!

After the big breakfast, we end up walking around. The weather is so nice on that Sunday and we really did enjoyed our morning walk. The place is well maintained and the scenery is very relaxing. It remind me of old english country side when I walk pass all the terraces and villas.If you would like t o have sneak peak of the Philea Resort & Spa, do check out the video of our morning walk below


Ending this post with our family picture. hahaha.. my daughter is not cooperating during the process as you can see. That’s it for today. Hope you find this post helpful or beneficial and till next time!

Philea Resot & Spa (https://www.phileahotel.com.my)
Address: Lot 2940, Jalan Ayer Keroh, Off Jalan Plaza Tol, 75450 Malacca, MalaysiaPhone:+60 6-289 3399

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** This is my personal trip. All Goods and Services was paid with our hard-earned money. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.
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