First Half 2015 Update

Alright, we are reaching towards the end of first half for the year 2016. Beginning of every year, like many others I did a goal list and so on.. and every now and then I like to reflect of what I have achieved  and then what are the progress.. Was thinking, maybe I should just write it on my blog to appreciate all the milestones during this first half of 2015.. It is kinda hard for me to absorb that 5 months have goes down the road and we getting older each day.. Well,

Let’s start with January.

The kick start to my year, was when I was approached by Brand Director to go to Korea for a beauty treatment sponsorship. It went good at first and I was honestly very excited. Then after communicating and liaising further I decided not to proceed due to so many reason. If I want to write it out here then you might need to grab some nasi lemak or something while reading becoz it is gonna be loooong.. So, let’s just cut the hassle and put it as personal reason. Haha

My Daughter turn 8 months in January 2015 and looking at all the pictures, I am sooo thankful that I was given the trust by Allah to experience this amount of happiness of becoming a mother. Mummy love you loooong time Sofea!

Also on the same month, Sofea went for her first casting and landed a job as the new cover baby for a diaper brand. Her chubby cheek face will be on the new packaging throughout 6 countries in South East Asia for the next 3 years. I am still anxiously waiting for the packaging to be out haha.. The production house told me that it will be out in public by Jun, so we will see how it goes.


It is my bloggingversary.. is there such a word? Hahaha.. Well anyway yes, been blogging since Feb 2010 and it have changed my life so much. I really grateful that I started a blog and hold on to it. Like tanam pokok la must siram consistently baru la tumbuh sihat dan ada buah kan? If hari2 siram for the first few weeks pastu abandon cammana pokok nak tumbuh sihat kan? Cheewahh tips di situ. If nak whole details about blogging then you all dah kena ambik cuti sebab blogpost akan panjang menjela hahaha… nanti la ada masa illy share more n more tips macam mana nak develop and maintain blog k?

In the same month, we went for Keduri Aqiqah my anak sedara , and satu kali my dad side buat family reunion di D'Heritage Homestay. Seronok la tempat tu, siap malam tu kami barbeque dan my cousin pergi memancing bcoz just infront of the rest house ada kolam for pancing. Seronok rasa tenang jer. If ada kesempatan insya Allah nak pergi lagi laaa


Feb is more like a celebration month to me personally, I went to few gathering on that one itself. CNy makan2 and all the reunions..

Went CNY dinner with my ex-workmate from FedEx. Cant wait for our next session!

Ofcoz also go makan2 with my current workmate. Actually this is my 3rd time celebrating CNY lunch with my current workplace. #ebaygirls rock!

Went to my blogger friend Shivani’s Wedding.. sorry for the blurry pic! But I think you can easily spot the beautiful bride.

Not forgetting Ayna’s Baby Shower at Villa Manja.. Owh mannn the message is sooo good. Jom pergi lagi jom jom! Haha come to think of it time memang cepat berlalu.. at the moment I am typing this Ayna da in confinement dah.. hehehe.. I cant wait to meet baby Ammar n kiss him on his cheek

Also on the same month of February 2015, we lost our step dad. He is a very kind man and please sedekahkan Al-fatihah to him if you are a muslim and happened to read this post. Amin, semoga Allah membalas segala budi yang arwah telah curahkan kepada kami.


With a new month comes a new hope, during March this year, went to quite a number of blogging event.. and my cousin got married! Tahniah Kak Nurul and Syed.
Me and my bro 

Owh ya, we also went to Bangkok with my dad and my brothers. It is Sofea’s first plane experience and travelling abroad. She did well on the plane at first but end up crying for the whole flight back to KL hahaha…which is why I learn (and developed) few skills on how to make her calm haha

It is definitely a trip to be remembered. Macam2 jadi ada manis ada pahit macam2 la.. haha siap my husband kena pick pocket pun ada.. ifyou want to read more about my Bangkok trip you may just check out my archive post. Ada kat sana, tapi ada juga yang tak sempat update.. still dalam progress hehe.. sorry la saya part time blogger jer mana ada masa nak update semua serentak kan..

In March, I had a good catching up session with Pr friends from Impact Communication Eva, Renuka and Fatin. Thank you for the lunch invite. So bila lagi nak lepak jom haha.

One of the main highlight of Mar is when my father went for back disk operation. We are truly grateful that everything goes well and that my dad is healthy back! Stay strong tok ayah. That’s kind conclude my March.


Moving on to April, wahhh even more dramatic.. Sometime I felt like living in a soap opera. One minute like this one minute like that.. tapi sebagai orang islam kena percaya qada and qadar (ketentuan). It is actually one of the hardest situation that I ever faced. My daughter was admitted to hospital, it started off just a normal fever and one thing lead to another.. End up spending a week in hospital and 4 days in ICU sobbing continuously and helplessly praying to God to heal my daughter.

I also end up having my birthday dinner in ICU with my husband and daughter. To me nothing it more important that my beloved baby to be healthy back again. So happy she is healthy now. Yabe dabebu….

Well, wait first.. the drama still haven’t even ended.. On the same morning while I was in ICU with bengkak eyes (since I cant stop crying) and while I was busy taking care of my sick daughter.. It is my first time not be able to sleep (even when I am extremely tired) for more than 5 days.On that same day.. I was hit with another news. My kawan share with me that there is this one community that I used to be contributing to last time update a public status with my name and it is just nasty. Tapi takpala I maafkan dia. Terima kasih sebab tunjuk betapa murninya hati anda. Kalau nak citer panjang.. For me, kalau benda tu tak datang kan kebaikan tak payah la I nak join meroyan.. I rather focus on what is important. After all, time will tell.


Here comes May and we went to Chiang Mai for a whole week haha.. It is such a good stress free and relaxing experience. I seriously cannot wait to come back for more. 
Memang syok la, talking about Chiang Mai trip. I have complete 2 blogpost about Chiang Mai and 3 more currently still in the mist of drafting.. Nanti I update skit2 k?

May is my new favourite month becoz it is my daugther’s birthday month! Yeay! Since my daughter is now on a strict no salt no sugar diet, so we got her a birthday salad instead hahaha

Also Sofea’s birthday is the same date as Ayna’s!! hahaha… Caro, me and Ayna went for makan2 to celebrate and it have always been awesome to meet the girls and catch up. Now kena tunggu Ayna habis pantang first then only jumpa.. counting days..

Actually, I book a weekend stay at Philea Resort & Spa to spend my birthday weekend but since my daughter is still in ICU at that time, then we end up pushing our trip to May instead. I kind glad that we went on May as things goes so smoothly during our trip. We also visited the butterfly park and it was another beautiful memories that will last forever in my heart.

That’s it.. for now.. That’s basically the my milestones of what’s happening in my life during the first half of this year. I don’t know what else will happen in the future.. Until then.. I’ll just enjoy the moment and appreciate all the blessing. I know Allah akan sentiasa menguji hamba nya dan janji Allah itu pasti. Honestly, the more I try to understand my religion the more strength and happiness I received. For my workwise, things is going great and I am grateful that I am given the trust to hold a managerial position in this company. I am also blessed with wonderful people around me. On top of that, blogging have been bringing in so much opportunities into my life. I will promise to be more hard working and to contribute as much as I can.

But then again… This is only 20% of what is truly really happening in my life. Like you, I am also human.. I face lots of issue in life and the list could go on and on and on… What I am saying here is, no matter what.. It is best to try your best to look at the positive side and find goodness in everything. As it is obviously less tiring.

I hope you like this post and thank you so much for spending your time to read this. I love you guys a lot. Thank you for all the support that have been given to my humble blog for all these while. HUGS!!


  1. Girl, I'm so proud of you! You are definitely a strong girl because of your endless positive thinking.. Love you!!

  2. Aww.. Thank you so much kat! I love you lagi banyak :) hugssss ketat2 <3

  3. Fuuh! Life's indeed like a roller coaster ride! Glad everything turning better and let's hope for the best! :D

    1. it is <3 but friends like you make it all bearable <3

  4. Baby Ammaar can't wait to meet Auntie Illy & Baby Sofea too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Blogwalking sini :)
    Life update. Love it. Kadang-kadang, kita nak memory tu stick at one place, so that, bila baca balik, ada kenangan yg boleh buat kita tersenyum semula.

  6. a lovely capture for the first half of the year.. i never thought to do this :) so many memories and happy moments.. i agree with you - family and kids are our priorities now and wouldnt trade anything in the world for them! every milestone is so so important!

  7. Baru separuh tahun, dah macam-macam jadi. Yang paling saya terkejut pasal community tu. Tak faham jugak kenapa.

    And and, kak illy bawak sofea pergi casting mane? macam nak jugak je bahahahha

  8. After viewing this , just realise that i'm not capture much photo with my family

  9. Such an eventful and fruitful half year. Many good things going to come your way ^-^

  10. you have had a great upper part of 2015!


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