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Olla everyone!

Today, I would like to share about my experience attending Dior Boutique Launch that was held recently at Mid Valley. Honestly, it is my first time attending Dior event and all thanks to Wai Quan (PR & Communication Manager) for extending the invite. Arigato!

Have you check out their boutique? My first Dior product was purchase from the counter at a hypermarket and the rest was bought at Sephora. What I can say is that, I definitely like their new boutique as you get more product varieties in one store. From perfume to make up to skincare you name it all.


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Caro, me and Ayna. We had such a good time at the event.


Me and Innanie (left pic) Me and Ayna

As always, I cant control my self around beauty product. End up walking around (happily) to check out the product range.So, when I was checking up on their DIORSKIN Forever Compact powder and it is my first time buying a compact from them. Basically, I don't know my colour. Their sales advocate/make up artist are very friendly and informative.  He ask me if he could test the product on me to check my complexion range. I was wearing make up  and told him my current MAC shade and guess what? They able to know my colour right away. I was very pleased! Next thing you know, I am bringing my new baby home. haha

After purchasing, I was asked if I would like to join their membership. We all know what my answer would be right? hahaha n yes, I given a form right away. On top of that, I was also presented with personalized make up session invite for next visit. Yippie yeay! Cant wait to come back again and enjoy a moment of relaxation with Dior.

Moving on, I saw few interesting products on the shelf and would love to share my discoveries with you! First is this mesmerizing 5 colour eye shadow. Isn't that just pretty? This pretty eyeshadow is costing RM239. 



Next interesting product is this Colour Correcting Radiance Powder. Which reacts towards themal condition of your skin. Meaning, once you applied the blush on your face it will change its colour to provide you a beautiful radiance that suites your body temperature at that time. Out of of excitement, I forgotten to take down the price.. mannnn how could i? hahaha.. Was also informed that this is one of their key products.



As I walked around the boutique, bump into this baby. It is their Ultra-Gloss also known as their Flash Pumping Spotlight Shine Gloss. The name says it all. Cant help but to notice most colour in this range are formulated with glitters. So, if you are into beautiful shinning gloss then.. you will definitely love this. Each gloss retailing at RM101


Dior is a well renowned brand when it come to perfume, and what it awesome it that you could get up close to each product line at the boutique as well. One the product that caught my attention is this Moisturizing Body Milk that compliment Miss Dior. This product could be yours at RM271 for a good 200ml.

That conclude the night. Congratulations once again to Dior for the Boutique Launch. Cant wait to come back for more. If you would like to give them a visit, they are located at ground floor unit G-007   


What about you? What’s your favourite product from Dior? would love to know too! For more info, do check out :




** I am not paid to write this. I was given with RM150 voucher and I to up my own money to buy the DIORSKIN Forever Compact powder. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. hi hi Illy, assalamualaikum!
    Blogwalking from Nanie's facebook. Saw your link, pressed on it and the rest is history. :) we're facebook friends by the way. I have been blogging (ridiculously) since 2008 tp started out with ntah pape je.. haha.. xtaw la networking2 bagai nih which explains why we've never met and why I had no idea there's a big malaysian blogger community out there!

    Wow, Midvalley is starting to transform into a beauty hub centre. There's a new Sephora too right? :D I used to work near there so every month my wallet would be crying la.. hehe. Got Body Shop, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Topshop, Guardian, Watsons etc etc *pengsan*. Never bought anything Dior but I really like the look of their perfume. :) If they change their ambassador to Taylor Swift one day, I might just buy.. :p *dasar obses ngan taylor)

    Do visit my blog whenever you're free. :)

    1. walaikumusalam... thank you so much for dropping by at my humble blog Aisyah.. appreciate it alot.. wah lama tu 2008, dulu i start feb 2010.. kira i lagi newbie la ni hahaha ada banyak community now days.. best join sebab bole kenal kawan2 yg sama passion and at the same time jana part time income.. so far, I paling suka nuffnang! <3

      you are right, i just hope they will open one soon in one utama (nearer to me LOL) sekali sekali reward diri lepas kerja hempas pulas. apa salahnya kan? :) n yes Dior is a renowned brand when it comes to perfume.. pergi la sana bole test2 tgk mana yang suka.. sales person dorang friendly pastu nanti siap share tips2 lagi..

      i will definitely visit you back :) thanks once again for taking the time to comment!

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  3. omg!!! everything Dior :) bliss :)

  4. The Colour Correcting Radiance Powder is interesting ^-^ If only they are less pricey ...

  5. OMG
    Sudah tak boleh tahan nak beli Dior yo.


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