Bifesta Cleansing Water (Make Up Remover) - Review

May 31, 2013

I would to share with everyone my new discoveries! My latest favourite Cleansing Water. Before I start, just like to make it clear that I purchase this with my own money and I was not sponsored by Bifesta. This is my honest opinion as a consumer :) 

This is how it look from the front. 

 Back View, a detail product info.. me likey! 

I love it when manufacture provide a clear and detail info. Instead if just writing about the ingredient consumer would appreciate to know more about the product like what make it special compared to others. This will help customer to decide better :) 

Zoom in some details on the bottle and check out below for the recommended instruction on how to use it.

Before :) I used the dolly wink eyeliner, maybelline colour tattoo and maybelline lipgloss on top of my hand for this review.  

With 2 pumps of the cleaning water on a cotton pad, I wipe it on my hand gently for around 3 times (20 seconds) and it is completely gone! If you are familiar with maybelline colour tattoo and dolly wink eyeliner you would totally understand that this two product is one of the toughest long lasting product! 

A lightweight makeup cleanser that is effective in removing makeup and also gentle on the skin.
I like it and I would definitely repurchase this. I LOVE the fact that it’s a multipurpose product (make up remover + toner) because I admit, there are times when I come home super tired and I get lazy to do my whole night routine.  Thumbs up and a must try!

I mean like seriously :) It is just AWESOME!! 

p/s: You can get it at any drugstore like guardian and watson.

HiShop May Surprise!

Thank you so much HiShop for the collaborations!! This month HiShop sent me a box with 3 Awesome products to be reviewed :)

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm (Cerise)

This product smells like bubblegum so yummy!! It give you a sheer natural looking tint and evening primrose oil, beeswax & aloe vera to heal lips & improve suppleness :) Isnt that nice? This produt is retailing at RM39.90 and currently HiShop is having a Flash Sale and you can get it RM29.90 instead! weee :) 

I got this products from WonderBox last few months and who dosent love Lavender??  hahaha If you are wondering what you can do with Essential oil... let me share wit hyou some tips that I learned :) 

  • Body Oils. Mix 1 cup carrier oil with 30-60 drops essential oil. Use as a moisturizer after a shower or add to a bath. 
  • Sunburn. Fill a 4 oz. glass spray bottle with distilled water and add 10 drops lavender essential oil. Spray on burnt area to relieve pain and promote healing.
  • Air Freshener. Fill a jar about 1/2 full of baking soda along with 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Using a hammer and nail, poke holes in the lid and place somewhere your air needs freshening.
  • Clean your mattress. Add several drops of essential oil to a cup of baking soda and sprinkle over mattress. Leave for an hour and then vacuum up.

Most uses require only a few drops of essential oil. Store essential oils in a cool, dark place and they will keep for years.Woohoo!

However, especially for internal use, it’s important to make sure you are using high quality, pure essential oils.

This mineral foundation contains Vitamin E and it is frangerance free. I have tried it up yet.. so we will see :P This one is currently retailing at RM79.90 an yes! since HiShop is habing a Flash Sale you can get it at RM 34.90 instead :P How sweet! 

Check out the Flash Sale that is happening at  now :) 

May 2013 Favourites

May 28, 2013

1. Definite Contour Brush (RM 88)
I got this brush all thanks to Bag of Love, first time trying definite brushes and I am currently in love with it. The soft yet firm bristles allow me to easily contour my face. I hardly contour my face but if there is some special occasions :P time consuming la.. Anyway one of the thing that make me love this brush is the handler is thick but not bulky so it is just nice for me.

2.Optic White- Luminous White Tooth Paste by Colgate (RM 10.90)
Thank you to Tammy for hosting a giveaway last few months. I won the complete set of the Optic White Range (Yippie! Yeehaa!) out of the three items in the whole range, my absolute favourite is the Tooth Paste. I tried few whitening tooth paste before and end up getting my heart broken since it does not really give the whitening effect it promised. My heart is currently healing thanks to this tooth paste. Muahahaha..After constant usage I can notice the difference and It does work! I mean even my husband love it. We definitely going to repurchase this product.

3. Dolly Wink – Liquid Eyeliner (RM 55.90)
I love using eyeliner. I remember those time when I was still a teenagers, I used to peek whenever my mum or granma put on an eyeliner.. Last time there are not so many beauty products. So my granma n mum use this Kajal eyeliner. It is very popular last time :P  I dont know if you have ever come across it before, but it looks exactly like below :) 

Growing up, I have been loving it ever since. However, my skin is a combination type and the eyeliner easily smudge and melt leaving me looking like a panda many2 times! So my search for the best eyeliner begins.. after trying few other products, this is the best that I have ever come across. It is swear proof, water proof and so easy to use thank to the define tips.

Since I love the Dolly Wink eyeliner so MUCH, I have decided to include it my previous giveaway which is currently happening up till May 31, 2013. So that you will be able to try it out yourself.

4. Mythic Oil – Loreal Paris Profesional (RM 75)
I have reviewed this product earlier and you can check out the post here. Thank you WonderBox for sending me a tube for review! I am currently addicted to it. Hahaha Love the smooth and non-greasy feeling on my hair after each application.

5. Colour Tattoo Maybelline –Bold Gold (RM19.90)  
I LOVE THIS STUFF. If I am talented enough I might came out a song dedicated just for it! Haahahaha Seriously the BEST.. Long lasting and the colour is vibrant yet so affordable.  I gonna get more of this stuff.

6. Anti-Celulite Body Oil – Celmonze Paris (RM 268)
I was introduced to this oil during the Celmonze event and once again thanks to Butterfly Project for the kind invite. I didnt really notice the result yet but I am determine to use this frequently because I personally love the smells it reminds me of the Baliness spa. Furthermore the oil absorb quite fast into the skin while you massage it and it does not leave any burning sensations like many other slimming oils that I have tried. Crossing fingers to have a nice slim leg soon!

So that’s about it.. What about you? What your current favourite products? Have you tried any of the products I have shared?  Share with me you taught.. Would love to know more.

STRIP - Ministry of Wax (Review)

May 27, 2013

I received the voucher by Wonderbox for under arm treatment valued at rm32.90 and decided to give it a try. Woohooo! I went to The Curve outlet. (I am on leave so decided to why not give it a try?)

What I love : The nice smell of the chocolate wax (seriously yummy!) and the procedure is not so painful and super fast! I also like the fact that they are very attentive and not pushy. Didnt I mention that the wax harden with no sticky after feeling? and you could just simply pull it off?

What I wish they could improve : Since the wax is soooo good and high quality, I just wish they sell it separately and customer could enjoy it at the comfort of their own home. 

P/s: I made a video that share my experience and I hope you will like it :) My very first video for my blog :P I saw so many other girls came out with video and decided to join the fun! well I am not as pro but I guess it is a good beginning :P 

Thanks to WonderBox and Strip for the wonderful experience :) 

Bag of Love – “Best of Beauty Edition” Review + GiveAway Yippie Yeay!

May 23, 2013

I have been in love with Bag-of-Love ever since their debut box and I quite regret that I didn’t grab the debut bag.. I mean they gave away definite brushes!! How can I say possible said no? Aiyooooo....

Moving on, for their second bag the "earth" version I am so happy that Butterfly Project did a collaboration with them. I got my the bag for review yippie yeehaa! You can check out the post here.

This month, when Mimi the founder for Bag-of-Love upload the picture of Best of Beauty bag, I cant help but to secure 1 bag for myself and paid for it asap :P Wee hoo!  And to my lovely surprise I received 2 bags this month instead of 1 hahaha

I recently found out that, Mimi is kind and generous enough to give 1 bag to each bloggers that gotten the earth version bag via the earlier contest! So that how I end up with two bags :P

As for my taught over the Best of Beauty edition :  I love it! Imagine working from 9-6 definitely tangan letih from typing kan kan kan? So I like to pamper my hand with a quick dab of lotions to keep it from merajuk :P plus it smells nice and it helps to cheer me up and keep me happy at work.

Next Favourite products in the bag is the Dove Body Wash! I love receiving body wash. Not only it is so easy to incorporate with our current beauty routine, it also give me more selection of what to use during mandi session :P haha.. I don’t to same the same everyday. So receiving a new body wash is a good thing for me.

The product that I can wait to try is the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum. Try pronounce it fast.. haha macam tongue twister tak? Terbelit lidah ily nak sebut :P I never try this product before as written in the products list, we need to apply it in the morning and evening to cleansed the face n neck.. this one is retailing at RM 320 for 60 capsules. abit pricey for me.. and this is how all this beauty box and bags concept come along.. You get the try out the products before you decide to buy the full sized items.  Let me find out whats the results like.. 

Ada mcam2 lagi dlm bag ni, ade Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax shampoo and hair mask.. then ade Trial Eternity edp and edt by Calvin Klien for man and women, and ade sachet satu lagi lotion by Cabtree & Evelyn.

Since I received 2 bag this month. I am going to share the love by doing a giveaway! Weee! Anyone of you lucky girls or boys will received exactly what I received and I hope you will love it as much as I did.

I am not posting up the picture of the products just yet :P  to give more suspense muahahahahah :P 

As usual please use the Rafflecopter below to submit your entry.  This giveaway end the same date as my previous give away and it would be on the 31 May 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p/s : You can have your own bag of love too!  Check out Bag-Of-Love facebook  to get all the juicy details on the next beauty bag J

The Winners Announcement Video :) 

La Senza - BODY KISS Bloggers Party!

May 21, 2013

Thank you so much to Sarah from La Senza and Tammy the founder of the Butterfly Project for the kind invite :) It is very nice experience and it is actually my first time joining event by La Senza (very excited!)

During the event we were introduced to the new collection by La senza which is the “BODY KISS” range.  This range come in 7 beautiful and fun colours!  And Ofcoz it come with matching panties plus it is designed with cushioned underwire :P  and fyi Body Kiss bras are priced from RM149 each. Check it out ladies!

The we have a bra fitting session and my pair is the super friendly Ayna. Whats your size? Shhhh.. I am not telling mine hahaha

Guess what, after that we were invited to play games :P so much fun hahaha.. Every girls need to find as much lollipop candies hidden in the drawers.. and the winner will get 30 secs all to herself and she could grab anything she want in the BODY KISS collection oh my god!  Farah WON it.. How sweet!  She is super lucky :P  

We were very happy for her, not just that La Senza is kind enough to let us choose 1 bra to bring back home… I took the sexy Meoow!  (Cant post my picture wearing it here or everyone with muntah darah, so I snapped picutres of stuff I bring home with me instead.. hahahaa)

Later on, we were invited to a fancy dinner and there are more surprises waiting for us!!  I had a great time chit chatting with the girls (sorry if I laugh so loud, it is automatic cant control the volume haha..)

Guess what you can get a fancy and comfortable bra as well.. Weeehooo! La Senza is having a ONE DAY ONLY Shopping Spree at all La Senza boutique this May 25th. Mark your calendar girls.. 

·         you will entitled to 40% OFF, and Prestige VIP get additional 10% OFF.

·        There’s more.. you will also get a FREE panty with any Body Kiss bra purchase!

·       If you are the early bird type, you might stand a chance to get RM 300 valued LA Senza gift Card if you are the first Lingerista who buys a Body Kiss Bra on that day.

·      Next 30 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM150

·         Be the next 100 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM50.

·         Gift cards & goodie bags deal are only available at La Senza Pavilion, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama & Sunway Pyramid and applicable on first come first served basis

Just add more fuel, you can check out the fun and sexy video of the BODY KISS collections below. 
(Kan best kalau slim pastu tinggi cam model tu hahaha)  

Please give them your support and love by liking their facebook here

Spa Party – The Butterfly Projects (Please pick me, *Wink*Wink*)

May 20, 2013

I have mention Butterfly Projects quite a few times in my previous blogpost and I am very happy and grateful that I bump into this community. It is the best place to share your common interest for beauty junkie like myself. If you are a social media butterfly bloggers/vloggers that are passionate with all the fun ladies stuff.

This is the place to be. Via butterfly projects you will make great friends, you can share your post/views/reviews and not just that you might be able to get invites for event and have an opportunity to join all the fun party!  

This coming June, there will be another fun party and this time around there will be ten generous collaborations! Weehooo!  

To win an invite, all you need to do is go this link and check out the post by our founder Tammy from  and submit your entry via the Rafflecopter.  You may check out the complete details from Tammy’s post, but just incase it might help, below is how you could win yourself an invite!

  • ·         You need to share some love by liking all of the kind collaborating partner’s facebook.
  • ·         Blog or Vlog “3 Reasons WHY I will not miss this Spa Party”
  • ·         Don’t forget to mention all 10 collaborating partners ya!
  • ·         Cross your fingers and hope that you will make the team fall in love with your lovely post
  • ·         Share it via all the social media platform you have (fb,instagram,twitter)

As for my entry, the 3 Reasons WHY I will not miss this Spa Party… Drum rolls**

First and foremost, I want to meet bloggers and vloggers in person!! I have been checking out their post and videos and have been communicating via comments and fb but I never meet some of them in persons. By joining this event I will be able to do so. Weeeee!  Well, ofcos I am more than happy to meet the one I have meet before  as well  :P  The more the merrier right?

Second reason why I will not miss this party is, I can’t say no to nice food, nice ambience, and a good pampering session!  The best place to be at any time of the day :P hahaha I mean.. come on, SPA PARTY!  I personally don’t know anyone who will say no to this level of awesomeness :P

Last but not least,  to be apart of an exciting and fun project by The Butterfly Project is something I really don’t want to miss.  I missed the earlier event during in May since I was at travelling during that event. I don’t want to miss this one! I will block my calendar and do anything with all my heart to make sure I will able to attend this event if I am selected J

Thank you so much to Tammy from Butterfly Projects and the SWAT Team (Super Woman Assistants Team) for making this happen.

A BIG Hug to all of the collaborating partners from  Posh!Nail Spa, Idea Food Solution, Fotobox, Tres Chic Party Planner, The Body Shop, soSoft so JOHNSON'S®, Havaianas Malaysia, PinkNProper, TTMask Malaysia and  Great thank you for collaborating with The Butterfly Project!

A BIGGER Hug to all of you for  believing and supporting us as a group of independent beauty bloggers & vloggers!!   

p/s : Havainas is having a competition as well  :) dont forget to check it out ya!

"I anti Cellulite" - Event by Celmonze

May 19, 2013

Last Friday I was invited to join the Launch of the new Celmonze launches “Phenomenal Woman”, a 3-Step Body Contour System and they have this campaign named “I Anti Celulite” all thanks to The Butterfly Project.

The event was held at Fresca Mexican Restaurant at The Gardens. I was stuck in after work and luckily be able to reach before the event start J Phew!

Yummy Mexican Food was served during the event :) No worries.. we can massage and drain the fat later :P 

I learned the correct way to massage your thigh or any cellulite area to ensure that you have nice body and cellulite free! I wish I have a better camera to record how to do it.. But anyway, below is diagram that I found on the net to make you understand better on cellulite formation. 

During the event I meet Kim Low, the 1st runner of the Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012 and the campaign ambassador of Celmonze’s ‘Experience and Win’ 2013 contest shares her beauty secret, “After shower, I massage Celmonze Anti-Cellulite Body Oil on specific areas of my body. It performs 3 core actions I need to bust cellulite. The 1st is promote good circulation, the 2nd is to eliminate toxins and the 3rd is to breakdown fat.”  Isn’t that interesting?  She is super slim!! 

Come and join the contest! The ‘Experience and Win’ contest begins on the 5th of June and ends on the 4th of August 2013. While the Facebook contest starts from 8th August to 30th August.

The fantastic prizes?? 

  • Grand Prize of a 5D4N stay at Hardrock, Bali. 
  • 10 Special Prizes consisting of pampering body care products worth RM1000 an anti-cellulite treatment worth RM788
  • 50 consolation winners will receive a voucher for body care products worth RM250 detox and whitening body treat worth RM388. 

Do you know that.. Now when customers purchase Anti-Cellulite Body Oil at RM268, they’ll receive 60 minutes of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy worth RM300, for free. Not bad right?

Well, I did not go back empty handed. I got my own Anti-Cellulite Body Oil to try on! Yippie yeeha… Bye bye cellulite!  Hi to yummy slim legs!

For more details on the contest and the products : /

Vanity Trove - The Shower of Summer

May 18, 2013

Most of you girls might have already enjoyed your products by now.. Sorry for the late review of this The Shower of Summer Box :P  Well, it is better late then never right? 

Anyway thank you so much to Vanity Trove for the collaboration opportunity! Here are the products that I received. 

The products : 

KATE Eyeshadow DB @ RM49 (1.6g)
Narciso Rodriguez For Her @ RM278 (50ml) / RM378 (100ml)
Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream @ RM398 (50g).
Clarins Intensive Brightening Serum @ RM295 (30ml)
 Perkins Nail Wrap @ RM39.90 (20 strips)
KILADOLL Black Pearl Mask @ RM2.90 per piece

The vouchers : 

  • Clarins 50% discount voucher on any face / body treatment at Clarins Skin Spa KLCC
  • Personalized Fragrance Profiling Experience @ RM30  with FREE Goodie Bag worth RM200
  • Oriks Purchase Platinum Aqua Watery Cream and get a FREE Platinum BB Cream worth RM138 

My humble opinion :
I love the facts that Vanity Trove include the Perkins Nail Wrap since I have been eyeing on it for quite sometime :) Love the sticker concept since it is easier to get a nice design nails even with out the creative talent haha... I also been loving the eyeshadow by Kate and been using it quite frequent now! 
Thank you for introducing  Kate Eyeshadow to me.. I love the pigmented finish and will definitely buy it in the future! 

The cons : Like many other girls out there, I dont really fancy sachet.. since it can be messy during usage and hard to store once open :(  Anyway.. considering the sachets are actually from good products.. so it give some comforting point.. 

To be honest I love the Awesome Wholesemore box more! Check out my review on the Awesome Wholesome box here

Check out next month theme :) Obsessive Beauty.. I wonder what surprises are waiting for us next month.. Go and secure your box at for only RM 50 per month

Movie Premier - Filem Lari arahan Ahmad Ilham

May 17, 2013

First of all thank you kepada Ruby sebab bagi invite untuk join movie premier.. Actually ni first time ily pergi movie premier yg siap ade pelakon2 n pengarah semua hadir. So, sedikit blur2 n malu2 skit la.. 

Anway, mase ily ondaway tu, husband ily la yang paling terlebih excited. Dari dalam kete lagi die da dok pikir nak posing ape tangkap picture dgn Aaron aziz la kata kan.. Mase sampai tu sengih semacam die.. Lepas media session tu dapat la kitorang nak minta snap picture dgn Aaron Aziz, tapi kebetulan nak jadi cerita time tu la pulak battery hp ily kong,, husband ily punya battery pun kong :P Adoiyaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Takpela, tadkde rezeki... nak buat camne kan.. redha je la.. Anyway.. cite ni ok la best juga.. bagi peminat cerita action tumbuk2 tembak2 ofcoz suke :)  Do you know that director Ahmad Idham peruntukan around RM 500,000 hingga RM 600,000 just untuk babak aksi sahaja. Wow.. thats a lot of money.. Mane tak nyer  gunakan sentuhan pengarah aksi bagi filem aksi Thailand yang terkenal, Ong Bak. Mesti korang pernah tgk kan?? 

From what I heard, bahagian tumbuk2 tu Aaron Aziz cakpa memang die pukul real2 takde camera trick.. Wah kesian ler sape yg kena tumbuk dalam movie tu :P hahaha

Selain Aaron Aziz dalam movie ni ada  Erin Malek, Hazama Azmi, Erry Putra dan Dira Abu Zahar (yang dulu pernah mengacara Melodi kejap tu). 

Harini, this filem akan di tayangkan di Marche Du Film, Festival De Cannes (Festival Filem Perancis) yang ke-66. Good job! 

Sypnosis : Citer pasal ex-army Khalif yg baru habis service, then bile die balik je dapat berita yg ayah die meninggal kena pukul and die punya only sister hilang. Pastu ade conflict2 .. so dlm citer ni citer la ape yg sebenarnya berlaku and macam mana Khaliff nak cari adik die balik... Nak tahu lebih kena tgk la kan :P

Thanks once again to Ruby :) kalau bukan die yg bagi pass, tak merasa la husband ily nak jumpe Aaron Aziz depan2 :)

Vanity Trove will be at Jaya One this Saturday!

May 15, 2013

Dear all,

I just like to share that Vanity Trove will be at Jaya One this Saturday!!  So if you happen to be nearby or don’t have any plans yet for the weekend, you are are most invited to visit them J

Venue  : Jaya One, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya 
Time      : 11am – 6pm

There will be exclusives troves, activities and many prizes to be won!  You can check out the banner below for more details 

Just in case you need a map to Jaya One, there you go

3 years 3 months and 3 days + Awesome GiveAway

Yesterday is my 3 years 3 months and 3 days that I have been blogging. During the first 2 years, it was very quiet. I was like talking to myself, nagging and mumbling at sorts of things haha… I love blog walking at make up, fashion and beauty gurus site and spend my time adoring them!

Besides that, I really enjoyed blogging since it is one of the platform to express yourself. Earlier… to me it is just like an online journal.. until I was introduce to blogging community.. Life have never been the same!

I bump into Nuffnang and Butterfly Project group! So happy when you able to interact with  other bloggers that share the same passion. It give me so many inspirational opportunity to learn and improve my blog.  Thanks to this two community.. I was given an event pass, movie screening pass, food review invites, be able to join giveaways and most importantly I make new friends!

Out of sudden after 2 years plus++ of blogging, I was lucky enough to be given with review opportunity, where I was given with samples or products to test out. For a girl who LOVES make up and beauty products, this is a dream come true! I mean seriously… I remembered those time where I saved up to buy new launch products just to test it out despite the hype.. Well, I don’t get sponsors all the time because I am not a mega famous blogger :P I still majoritily need to purchase some of other products.. MOST importantly what makes me really grateful is that.. if it is not because of blogging I might not be able to know and be so close to my current blogger friends .

I am not equipped with super “canggih” tools and gadgets.. I don’t even have a dslr and I only have my always-tend-to-hang phone and a simple laptop. (I am determined to get a good functional gadgets soon! Please pray for me ya *wink* Wink*) I am not a very technical person so I have to self-taught basically everything.. Google and youtube is my best lecturers. This two sites helped me a lot. Slowly I learned about basic blogging skills. I learned how to touch up my photos, how to convert this n that.. how to move widgets.. To me is still a long journey and I have zillion holes that I need to patiently patch up. So many things to be improved and hopefully I will be able to make my blog more n more interesting. As much as my fellow blogger friends inspire me… I hope will be able to be a positive inspirations to my reader as well.

Sorry this is quite a long post :P Anyway I would like to have a giveaway to share the love and to share my happiness!

I am giving away a beauty box (illy’s version) that valued up to RM 500. It will consist some of the products that I have won/given during my blogging days + I will also include some fun stuff that I purchase with my own money!

Just a sneak peak of what you will be getting below  (I wish I could give away houses or sporty cars or a year supplies of beauty products, but I am not as rich as Oprah.. haha)  I hope you will love the awesome stuff that I am going to send to you, because it is picked out of love! 

Please submit your entry via Rafflecopter below and the winners will be randomly picked.

The giveaway will run until 12pm on  May 31,2013.  

Thank you so much for joining the fun and for your willingness to join my Giveaway! I really appreciate it. Every single submission bring smile to my face.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                       The Winners Announcement Video :) 

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