Beauty Haul - Watsons

Feb 24, 2013

Well I just like to share few stuff that I have purchase at Watson today.. even though I received quite a generous amount of products to be tried and reviewed (which I am really grateful for), I still need to purchase some on my own J

Well today I purchase cotton pads (I am doing a part time make up service and I am running out of pads), then I got cotton buds.. I love cotton buds, not only for keeping your ear clean, it also help a lot while doing make up.. Let says you have some eyeliner smudge on your eyelid and you don’t want to rub off the whole make up… Take a cotton pad and spray some water on it.. try cleaning the smudge super easy and wont effect your other make up part.. Such a time saver.. during travel sometime I use cotton bud as my make up brush for eye shadow..  I love cotton bud so much!!

Then, I got my Sensodyne Whitening Repair & Protect toothpaste.. It was on discount 30% off yeay!! It cost me only RM9.03 instead of RM 12.90   J

My fav conditioner, the pink Sunsilk and also the leave in conditioner.. I just love the fact that the leave in conditioner came in a small tube.. you can just out it in your handbag and it will be within your reach whenever needed J  Bdaway the leave in conditioner was on sale too purchase the first one for RM3.50 and the second one for only RM1   J

Although, I have a few types of face powder, I personally prefer to use Pixy for everyday use.. It is really pigmented, long lasting, provide good coverage and best of all super cost efficient!  It normally cost around RM12 but today I got it for only RM9.90  J

I also got the hair treatment wax from Watsons.. I have been a repeated customer for this product for more than 2 years.. Not only worth it.. Imagine a big tube of yoghurt treatment wax for only RM 11.13.. Sometime they even have it on 1 buy 1 sale.. I love to use this hair treatment on my hair.. then clip my hair and put on a shower cap.. do some house chores or even write up a blogpost J  Then just wash my hair when I am done J My hair felt so smooth and smells yummy after every single time  J The fact that the price is cheap.. I can put A LOT on my hair without any guilt  J haha

And ya.. I also got my Rexona deodorant. Remember the deodorant that I purchase last two weeks? OMG.. Please don’t buy it.. ya.. that one smell nice like a melon but will only last max 3 hours on me… Oh my and it kinda stain my clothes.. I do not recommend any of you to buy the deodorant that I have gotten from Sasa..

As for the star of this purchase J I don’t think I need to introduce the Baby Lips Lip balm by Maybelline J

I saw few reviews saying that it is good.. So decided to purchase one.. Plus it was on discount.. I got it for RM 6.93 instead of the normal retailing price RM 9.90   J I got it in Pink Lolita..  Can’t wait to try it on J It claimed to provide your lips with 6 hours moisture & translucent color & shine..

P/s: What about you girls? Any must have products from Watson? 

Comfort - Chinese Traditional Massage

Feb 23, 2013

Last night I went for a massage session.This is my second time visiting this place. I have done a review before you can check it out here. I was having my normal shoulder and back pain.. so I ask my brother to accompany me.. I went there around 11pm.. Do you know that this place close at 1am? Nice right? I mean lets say it was our normal working day.. and after had our dinner most place would be close.. so you can opt for a nice massage before going to bed..

Yesterday I opt for the full body massage package and cost me RM78..for 1 hour and I got free head massage for another 15 mins. Since I want to use the ginger oil, I add up RM18. (No worries, they will give you the balance after your session is done, and you can bring it to the center next time you visit)

I treat my brother with foot massage. He like it.. He said during the foot soak session.. The lady massage his shoulder and it is really good.  My brother session is 1 hour and it cost me RM58.
He also got the free foot cupping service. (Not the blood kinda type) Its the air cupping.

Well, I kinda like their service and definitely will visit them again...

I found a video on youtube about the place.. Just incase you wanna check it out..

Vanity Trove – Malaysia Debut Box 2013

Feb 21, 2013

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Winnie from Vanity Trove for giving me an opportunity and sponsoring  Vanity Trove – Malaysia Debut Box J  for my review.

Vanity Trove cost RM60 per box.. which is slightly higher than the other beauty boxes, howver.. lets check out what makes them special J

First of all, their box is unique.. it is a drawer shape with a cute pink ribbon puller J  and the box is firm.. I saw few other bloggers stack two box and use it as drawer… I found that it is a very cute idea!

 I received the box slightly late due to festive season.. at first I was abit not happy, but come to think about it.. It is totally out of their control and the reliability of package arriving is solely under the courier services  J  I decided to change the delivery address to my office so that it easier to receive the package J

Well Lets’ check out what are the produtcs  inside the Vanity Trove – Malaysia Debut Box 2013

I heart was smiling when I saw the PORE-fessional cream by Benefit .. Yeay!!So does the product worked? I tried and I like the after affect not only it reduce the appearance of my pores it also makes my skin felt smooth J

I didn’t really aware of Oriks product before.. But that the main point of having a surprise right? It is good to know more about other products so that we could have bigger pool of options J  

Palomo J this is a new product that I haven’t come across before.. When I first saw it.. I taught it was a hand lotion.. haha Being an easily excited lady.. I put some on my skin and rub it.. Then only I read properly and saw that it was actually a body wash hahaha :P Oh my!  I love the rose scent.. it is not too strong it just nice to boost you with good mood feeling  J  Really grateful that it Vanity Trove provide a big sample size for this product.. I love it!

Wella Shampoo and Conditioner came in a deluxe size J Yeay to that! I always love receiving hair products.. because like I said in the earlier post, is it easier to test hair products and make up since the result is almost instant J Plus I could always bring it during travel..

I also received Bliv.. and currently I am doing an experiment pluss my hubby is the white mouse for my project. I asked/forced him to wear it every day on his nose (he have such a yucky black heads on his nose A LOT of it). So, we will see whether it really work as the 14 day promised  J Will Johan have a clean pores?  Stay tune for this ya!!

I also received 2 chocolate candy from Merci J such a sweet touch!

This is card I received, it was signed by Valerie (such a cute name for their “non-physical” PR spoke person)  Well, most of us  love a personal touch and the fact that is hand written make it more lovable   J

Pro : Cute Steady Box and unique drawer like design, and variety of products J I found that this debut box is sort of having a theme  J This time around it is focusing more on pore  J since most of the products are for pore.

Con :  The price.. RM 60 is slightly pricey comparing to the current beauty boxes in the market.

Next box theme is  The Shower of Summer.. Nice!! I cant wait J 

Wanna grab you own Vanity Trove? Obviously you can J

Essential Beauty Kit at Office

Feb 19, 2013

Today, I would to share with all of you few MUST have Beauty Kits that should be in your office drawer J  Most office lady work 5 days a week and more than 8 hours spent in the office.. Imagine, facing an ad hoc meeting with external or a surprise visit by BIG BIG boss or even old friends dropping by and wanted to go out for lunch? And you are not prepared?  

For me, by (putting some effort in) looking pretty and smelling nice boost my confidence and help to jump up my morale and good mood hormones J

So it is very important that we look best every time.. It would be great if you have your beauty kits whenever needed right?

Vaseline ( Petroleum Jelly)
I preferred Vaseline, but you can use any other brand that you love! Dry cracked lips? Dry cracked cuticles? Unruly eyebrows? A cheap-o tube Vaseline will help to cure that J Just fyi in an mergency.. a hand lotion can be used as well for the same purpose.. haha

Eyeliner (I love SilkyGirl Gel Eyeliner)
Again, you can use any brand that you like J It is very helpful to kept an eyeliner even the pencil one at office for any emergency.. Let say you are rushing and didn’t really have time to to your make up.. Eyeliner is your saviour! It will help to make your eyes pop make your look polished.

Blusher (Benefit Tint)
Blusher fades easily throughout the day. Fluff some over your cheekbones for a quick, rosy glow. *Wink Wink* I love using Benefit Tint because I found that the colour last longer and give a dewy finish because of the liquid material instead of powder :P

Tinted Lip Balm (I love Nivea for this)
Having tinted lip balm will help you look sweet and fresh at anytime while moisturizing your lips. Best part of all you don’t need a mirror to put it on since the colour is just sheer.. Just a simple streak.. Voila! You are few level cuter J

Flats (Any cute plain coloured)
I face situation before where my strap heels snaps at office….. Oh my! So it is very helpful to have a flat as back up in office J  you know sometime you wear the tallest nicest heels you have and your friends might ask you to go out lunch at a far far far away walking distant restaurant? Hurm.. worry no more :P you can always swap to your comfy flats anytime J

Heels can break, straps snap, leather cracks so just grab any RM30 flats at Vincci or Nose during discount session J

Well those are few must have items that I believe worth sharing J What do you think girls? What is your ESSENTIAL beauty kit at office?  I would love to know tooo! 

Yummy strawberry scrub :)

Feb 16, 2013

Why all women of the word spread different strawberry masks over the face? It is simple :)

Strawberry is a very useful berry. It contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin A, C, E and vitamin B (including folic acid).

All these vitamins are essential for healthy skin. Vitamins C and E are antioxidants. They neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals that cause premature aging of our skin. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen which helps the skin to be smooth and avoids wrinkles forthcoming.

Acid containing in strawberry has effect of whitening the skin. Strawberry seed work as gentle scrub and natural exfoliant. It removes old skin cells.

Sound yummylicious right?

The Lilac Box - Debut Box Review Feb 2013

After a long full of anticipation wait.. It was all worth it! To be honest, I was really excited waiting for my blind date to arrived :) Thank you so much to The Lilac Box team for sponsoring me this box for a review :)

This is what the box look like :)  I prefer the plain lilac ribbon, anyway polka dot is cute too! 

The Lilac box cost RM35 only what make them unique is that they provide only premium brand :) I have been subscribing to few other boxes and I am very pleased with the size of sample given by The Lilac Box. Even though they also have sachet but it is a premium brand woot! woot!

So let see what is inside the box :) 

Combination of beauty, skincare & hair care products.

This is sticked in the inside part of the box cover

Well, like most girls.. I do recycle the boxes by storing my products.. But it is kinda cute when there is a small suggestion given like this.. 

When I say the small "angpow" size envelope.. I was wondering maybe they out the coupons in there.. I was wrong.. haha.. It is actually a note from "The 3 Guys From The Lilac Box"  See the yellow paper with tiny love there? Thats the cute "angpow" sized envelope :)   

It was printed and neat.. Anyway I still preferred the hand written gesture :P 

So for the fun part, Lets take a closer look of the products!!  

Max Factor Limited Edition Nail Polish.. I don't really use nail polish... But it is always good to share the love.. I am giving this away to my friend :)

OMG!! When I saw there is Roberto Cavalli stuff inside.. My heart stopped :P hahahahah.. Yes! Yes!
Best part of all it is the 30ml sized Perfume Body Lotion :) Oh my! I think this is the STAR of all the items in the box :P 

Next, Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner.. The most generous sized shampoo sample that I have ever received! 80ml for Shampoo & 75ml for the conditioner :) 

Thank you for including these into the box guys! 

I have never used Burberry products before.. because of the "ehem ehem" price.. Well This time around I could happily try out premium range products :)

What do I expect? haha Ofcoz it is a sachet.. 1ml each. However there are 4 sachets :) 
Do you know that it is the ALL-in-One Make up and Skincare?

It helps to moisturize & perfect all skin tone while rose extract soothes & softens skin anti-aging properties help to restore elasticity of your skin's epidermis. Yeay to that! 

The last products is skincare by Decleor Paris. I received Essential Cleansing Milk & Essential Tonifying Lotion 

I don't really fancy receiving skincare since I have my own skincare routine.. But I could always share the love by giving it to my friends and maybe my awesome supportive readers 

Like all the other beauty boxes, there are always a vouchers :) 

This time around I received Scalp Treatment Voucher valued RM50 from Centro Hair Salon and RM 98 voucher of Signature Aromaplasty Facial (NP RM230 1hr 45mins).

Do you want your own blind date with premium products? Well you can :) 

You may get more info from The Lilac Box facebook

Have a great weekend ladies :) 

Hansen & Gratel – Witch Hunter (Review)

Feb 14, 2013

Went with my hubby to watch Hansen & Gratel, from my opinion.. the story line is very structed.. Every plot link back to each other beautifully.

You know sometime you went to watch movie and came out blur with lots of question.. like how come it is like that.. What happen to her bla bla.. you might felt kinda puzzled by the storyline? You WONT face that with Hansen & Gratel.. Good storyline J 

For those who don’t mind blood splashing and literally mind blowing movie.. this is the movie for you J  For me I don’t really fancy “blood” kinda movie.. but I gave an exception for this movie.. since the violent scene is cushion by sense of humour..

The fighting scene was very creative and realistic in terms of.. you can see the main actor fall down and do FEEL pain or alteast good at acting J some of the movie.. you can observed the main talent fall down from 20th floor and just walk like nothing happen n bounce back n fight.. hahaha Anyway for this movie.. it is very realistic J A lot of of human limitation factor taken into consideration.. TWO THUMBS UP!!

Anyway.. go and watch it for yourself J

p/s : Those who have watched, what do you think?  Edward is kinda cute right? haha

How to achieve happiness?

This is my way of how to achieve happiness, and I hope it will inspire you.. Positivity and happiness have a boomerang effect J The more you send out to the world, the more it will come back and hug you J

Well, let get back to the point.. How do I do it? Simple.. I learn to live in the NOW. I have found this to be very important when you want to relieve yourself of stress.

I used to stay awake all night long worrying about tomorrow. I would obsess about things that I could not do anything about. Since then I have learned that this is very unhealthy and upsetting. I always plan my life with military precision and when things doesn’t fall to my plan. I’ll get very2 unhappy. I didn’t really show in the surface. I’ll suppress and OFTEN cry in the bath room…

Now that I have learned to look for the joy in this moment and not worry about the future I live a much happier and healthier life. When I lived in the past I was quite depressed… I had to learn that I could not have a bright future to look forward to or a happy present life by dwelling upon my past. Learning to live in the now has been very beneficial to me….It completely changed me J   I now realize that every moment of every day I have a choice and I now choose peace, love, joy, and happiness!

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth. ~ William W. Purkey

ILLY Make Up Service GiveAway

Feb 13, 2013

Hi all,

I have been doing part time make up service for quite a while and my small business has always been from mouth to mouth.. Then my close friends and family encourage mw to advertise it.. I decided to advertise it in my blog  and two years after the blogpost.. I finally have the courage to create a fb page for my small business.. J Yeay!!

On the first day, I have 7 likes J It is a small number but I am still very happy about it.. To share my happiness and to increase the likes on my page.. I think it is a wise move for me to organize a Give Away J Yeay!! Please support me ya.. As a token as appreciation for your wonderful and kind supports I will GiveAway 1 FREE Make Up Service for 1 Lucky Lady.

Winner will be picked by using Rafflecopter below and the contest end on 28 Feb, 2013. Last entry at 12.00am

Simple 2 steps to support me and get yourself in the running to WIN 1 FREE Make Up Service  J

  • Like ILLY Make Up Service  fb page
  • Answer a simple question in the comment section below. The awesome question is “What makes you happy?”

Simple terms &  conditions
1) Open to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Residents.
2) You will WIN  1 FREE Make Up Service for any event or occasions your heart desired J
3) Winners will be contacted, and prize will be given away to another winner if there is no email response within 7 days.
4) Subject to date availability.  

ENTER your entry in the Rafflecopter box below :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Las Carretas - USJ Taipan Subang Jaya

Feb 12, 2013

On the second day of CNY, me and my hubby decided to go for a dating night.. We wanted to eat Crab actually.. but as we went to Taman Megah and to SS15 Subang.. Mostly all shops are closed due to CNY :P

so we were wondering around.. dont know what to eat.. we decided to try a new restaurant and we don’t want to go for for the mainstream one.. we wanted to try something exciting since it is our date night :) 

So we wonder around in USJ Taipain Subang Jaya.. yeay! From far we saw nice signboard and we peek inside :P We decided to try out Las Carretas.. FYI they serve Mexican food and there is no pork served.

Hubby and I were amazed on how creatively they decorated the whole restaurant :) We decided to seat upstair since it will be more private :) 

When we arrived, we both ordered Mocktail ( Mocktail is a non-achoholic mixed drinks mostly with fresh juice) We were pleased since the the mocktail arrived with a cute love design on top of the drinks.. I found it cute :) 

Like normal fancy restaurant, they provide tit bits..  before your meal arrived. In Las Carretas, they gave Nachos and fresh tomatoes dipping salsa kinda style  :)  I love it!! So cruchy and yummy.. It gave you the “Mexican” kinda feeling..

As for the main dish, I wanted something in small portion because I am not THAT hungry.. I ordered a kiddie meal because I just wanted to try out and not really in a eating mood….. but my request was rejected :(  FYI you cant order a kiddie meal if you an adult here.. Well, some restaurant do allow.. But its okay.. maybe it is just their policy.. Well, finally I ordered a Lamb Shank.. its ok if I cant finish it.. I can always “ tapau” so  typical Malaysian right? Muahaha

Anyway, My husband ordered a beef steak ( I forgot the real name since it is kinda fancy and it is in Mexican… muahahaha. My hubby love the taste and he said that the baked potato with the sour cream is really nice.
Luckily we didn't order any desert.. The portion is big and really worth your every penny :) I was very full. Then ya.. I tapau the balance of my Lamb Shank.. They even included a pasta below my lamb.. See?that’s y.. it is very filling.

Total cost for 2 meal and two drinks = RM 127++

Ambience : 8/10 (Lots of fancy décor that feed your eye while waiting for your food)
Cleanliness : 6/10 ( I cant really see it the lighting is orangy and yellowish)
Food            :  9/10 (my hubby love it)
Service        : 10/10  (Very friendly and accommodating)

Will I come again?
Yes and No.
Yes – If I want to bring my friends for birthday celebration or any fancy stuff like date night :)
No – If it is just simple occasions.. since the price is kinda above my normal budget for a simple dinner..

If you wanna try it out, 

No. 14, USJ 10/1E, Subang UEP, 47620, Subang Jaya, Selangor
03-5637 3058

Mini Haul - SaSa

I went to SaSa at Tropicana Mall and purchased 4+1 face mask for only RM 11. I got Strawberry Pore Purifying Mask, Promegranate Whitening Mask,Ginseng Firming Mask, Aloevera Hydrating mask and Oatmeal Whitening mask.

Then I got the deodorant from Color Combos named Melon Mania. Normally I will only pyrchase deodorant from Nivea but this time around just decided to try out since the smell is super fruity n nice :)  Color Combos product is formulated ib Australia and it cost me RM 9.90 for 50ml.

Then I puchase the Shower Gel also from Color Combos the normal price for 1liter is RM 16.90 and since it is under promotion I got it for only RM 10 :) Weeee!  Smell sooo yummy :)

I am not particular for shower gel but this this shower gel smell so nice.. Plus I like the simple packaging design.

What not to WEAR to Office

Feb 7, 2013

How to make DIY Lip Balm - Affordable & Yummy!!

Feb 2, 2013

I went online and bump into this new fun and super simple technique to make your own lip balm :)

I love lip balm so much!! because it keeps your lips moisturized and give your the sheer shine :)

You just need 4 simple items

  • Vaseline or any petroleum jelly that you have :)
  • Flavor or food colouring or old lipstick or colour pigment or your fav gloss 
  • A container to store your yummy homemade lip balm :)
  • Lips ( Hahaha)

Heat up the Vaseline to turn it to liquid.. If you do not have a microwave oven.. you can use the double boiling method.

Mix the Vaseline with the flavour or I just mix it with with my old lipstick.. You can also add honey for yummylicious lip balm :) 

Then thats it.. Tad da.. Store it in the container.. any container will do.. For more green and earth friendly method you can also reuse your empty lip balm container :) 

I hope you like it tooo!! Well, I come accross this video in youtube and this lady use chocolate as her lip balm.. Oh my... so yummy!!  

Dont forget to follow my blog and comment :) I really appreciate it... 

Be inspired!!  :) 

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