Hansen & Gratel – Witch Hunter (Review)

Went with my hubby to watch Hansen & Gratel, from my opinion.. the story line is very structed.. Every plot link back to each other beautifully.

You know sometime you went to watch movie and came out blur with lots of question.. like how come it is like that.. What happen to her bla bla.. you might felt kinda puzzled by the storyline? You WONT face that with Hansen & Gratel.. Good storyline J 

For those who don’t mind blood splashing and literally mind blowing movie.. this is the movie for you J  For me I don’t really fancy “blood” kinda movie.. but I gave an exception for this movie.. since the violent scene is cushion by sense of humour..

The fighting scene was very creative and realistic in terms of.. you can see the main actor fall down and do FEEL pain or alteast good at acting J some of the movie.. you can observed the main talent fall down from 20th floor and just walk like nothing happen n bounce back n fight.. hahaha Anyway for this movie.. it is very realistic J A lot of of human limitation factor taken into consideration.. TWO THUMBS UP!!

Anyway.. go and watch it for yourself J

p/s : Those who have watched, what do you think?  Edward is kinda cute right? haha


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