Essential Beauty Kit at Office

Today, I would to share with all of you few MUST have Beauty Kits that should be in your office drawer J  Most office lady work 5 days a week and more than 8 hours spent in the office.. Imagine, facing an ad hoc meeting with external or a surprise visit by BIG BIG boss or even old friends dropping by and wanted to go out for lunch? And you are not prepared?  

For me, by (putting some effort in) looking pretty and smelling nice boost my confidence and help to jump up my morale and good mood hormones J

So it is very important that we look best every time.. It would be great if you have your beauty kits whenever needed right?

Vaseline ( Petroleum Jelly)
I preferred Vaseline, but you can use any other brand that you love! Dry cracked lips? Dry cracked cuticles? Unruly eyebrows? A cheap-o tube Vaseline will help to cure that J Just fyi in an mergency.. a hand lotion can be used as well for the same purpose.. haha

Eyeliner (I love SilkyGirl Gel Eyeliner)
Again, you can use any brand that you like J It is very helpful to kept an eyeliner even the pencil one at office for any emergency.. Let say you are rushing and didn’t really have time to to your make up.. Eyeliner is your saviour! It will help to make your eyes pop make your look polished.

Blusher (Benefit Tint)
Blusher fades easily throughout the day. Fluff some over your cheekbones for a quick, rosy glow. *Wink Wink* I love using Benefit Tint because I found that the colour last longer and give a dewy finish because of the liquid material instead of powder :P

Tinted Lip Balm (I love Nivea for this)
Having tinted lip balm will help you look sweet and fresh at anytime while moisturizing your lips. Best part of all you don’t need a mirror to put it on since the colour is just sheer.. Just a simple streak.. Voila! You are few level cuter J

Flats (Any cute plain coloured)
I face situation before where my strap heels snaps at office….. Oh my! So it is very helpful to have a flat as back up in office J  you know sometime you wear the tallest nicest heels you have and your friends might ask you to go out lunch at a far far far away walking distant restaurant? Hurm.. worry no more :P you can always swap to your comfy flats anytime J

Heels can break, straps snap, leather cracks so just grab any RM30 flats at Vincci or Nose during discount session J

Well those are few must have items that I believe worth sharing J What do you think girls? What is your ESSENTIAL beauty kit at office?  I would love to know tooo! 


  1. eyeliner is a must for me! :D coz i have super small eyes hehe

    Latest: Dine in the Garden

    1. yup... I have same understanding.. eyeliner is a total must :)

  2. I always have a moisturiser and hand cream with me. Air cond dries my skin up.

    1. so true Christine :) Our skin got dry faster in cold temperature lotion is always handy :)

  3. Hi Illy, yes, nothing like looking good going to work and in between. Especially going home too.
    Where I am the air is very dry with very extreme frigid cold temp. women need all these skin care.
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.

    1. It is good to know that guys is taking care of thier skin tooo :)

      thanks for dropping at my blog by Uncle Lee :)

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  5. thanks for your lovely sharing


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