How to make DIY Lip Balm - Affordable & Yummy!!

I went online and bump into this new fun and super simple technique to make your own lip balm :)

I love lip balm so much!! because it keeps your lips moisturized and give your the sheer shine :)

You just need 4 simple items

  • Vaseline or any petroleum jelly that you have :)
  • Flavor or food colouring or old lipstick or colour pigment or your fav gloss 
  • A container to store your yummy homemade lip balm :)
  • Lips ( Hahaha)

Heat up the Vaseline to turn it to liquid.. If you do not have a microwave oven.. you can use the double boiling method.

Mix the Vaseline with the flavour or I just mix it with with my old lipstick.. You can also add honey for yummylicious lip balm :) 

Then thats it.. Tad da.. Store it in the container.. any container will do.. For more green and earth friendly method you can also reuse your empty lip balm container :) 

I hope you like it tooo!! Well, I come accross this video in youtube and this lady use chocolate as her lip balm.. Oh my... so yummy!!  

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Be inspired!!  :) 


  1. Nice one..will try it someday!
    Visit n follow mine dear

  2. Nice one..will try it someday!
    Visit n follow mine dear

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  4. I am a Graphic designer who has been live Bangladesh and used Lip Balm for many years. It’s protecting our lip. Its quality is a very nice. But its price is very cheap. Not only is it perfectly suited for your own lips, it makes for a wonderful gift as well.

  5. thanks for your lovely sharing


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