Kelantan Road trip plus Food Hunt :)

Nov 28, 2012

tinggal few more days before my road trip with hubby.. kali ni kami nak pergi eastern side :)

nak singgah sini sane.. nak melawat nenek ku yg comel kat Pahang.. pastu nak naik terenganu, then nak naik kelatan.. last sekali kecik2 dulu.. ni pg time da besar plak :) nak jalan2 singgah cari makan...

sape pernah pg kelantan or familiar dgn kelantan or stay kat kelantan? bg la tips ke.. or what is the the place that I definately must visit kat sane?

citer la... nak tahu please :)

Twilight, The Breaking Dawn Part 2 -Review

Nov 25, 2012

tgh malam last night sempat pg tgk twilight, sepanjang2 citer ni dari yg 1 dulu sekali... semua ily heret hubby dtg tgk :) mule2 tak suka but now layan plak la kan...huhuhu

this is the last movie for twilight.. so far it does exceed my expectation part last yg time tgh lawan2 tu... tak sangka sgt tetibe Carlise tutercabut kepala.. sedih sentap semua ada.. nasib rupe- rupernya mimpi je semua... huhuhu

teringat lak, if citer2 kat malaysia ni dulu macam ade trend.. plot seram2 kasi sakit jantung pastu rupernyer mimpi..Hadoi.... potong steam :) however rasa cam lega gak la sebab Carlise tu hidup :)

cumer yg tak berape best yg agak kureng is.. part Renesme tu baby.. sgt2 tak real obviously pakai cgi.. Come on guys..... you are way better than tha :) banyak je baby kat luar tu..ambik je la jadi cast :) potong ah.. baby tu cgi...

but overall, agak happy juga la berjaya khatam the movie :) I do not read the book.. so I dont have any specific expectation of the plot :) so for me it is enjoyable...

stylo ok bella da jadi vampire :)

Wife n hubby :)

rasa mcam da lame tak snap picture same2 dgn hubby.. asyik snap makanan la.. products la.. clients la... sian hubby sy :)

Avène Beauty Workshop and Reviews

Nov 24, 2012

I would like to share my experience joining Avène Beauty Workshop that was held at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa yesterday. Thanks to all of Avène team, I felt very welcome :) They are so friendly :)

I heard about this product for a friend of mine that use this products. She said it is really good and suitable for sensitive skin.. Then she said that this product use the super famous (for its purity ingredient) which is the Thermal Spring Water in Spring..

I am not so familiar.. But very keen to try it since I was convinced by my friend that this product really worked and it helps if you have sensitive skin... Even if you do not have a skin problem, and you prefer to put on less chemical into your skin, you could also try this products. During the session I was informed that those who have severe skin problem like Eczema, will go to their own Avène Hydrotherapy Centre in France, to proceed with skin healing session. 

Personally, I am pulled to join this mainly because of the workshop topic. I do have skin problem during my teenager time. Where I experience severe breakout of acne on top of my forehead and dimples.. I tried numerous products that I could ever afford in order to gain a super clear skin :(  Which I have always dream of... Towards the search.. non really worked and I have been very discouraged.. but then I am thankful that my skin is not as bad as before but I still have some scar.. which thanks to my make up :) I could easily cover it up.. Well that dosent mean I am gonna stop :) I am very excited to try this product based on the overwhelming positive reviews on the internet from other successful customers.. I want to a clear skin too....

My big dream is to go out confidently with super minimum make up.. like only lip gloss and mascara :P

Well the thing is.. this products is quite expensive.... considering the technology, purity, and the good reviews , this is definitely a worth it products to try :) However I am very lucky :) Because I got to try this products for super low cost by joining this event :) Thank you so much to all of the Avène team for organizing this event!!!

 I paid RM 20 to join this workshop :) and received RM20 voucher to be redeemed for Avène products on that day.. It is very worth it for me.. since I  learned new information about skin care and also I have the opportunity to buy their products at discounted rate as well.. 

 This is the Hydrance cream range :) 
 This is the sunblock range :) I normally do not wear sunblock unless if I went to the beach.. but from this workshop.. I learned that we MUST always wear our sunblock :)

Do you know that it can also work work as your make up primer?  Yup.. I just learned this too!

 Friends, I met at the workshop :) This is during the mask session with the Awesome Avène Themal Spring Water. You just need to spring the mask with it.. and enjoy it :)  This is Chirstine K (right) and her friend :) 

They are both super lovely ladies :)  Sorry for the blur image.. my hand is shaking n vision is unclear since I also wore the mask :P 

You can check out Chirstine blog here

 This is the mystery gift I received for wearing Salmon pink colour shirt to this workshop :) 

Deep moisturizing lotion, which is a toner and an Avène keychain in a cute pouch!

Thanks again Avène :) 
 During the quiz session, I won these products :) Yeay! 

I answered a question on what caused skin problems :) 

 This is a closer look to whats inside of the goodies I wont :) So happy that I got the whitening lotion and the Thermal Spring Water...

I put my lipstick beside for size comparison :)  

Thanks again Avène :) 

There are moreeeee goodies! 

This is the complimentary goodies for all participant.. Such a sweet an simple packaging :) 

I love the cute white ribbon :) 

 Well, lets take a look inside of what is inside it :)

 So generous right? This all the products inside the complimentary goodies :)

Thank you again n again n again Avène :)

I got the Thermal Spring Water again.. yeay!!  and plus there also giving away the facial mask set.. which have 15 sheets :) 
 Lets take a closer look :) 

 Another closer look of the goodies given away.. 

 I love the mask sheets :)  

Isn't this cute? White poach :) So stylish 

 This are the tool sets inside the cute and stylish poach :) 

 I guessed it is just my lucky day :) I also WON the lucky draw!

This is all the products inside the lucky draw :) I just could believe it.... 

I am very excited to try and review it... 
 Lets take a closer look of the lucky draw sets :) 

 Avène Themal Spring Water included in this set tooo!! 

Yippie Yeay!!
 FYI,  Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-Up Remover it suitable for all skin type :) 

I am very grateful that this lucky draw sets consist 50ml of Micellar.

 Also included in the lucky draw sets are Avène poarch and a shawl :) 

 This all of the freebies, goodies, products to be tried on!! 

I am very happy that I made a decision to join this beauty workshop :) 
Truly cant wait to try it out :) I hope this product will end my journey of trying to get a clear and healthy skin .
 I bought this set that costing RM110 during the workshop :) Since I am in love with Avène Themal Spring Water.. I grab this set.. It consinst of two large size bottles 300ml each and it also come together with 50ml Cleanance cleanser :)

fyi  : Cleanance range is for the oily/blemish skin type :) 

 I dont know if you can really see the back of it... 

 This is Cleanance range :) I am going to try this products first.. 

Hopefully it will help to reduce my oily skin condition :) 

 This is what written at the back..

There are 6 steps of skin care ritual :) 

 Take a closer look :) 

 Here is the Cleanance Gel Clenser :) 
 This is what written at the back.. 
 Zoom in  :) 

Do you know what is your skin type? Take a quiz below.. I hope it helps you in determining which skin type are yours :) We received this during the workshop... 

We are  provided with personalised beauty program info :) This is very helpful.. Since there are so many range of products, you can easily check with products suits your skin need :) 

You can also learn briefly about the product from the video below :)  alternatively you may like their facebook , just clcik here  for the page :)

I  planning on giving away and share some of the products :) 
So we could enjoy it and get a healthy crystal clear skin together :) Stay tune lovely ladies!

P/s :  Which skin products are you using now? Does it satisfy you?

Kelantan Road Trip :)

Nov 19, 2012

I cant wait for my road trip to Kelantan.. yeay! in less than 2 weeks...

Will do lots of pit stop along the way :) last sekali pg kelantan mase tu kecik lagi :) so this time around, nak try tgk ape perubahan kat sane :)

really looking forward to this trip :) hoping to have a great experience.. yer la nak tgk negeri org macam mane kan?

I'll post an update nanti... peeewit!

An opinion about GAZA war from a lady who are powerless and Really hoping that she could HELP.

Nov 18, 2012

Today I am going to write up a topic that is slightly difference than what I normally write about.. Today I am going to write about my personal opinion about WAR.. Not a specific war.. Any freaking war.. Don’t tell me there is a war where not a single innocent people died… In ever war, innocent people died.. Do they deserve it? What if those people who died are your love ones? Your parents? Your close friends?

People who start up a war definitely have their own motive… forget about who is right and who is wrong.. I personally against it.. I do understand that I do not have any power to stop it.. but it just breaks my heart when nobody cares and give an ignorant statement over it..

Lets talk about humanity.. Is it right to kill other people? I don’t know what others might think.. but to me it is still wrong and hurtful… If we can feel sad and moved over those who are affected by natural disaster like tsunami or storm or land slide… What about human caused disaster? Like bombing other countries with 1500 gigantic bombs in 3 days? We cant stop nature disaster? But WAR? We cant stop it either. However, please stop double standardizing and being bias..

End the end of the day, the authority can just instruct and who suffered? The innocent people… It is a simple math… If raping and stealing is a criminal act and taken as negative act.. What about war towards other countries?

We cant change the world.. plus we cant expect everyone to think the same.. people have to right to have their own opinion..  It truly breaks my heart…. I think it is just me.. I cared to much maybe…  If you wanna judge me or.. argue with me.. go on :) I dont mind... I strongly against ANY war ... even though that if (God Forbid) it happen to you or your family.. I will still hold my ground and still against it.  

Check out this video..Non muslim in UK put an effort in banning the war. This is Humanity.. People hold hand to fight on what they BELIEVE is wrong.

Mask by SaSatinie Review

Nov 17, 2012

Ily beli 4 mask from SaSa that day.. but today I am going to do review for 2 first... which is SaSatinie Aqua Boost Moisturizing Mask and Honey Peach (Nourishing and brightening Mask).. I bought both mask at a discounted price during the clearance sale. Each mask retailing at RM 4.90 each and I got it for 4 mask at only RM10 :)  So worth it..................  I am such a sucker for discount :P

Well enough of bla bla.. and here you go :)

 This is how it looks like :) This mask have Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Sage Extract and Collagen.

Do you know that Hyaluronic acid helps holding in moisture, providing cushioning, aiding in 

tissue repair, holding together the skin structural components collagen and elastin, and helping 

create a protective barrier against microorganisms ? 
Sage extract is largely responsible for most of its therapeutic properties, especially its anti-septic, astringent and relaxing actions.

I don't think it is necessary for me  to explain more about Green Tea and Collagen to all of you ladies right?  :)  Since it is super popular ingredient in most skin care or cosmetic products :)

This mask is made in Korea and selling at RM 4.90 if you didnt buy it during SALE  :P 

 This is was it claimed at the back :)  As usual the suggested time for wearing mask is 15 to 20 mins

 Ta..da... This is the Honey Peach Mask, I found it to be more slimmy and watery compared to the Aqua Boosting Mask and this mask also have a hint of peach smell :) Which I love 

 This is what written at the back of the packaging.  

 Well this is exactly how you shouldnt be wearing your mask like... Detect my mistake :)

  • placement of the mask is not event, resulting poor absorption, certain part of the skin cant fully absorb the nutrient from the mask 
  • did not tied up my hair, it is just messy.. so I personally like my hair not to get in the way :)



This is the right way to put on your putting mask.
  • ensure that you wear a head band, or tied up your hair, in my case I used my towel I put on my hair mask the same time I put on my face mask :) Speaking of multitasking haha
  • Ensure that you place your mask correctly and it covers the whole area of your face except you eye area :) 
Thanks for reading my review... 

p/s: What mask do you use? Please share with me.. I would love to try it tooo!

Bloggers could Win 2 free passes to Galactic Laser Tag :)

Nov 16, 2012

I was invited to join Galactic Laser Tag event again! yeay! so happy thanks to Desiree for inviting me...

Galactic Laser tag provide me 5 passes for the event that is going to be held on the 15 Dec 2012 at Sunway Pyramid. well, it is on saturday and most people could enjoy it! I played laser tag for few times and it is the best feeling ever :)

For those who are new excited to know more about the Laser Tag game, here it is.. some brief information bout the game which I quoted from

"Laser tag is a team or individual sport where players attempt to score points by engaging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. Since its birth in 1979, with the release of the Star Trek Electronic Phasers toy manufactured by South Bend,Laser tag has evolved into both indoor and outdoor styles of play, and may include simulations of combat, role play-style games, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals."

In short, you will be running around like mad, trying to shoot your opponents with laser and try to hide at the same time... plus it would be in "glow in the dark" atmosphere! wooohooo!

I will be needing 5 team members for this game.... and I am giving away 2 free passes worth of RM 55 each to any of you lucky bloggers :) yeay! Trust me, if you haven't tried it before.. you just need to experience it....It will be so much fun!

For more inside and details do like their FB page at

You will see ton n tons of pictures :) It is really fun!

so how could you win this? so simple

1) you need to be a blogger to be eligible for an entry
2) be my follower :)
3) comment below on "why you want to win this pass"

Simple as that. I will be announcing the winner on the 10 Dec 2012 :) Good luck!

p/s = Dato Siti and Husband went there before tooo :)

1st Wedding Anniversay Gift for hubby :)

Nov 15, 2012

I supposed to gift this to him in few more days... being super excited lady, I gave it him today!
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