Organizing can be easy :)

I always love to check out organising video to look for tips and such :)

Yer la barang tak banyak mane.. tapi if sepah nampak messy kan? I would really love to have an organized home :) everytime pergi kedai mane like IKEA or other store ily mesti lepak lame and quite a while kat area organising section.. macam container and such :) tapi tak mampu nak beli semua.. so just tengok je.. and beli sikit...

I wish one fine day I'll have a nice organized HOME :) yeay!

So kat bawah ni ade video.. one of my fav video for an inspiration :) stylo tau.. tapi rumah sendiri bole la nak beli cabinet n shelves macam tu kan? Illy still duk umah sewa... I cant wait to have my own house and have all of these nice cabinets and organizer :)

In the mean time.. Enjoy the video :) I hope you will love it toooo!


  1. I love and obsessed watching organizing videos, especially when they are related to makeup and crafty stuff! <3

    1. High 5! me too Sabrina :) Glad that we have something in common :)

  2. thanks for your lovely sharing

  3. i love organisers too, it help to make things looks tidy & clean


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