Cosmetic and Skin Care Product Haul

Hi ladies,

I went to Alliance Cosmetic Ware House Sale :) These is what I bought.. I'll do the review very soon!

Actually ily pergi dua kalii ok? hahaha tamak tak? Mula2 ily pg in Saturday pastu tak puas hati malam tido tak lena, terpikir... so pujuk punya pujuk, husband cakap.. ok jom la pergi.. on Sunday tu ily sorang je turun kete, husband tunggu je dlm kete... pastu tgk2 ramai lagi husband/bf ladies lain pun tunggu juga dlm kete :) mayb dorang pun datang repeat kot huhuhu

 Seronok sgt :P 

 Best tau! Da lama nak beli Avene Thermal Spring Water ni tau :) 

For your info Thermal Spring Water ni kan banyak benefit and korang bole tgk info kat bawah ni which I got from their website at HERE
  • Rich in silicate and trace elements soothes, calms and softens
  • Protects and purifies skin
  • Low salt mineral content (NoCl, 266 mg/l) adapted to sensitive skin will not dry out the skin 
  • pH 7.5 won’t sting or burn skin. Can be sprayed on open, clean wounds
  • Naturally bacteriologically pure
  • Constant temperature of 75ºF, 25.6ºC

 OMG! best gile ok? Lipstick by STAGE, ily suke sgt sebab die matte and tahan lama :) 
Ni Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Powder :) Retailing at RM69.00 and ily beli for RM 30 jer.. OMG so happy!

That is for this entry nak gi kemaruk tgk make up baru jap... pastu nanti ily buat review :) 

Thank you for reading! 


  1. rugi sangat tak pegi..padahal dah dekat ngan umah...huwaa...nangis tgk makeup stuff yg u beli..

    1. Hi Zayla... ala. dont worry cheer up! nanti ily nak buat give away :) some of the products yg ily beli ni :)

      p/s: Hopefully next year ada lagi k? :)

  2. o..nice haul.. hehe. x no buy any go..

  3. thanks for your lovely sharing

  4. OMGGG! so much of things with cheap price!

  5. i can imagine ur smiling face with hand full.


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