Twilight, The Breaking Dawn Part 2 -Review

Nov 25, 2012

tgh malam last night sempat pg tgk twilight, sepanjang2 citer ni dari yg 1 dulu sekali... semua ily heret hubby dtg tgk :) mule2 tak suka but now layan plak la kan...huhuhu

this is the last movie for twilight.. so far it does exceed my expectation part last yg time tgh lawan2 tu... tak sangka sgt tetibe Carlise tutercabut kepala.. sedih sentap semua ada.. nasib rupe- rupernya mimpi je semua... huhuhu

teringat lak, if citer2 kat malaysia ni dulu macam ade trend.. plot seram2 kasi sakit jantung pastu rupernyer mimpi..Hadoi.... potong steam :) however rasa cam lega gak la sebab Carlise tu hidup :)

cumer yg tak berape best yg agak kureng is.. part Renesme tu baby.. sgt2 tak real obviously pakai cgi.. Come on guys..... you are way better than tha :) banyak je baby kat luar tu..ambik je la jadi cast :) potong ah.. baby tu cgi...

but overall, agak happy juga la berjaya khatam the movie :) I do not read the book.. so I dont have any specific expectation of the plot :) so for me it is enjoyable...

stylo ok bella da jadi vampire :)


  1. I've loved it!
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

  2. Dear ylenia,

    ok sure :) I am happy to support other blogger :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. thanks for your lovely sharing


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