My Weight Loss Journey with Dr Chee from Signature Clinic

Jan 30, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today I would like to share with you my weight loss journey. You will get information on what I did, who I went to get a consultation, what I eat and the treatment I did. It started on Oct 2018 so it means I took me nearly 4 months to achieve my target. 

A brief background, I am 32 years old age is one of the factors influence our basal metabolic rate (BMR)). I gave birth twice hence I have stretch marks and flabby tummy. I tried to go on diet and did some exercise after my first child is born with no professional help or consultancy. I did manage to lose some around 12kg (gained 35kg during pregnancy by the way LOL). Then I got pregnant again. This time I decided to better seek for professional help from a doctor at a registered aesthetic clinic so I can become healthier and slimmer more efficiently without hurting my body system. I am glad I pick this path as it really open up my mind about how important it is to go meet an expert. 

I went to Signature Clinic located at Damansara City and meet Dr. Chee. This is the picture I took on my first visit. Have to cross the leg to look slimmer hahaha This is the visit that change my life. The moment I walk in they asked me to fill up a form with all of my personal details. Then I was lead to the InBody Machine (talk about it shortly) then I went to Dr. Chee’s room to get the consultation.   
First, she saw my result ( I have no idea what is written in the test result actually). She helped to explain that my overall body score is 48 (very bad she said hahahaha) my visceral is 17 (dangerous as it can lead to health problems such as heart problem, high blood pressure and diabetes) my muscle mass is low. My body fat percentage is 46.2 (banyak giler). My BMI was 24 (overweight). Then she gave me a target to achieve so that I can improve my overall body condition. 

The minimum aim is to get my BMI to 22, to lose 22kg body fat, to gain 9.7kg muscle mass, to achieve 56kg body weight and to bring my overall body score to 60, Do I achieve all of it?

Pengalaman ke Kellie’s Castle Ipoh Perak

Jan 17, 2019

Kellie's Caste Ipoh Perak

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Berapa puluh tahun duk Malaysia, ni first time pergi Kellie’s Castle. Dulu pernah dengar citer pasal tempat ni sebab my brother ada shooting citer kat sini. Dia kata cam seram sikit. Maybe sebab dia shoot malam kot. Kitorang gi siang okay jer. Ada la vibe bangunan lama standard tapi takda la seram. Illy rasa the energy banyak love and macam ada sedih sikit.

Lepas baca sejarah dia baru paham kenapa ada rasa energy sedih tu. Apa la baru start blogpost dah citer sedih LOL. Okay kembali kepada topic. Kami pergi bercuti ke Tambun, semperna birthday weekend my second daughter Zandria. Hari pertama kami pergi The Lost World of Tambun, ni hari kedua lepas check out. Before gerak balik kl kami singgah Kellie’s castle. Nak bawa pengalaman pergi The Lost World of Tambun boleh baca kat sini.

Kellie's Caste Ipoh Perak

Masa sampai tu panas giler weyh. Tapi okay la alhamdulilah, better dari hujan kalau tak lagi payah nak berjalan. Kami pergi time weekend yag bukan cuti sekoah so tenang la sikit takda crowded. Kereta pun senang cari parking. Ni anak illy yang first si Sofea bukan main happy masa citer kat dia nak pergi castle. Dia tengah budget princess ler tu.

Pengalaman ke The Lost World Tambun |HONEST REVIEW|

Jan 15, 2019

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!
Kali ini illy letak vlog video kat atas terus senang, pape korang tengok video dulu. Baru boleh dapat gambaran lagi jenas senang sikit nak bercerita. Ke suka illy letak end of post? Okay, malas nak citer banyak. Nak share kali ni kami baru balik dari cuti cuti malaysia. Simple jer dan tak jauh dekat jer. Kami gi Ipoh. Semperna Zandria punya second birthday. Kenangan la kiranya. Tahun lepas kami pergi Club Med Cherating. Tahun ni pergi ke The Lost World Tambun. Actually budak bukan kesah luxury ke tak, yang dorang nak just attention kita as parents. Kali ni pakai budget tak sampai 10% dari pada aa yang kami selalu spend. Tapi still boleh enjoy sangat and tengok anak – anak illy pun happy jer. Alhamdulilah. Nak berseronok tak semestinya kena pakai duit banyak yang penting orang yang kita spend tu.

Tanamera Ageless Facial Serum |Honest Review|

Jan 9, 2019

Tanamera Ageless Facial Serum
Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone!
I have been using this Tanamera Ageless Facial Serum for 2 months plus now since Nov 2018 and I think it is about time for me to share some insight. Well, those who know me would understand that I am always looking for the most botanical options. Tanamera is one of those brand that I love because of its commitment to use only natural ingredients.
I have tried their confinement sets (for both deliveries), their herbal massage oil, scrubs, body lotions, body showers and the list can go on and on and on. Not only they are cost efficient for the quality they provide but also they do work. Anyway, let’s get back to Tanamera Ageless Facial Serum. 

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