The 8 Colours of Malaysians this Raya Season!

May 20, 2020

The Raya celebrations is a perfect opportunity for those celebrating to give their home a new look. Just like your taste in music, clothes, food and everything in between, there isn’t just one way to do this as everyone has different preferences.

Have you ever wondered then, what your Raya designs say about you? Well, look no further as we’ve got the answer to your question! In this article, we’re exploring 8 different personalities and the best Raya colour palette to cate to these unique personalities! All you have to do is look out for the personality trait that speaks directly to you.

Resepi Lala, Sedap dan Simple Giler

May 11, 2020

Resepi Lala Sedap and Simple Giler
Dah boring lala goreng pedas la, goreng kam heong, rebus? Kali ni illy share resepi lala sedap dan simple giler. Ni mat salleh panggil clam yang jenis tebal kulit dia tu. Warna putih tu sebab illy garas hahaha...

Kids Timetable Template + Cut Out Sticker + Tracker

May 4, 2020

It have been almost 2 months that my family havent go out from our home. I decided to came up with a simple timetable for my kids. Sharing it here just incase you want to use it too. Just right click on the image and then click open in new window. Or you can also double click on the picture. Then just print them out on landscape A4 paper. Simple as that! 

I used picmonkey to create them. You can create your own too. If you want. 

Life Update - Corona Virus and what not

Apr 14, 2020

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Writing this while the majority of the world is currently on lockdown or or mco or whateva name they call it. Basically, we could not go out unless for necessities like buying food. Just want to document this in my blog because we are living in such an extreme time. In fact there are more people dying everyday that expert are expecting the number of death may exceed number of death in world war 2. Didnt mean to put such scary intro but it just need to be mentioned to put things into perspective. 

Pengalaman ke Pesta Angin Timur di Perlis - BEST GILER!

Mar 4, 2020

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

Rasa nya before korang start baca blogpost kali ni better pergi buat air dulu. Entry kali ni panjang sebab banyak yang best kat Perlis sebenarnya. Last time illy datang Perlis dengan family ada urusan sikit sekali dengan berjalan masa tu musim padi baru nak naik semua tempat menghijau. Korang kena check musim apa before datang tau. Mana tau time nak pergi tu musim harum manis perghhh.. Citer dia datang dua kali tapi dua pengalaman berbeza. Perlis is so small but have sooo much to offer! 

Kali ni illy datang join Tourism Malaysia, thank you Kak Wawa! Okay sambung citer, kitorang gerak pagi boleh expect 7 or 8 jam perjalanan. Tengok la kalau korang drive cam F1 mungkin 10 minit. LOL gurau.. 

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