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It have been quite awhile since I did any skincare review. Today, I would like to share with you my humble opinion over ArctaPHOS range. Been using it for more than a month and quite impressed with its performance. The range that I am sharing with you is this Anti-Blue Light Series. It contained a Cleanser 3-in-1, Tonic Lotion, Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer and Night Repair. 

Apart of being more conscious of what I eat, trying my best to have enough sleep, drink enough water, and taking a supplement, having a good skincare also play important role. Before MCO I was kinda neglecting my skin since I was too busy going around meeting client. During MCO, I get to somehow slow down my pace and take steps to give my skin more pampering and attention it needs. 

However, being at home also means I have to attend numerous zoom call meetings, being on a laptop doing reports, and preparing homeschool materials for my kids. It means I have constant exposure to BLUE LIGHT. I was happy to know that ArctaPHOS does help to protect my skin from it. All thanks to its key ingredient Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract. 

First Step : Cleanser 3 in 1

Let's talk about the cleanser. It came in a container like this with a pump diffuser. I like the pump diffuser as it reduces the chances of contamination. This cleanser is 3 in 1 because it works as a foaming cleanser, make up remover, and also a deep cleansing mask. On the days that I want to give a deep cleaning on my face, I just put the cleanser for around 1 minute more than my normal face washing activities. 

It facilitates in removing all kind of dirt and impurities on my skin. Making sure my pores are clean are ready for the next step. I also like the cleanser and all ArctaPHOS range because it does not contain any harmful ingredients like MIT, Alcohol, Parabens, Sulphates, MEA/DEA, Mineral oils, SLES/SLS/ALS, and more... For animal lovers, you can use this brand with an ease of mind as it also does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types. I find my skin felt hydrated, clean, soft, and does not feel any tightness after using it. 

Second Step : Tonic Lotion 

I love this toner!! I really do. I realised my skin felt super hydrated rigth after using it. FYI is it also a combination of toner and serum all in one bottle. Help you to combine two steps in one application. Good for busy mummy like me. hahaha... On daily basis I need something that work but also save my time. This toner is is oil-free, lightweight plus refreshing. It is designed specially for Malaysians and people who living in tropical climate. This Tonic Lotion contains 13 natural active ingredients that is not only natural but also give a long lasting hydrations benefits. Yeay!! 

I mean we all know that the best way to slow down aging is to ensure our skin are always hydrated. 

Third Step - DAYTIME : Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer. 

This is final step for day time. Will night cream shortly. I love how simple yes powerful ArctaPHOS skincare range is. Not complicated, just 3 steps for day time and then 3 steps for night time. This  Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer, like the other two steps earlier combine so many benefits in a single application. This product helps to work as my sunscreen (ya... stay at home also need suncreen!!) it helps to protect my skin from UV rays, infrared, HEV (also known as blue light), electromagnetic waves, and also environmental pollutants. 

I personally like it because it doesn't smell too strong like other sunscreen and the formulation is lightweight doesnt make my skin feel greasy and make makeup application smoother. Ya, sometimes at home I wear makeup to boost up my mood or to attend video call for work haha.. 

Fourth Step - NIGHT TIME: Night Repair

This baby is amazing!  I like it because it contained superfoods like chia seed, argan oil, and ceramide. Which means it nourishes my skin giving it all the love it deserved after a long day. Yeay! More like a reward cream for me. The ingredients aid to treat, repair, and resetting my skin tonicity at night. 

I took a picture of the products for you. The most top on the right in clear gel colour is the texture of the cleanser, the below it the transparent liquid is the tonic lotion, then below it with a sheer yellow colour is the day cream and the most bottom white liquid is the night cream. I think you can see how lightweight the formulation is. Well, dont just take my word for it. Do try them out yourself!  

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Thank you so much for spending your time to read my blogpost and skincare review. I hope it helps if you are looking for skincare to try out! 

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