Disney Princess comes to Life

Dec 29, 2011

Dari kecik until la now… I am a big fan of Disney princess =) *wink* *wink* hahaha kadang2 tu terpikir gak when la aku ni nak grow up… umur da banyak..

Anyway, there no harm liking what you like right? =) As long as it dosent hurt others of cause =)

So, ni die.. hasil nyer creative kan? Teringin la nak jumpe swow white n betty boop real life .. bukan yg pakai baju mascot kembang2 tu..

Enjoys the pics =)

Ni pocahontas, stylo kan?

A very famous Asian Princess .... Mulan

Ni Ursala.. orang jahat dlm citer little mermaid.. mcam bapok skit kan?

Ni rupe Esmeralda if die come to life. cun gak =) cam wild gitew

Ni princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Cun giler.. da la dimple die cam model
Ni Belle yang kahwin dgn Beast

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin... I taught she would be fairer

Last but not least, Ariel =) comel giler muke die lame2 tgk cam nora danish pun ade skit =)

Photo by: jirkavinse.wordpress.com

Make up Murah untuk Dinner / Prom Night / Bertunang / Photoshoot dan Majlis RM 50 (area KL)

I’ve been gaining knowledge in make up and I am very passionate about make up. Mak sedara ily ade buka butik mengandam dan mak saya sendiri selalu make up kan kawan2 serta sedara mara..
Ramai juga kawan2 ily yang minta ily make up kan diorang mase majlis Dinner dan lain2.. So why not I start buat this as a part time income tak gitu?
Untuk permulaan ni ily buat promotion RM 50 je per session.. kalau area kl dan certain part of selangor tu memang takde charge la =)
Harga ini sangat murah sebab make up yang ily pakai is M.A.C dan other pharmacy brand =) bedak dan foundation ily pakai yang selalu mak andam2 dan make up artist guna.. memamng tahan lama da kulit jadi flawless gitu…. Nak tahu? Bole la try my special service =)
Tapi if jauh2, sian la kat ily =) Tapi ily akan cube juga cater if ade kesempatan =)

If you all ade photoshoot pun ily boleh dtg kat your shooting area n provide my service =)
I am very flexible =)
FYI : Ily make up sekali dgn gam bulu mate palsu =) baru la cantik mcam doll
Berminat? Boleh call ily at 018 248 2011 ( nombor ni memang pelik skit tp die number maxis) so don’t worry you can reach me =)
If nak tanyer2 dulu bole reach me at my email illy.ariffin@gmail.com

______________update 2016 ____________________________

illy dah tak buat make up service ni sebab tak cukup masa, skang focus pada anak, kerja and blog jer. 
thank you sudi singgah blog illy :) 

Bye Bye 2011

Tahun 2011 ni banyak suka duka yang da happen in my life =)

Actually it is one of the year that provide big impacts to me as a person…

Tahun ni adalah tahun yang ily tukar status.. dari jadi tunang org now da jadi wife orang..

Tahun ni juga ily is being very bold.. dari kerja di YTL selama nearly dua tahun I deicde to resign sebab dapat masuk agensi gomen kastam at kelana jaya..

But then I realize it is not suitable for me, then I took another step n join FedEx… Guess what? It’s the best choice that I ever made for my carreer..

I am so happy working with FedEx, so many great people around da la helpful and the environment is very warm =)

2011 ni ade la juga dapat berjalan skit2, tp dalam negara je =) yer la cuti2 malaysia katekan…

2011 is also the year saya pindah all the way from wangsa maju to Damansara, ingat senang je duk tempat baru? Tapi lame2 da aware dgn surrounding.. best juga =)

Actually in life, I learned that sometime you just need to come out from your comfort zone.

Be bold try something different and it might be the best decision that you ever made =)

Even if it doesn’t work out well, at least you have been there n done that =)

You gain experience n memories…To me.. that is priceless

I'm getting married in less than a week :)

Nov 10, 2011

I must say that it is a mixed up feeling... Bedebar n nervous tuhan je yang tahu...... Hopefully everything will went out smooth as plan, da la now days musim hujan.... Take everything will be alright! Crossing fingers :)

undefined feeling

Oct 29, 2011

A : if you don’t feel happy, you can change your mind.. u can try to tell those people how you feel

B : that is not an option, there are so many people involve.. Innocent people

A : You cant never expect to be happy, if you choose to absorb and keep you feeling hidden

B : hurm.. I think you should go

A : I not leaving… until I know that you will be okay

B : I don’t see any way.. That I am ever going to be okay

Rendezvous Steak House yang Yg Yummy!

Oct 27, 2011

nak post citer2 pasal makan la kali ni =) boleh share kot2 korang nak idea lepak mane pulak kan =)

aritu ily n johan n apiz n enma n farid (the usual closest peeps) pergi mamam kat Rendezvous Steak House, kedai ni kat dengan kampung pandan.. tepi jalan je yang ade higway nak gi bb kalau dari area ampang tuh..

sedap makan.. atmosphere menarik.. yang paling best menu die yang ade melted cheese pastu celup2 with daging goreng nyum! nyum! harga berpatutan dalam belas2 je pun... rase pun sedap sangat =)

next time you all bole la try and enjoy the pic =)

Ujian HIV untuk berkahwin

Oct 25, 2011

Akhirnya settle urusan HIV test.. Next time if you all nak buat HIV test, kena buat apppointment dulu.. ily dapat pun 1 month time range tarih appointment from the date yang ily request tu..

Apply hujung bulan 9, ni ha.. 25hb 10 baru dapat apointment die.. Bukan nyer rumit pun nak buat HIV test tu cume the cekadak je yang banyak..

If your home address kat kl kena download dulu borang HIV test then isi, then bawa mase nak pergi buat ujian tu...

Menunggu tak payah citer la.. =) we spend few hours waiting, last2 procedure nyer take like less than 5 mins je.. nak menunggu pegawai perubatan tu chop dgn sigh punyer la lamee.. nak tick 1 kotak je pun pastu sign seciput......... Aduh.. its ok la.. ni la ape orang kate dugaan nak kahwin...

p/s : Be strong and hopefully everything will go smooth after this...

Good and Bad Mirror

Oct 20, 2011

Perempuan mane yang tak suke tengok cermin.. I know some guys yg fascinate tgk cermin.. ok la let me be frank even my future hubby pun love to see his reflection in a mirror.. tapi tak boleh la kalahkan my bro.. Aduh here n there he put mirror in the house.. Anyway, in this entry I nak share sikit pasal good and Bad mirror..

U all ade that your favourite mirror? I know I have.. Ade satu mirror kat umah ily ni paling ily suke.. My reflection will always made me happy if I see my self using that mirror.. like more kurus.. slim less acne marks.. everything is like so fine =)

Tapi ade few other mirror which is not so kind to me.. paling menyampah magnifying mirror.. aduh.. yg tu black head semua nampak like wicked witches punyer mole.. seriously tak sukeeeeeeeee! Pastu ade je mirror yg berapa kali kite touch up muke still nampak cam bengong.. like the bedak nampak bertapuk la.. nampak eyeliner smudge la… aduh.. sangat demotivate tengok mirror yg evil ni tau..

I really hope every girl will have and get their own comforting mirror.. that will show your advantages instead of your weakness… in that case every girl and guys will be even more happier with their appearances..

Ps : Cantik luar, pastikan cantik dalam juga =)

You were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping

Oct 18, 2011

Cepat mase berlalu.. like so fast I wish.. the time could be more kind to me..

Less than a month, I’ll become someone else wife.

New title adding up mean new responsibility adding up…

I am a daughter – Still catching up with my task as a daughter.. I don’t even know if I have fulfill my task. I can be quite pain in the ass for my parents.

I am a sister – I tried my best to be an example to my bro.. Sometime I still feels like there is a big room where I could improve.. I love my bro. He is the only sibling that is very close to me.. I wish I could be the SUPER sister that can help him every time he needs assistance.

I am a friend – I love all my friend.. I wish I could be as nice as they are to me.. Lots of love goes out from me to all my friends..

I am a worker – I am trying hard to be a good worker,, and workmate. I hope everyone have a pleasant experience working with me =)

N next month.. I am going to be someone else wife.. can I do it? Can I fulfill the required responsibility?

Am I able to be selfless towards my life partner?

I hope I can be a good wife for my future hubby.. and be a good daughter in laws for his family..

P/s: sometime things are easily said than done =) at this moment with a big heart and a big hope.. I wish I will not stop trying to be the best for everyone =)

Sebulan dan seminggu sebelum Wedding

Oct 14, 2011

Perasaan : bercampur baur.. excited, nervous, takut , happy .. my feeling semua ade mix in blender like a smoothie =)

kad2 da start dihantar by stages.. baju da fitting.. berape kali fitting.. hopefully semua ok la =)

friend semua mostly semua very supportive =) love you all

bdaway on this 11.11.11 friday my dearie friends nak plan buat non traditional bachelor + bachelorette kat TGIF =) a little bit like a reunion kinda thing before my n my future hubby kahwin.. I AM SO EXCITED about the event... they are all very sweet sebab nak tolong arrange kan =) so kitorang ade la bincang2.. we decided to buy some hydrogen gas ballon nak tight up kat chairs kat TGIF nanti..

then nak beli a crown for the future groom n of coz me "the future bride" then ingat nka beli some other decor2 =)

I AM so Excited.. nanti da settle je the event i will upload and do lil review, so that if anyone intertested nak buat lil gathering before kahwin boleh la buat penambah idea here n there =)

Enought said. I am excited yeay! But mostly I am really thankful to have a bunch of loving and funny friends around =)

I am so great full to have them in my life =) thank you guys!

Dugaan nak Kahwin

Oct 4, 2011

Dulu orang ckap, nak kahwin is not easy.. banyak dugaan, I seriously thought it was just an old saying.. tp seriously, once da merasa da hidup bertunang almost 10 months and less than 2 months away before the actual date..

Aduh.. sakit jiwa dan dugaan nyer Tuhan je la yang tahu. satu demi satu..

Part Paper works nak kahwin tu yang major head ache... actually pihak lelaki need to settle their paper works first.. nak siapkan tuh kena ade surat akuan bujang la, nak kena ade copy i/c nak kena ade copy of the sijil kursus kahwin, nak kena ade result hiv.. settle semua baru boleh minta signature ustaz ikut daerah tempat tinggal the groom, after that kena pergi perjabat agama guys side untuk dapat surat kebenaran kahwin..

then only pihak perempuan boleh proceed bride punyer paper works.. tedious kan? OMG tell me about it..
so today kitorang pergi la nak pergi buat hiv test kat klinik ampang, then boleh pulak officers tu minta datang again on the 1st of nov? thats is like only 2 weeks away from the actual day...sempat ke nak buat semua paper works? seriously risau..

knowing that the process will be tedious and super pening, will we be able to make it on time? will I be able to book a kadi for the solemnization day? 19th Nov 2011?

Crossing fingers.. What will be will be.. hopefully everything will go smooth as planned. Big Big AMIN =)

Fedex Cares Week

Sep 28, 2011

Last weekend, kami ade this event called the Fedex Cares Week. So basically all the country join to contribute to provide positive impact to the world.. Some other countries decide to help unfortunate like giving donation to charity.

For Fedex Malaysia, we decided to clean the lake =) To me, it is a very sweet and thoughtful act =)

We threw mud balls.. yes mud balls into the lake so that the lake will become clearer =)

The mud ball consist of live effective microorganism (EM) and mud and some other thing that might not be so interesting to right about.. To keep it simple, EM technology is widely used to purify water and sewage, and improve recycled water.

The mud balls is good for the lake =)

We have so much fun =)

me n future hubby
They had so much fun throwing =)
Posing time

Iftar bersama rakan sekerja di office =)

Aug 27, 2011

seronok biler berbuka bersama rakan2 =)

pic kat bawah ni credit to the owner.

picture can say a thousand words, jadi tak payah la nak type2 tgk je okie =)

To my Ex bf, It sucks to be you right now =)

Aug 2, 2011

haha.. ade la satu kesah yg lawak ni.. mase ily bercinta dulu2 tp the best part now i am so glad that it doesn't work out =) I am so glad he BLEW it =)

I am SERIOUSLY thank full to Allah that it doesnt work out =)

I might not find my future hubby if im still stuck with my ex.

I go trough quite a hell in order for me to arrived to this great destination...

I have never been happier =)

Blessed =)

Jul 27, 2011

I love this feeling... blessed

Everyone might have their own problem and predicament.. However, by surrounding yourself with positive people will keep you alive.. The spirit is like contagious..

When you are laughing with your friends and family.. The smile and laughter you gave was like a *positive happy boomerang* will actually return back to you..

SO just keep on smiling and be happy!

p/s : Ape ni masam2... tak tomey =P

Malaysian International Trade Challenge Workshop 2011 (KL) By FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge Malaysia

Jun 22, 2011

I am so blessed to get the opportunity to became one of the facilitator for this Trade Challenge.

We had two session for the for the workshop, so basically two days we dedicated.

All this young yet highly spirited individual were so committed to this challenge =)

The winner of the market entry strategy will get a chance to go to the International Trade Challenge which will be held around August 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand..

Its a good way to give back to the community, inspire young mind to be a great entrepreneur.

Such a great effort and the event was very interactive.

I wish all the best to all that participated in the challenge!

Check out this video of the past challenge =)

p/s: pic credit to FedEx corporate communication team.

Candy Buffet Booking Done =)

Jun 21, 2011

For my solemnization event on the 19th nov, Im going to have the candy buffet for my close family and friends.

Hope they can enjoy it =) There will be a chocolate fountain yummy! The buffet table will be decorated with sport light since my solemnization event will be held at night =) chewah.. I just prefer night for solemnization event.. Can get dramatic with the d├ęcor and all.. since that night im going to light up lot2 and lot2 of candle beside the swimming pool.. and tabur2 some fresh flower for the romantic and sweet effect =)

I have been doing some thinking.. Since the next day itself im going to have my reception in day light.. so might as well, do the solemnization at nihgt. So that I can capture both different atmosphere =0

And the solemnization will be attend by very close and selected family and friends only =)
p/s: sorry yer tak boleh jemput ramai2 sebab solemnization we decided to do it privately. Tp time kenduri/ reception esoknya tu boleh la dtg =)

and yup already done the booking. Tengah tunggu nak bank in the deposit (might be in this few days I'll bank in to her account) Been dealing with the supplier Mimi, seems like a very nice lady.

FYI : the candy buffet costing me rm 450 ok la quite nice also =) but for those yg nak buat dlm bulan jun, july or aug I guess she got a promo of rm 350.
Please check her blogspot for more info =)

Barbecue bersama family future in laws =)

Jun 19, 2011

Penat tp seronok =)

happy sebab ramai2 pastu bole borak..

with a great food and a great company.. nothing can beat that =)

all the uncle and auntie of my future hubby dok borak and then they start talking of his habit when he was a kid and so on.. that was very funny to listen too haha..

bonding session with my future mother in laws was fun =) she is a very nice lady after all.. we spend our whole Saturday morning to carrefour buying stuff for the barbecue session.. then we spend the whole evening preparing the food together =)

it was fun to get to know her and the whole family even better =)

Red Velvet.. yummy!

last few weeks ily try la red velvet kat wondermilk.. memang stylo =) yummy! da la now dekat dengan office pulak tuh wondermilk ni.. memang best la kan..

yer la.. ily dok tgk kat fb ramai kawan2 keep posting about red velvet2 nak tahu la juga rasanya.. yg biase try cake2 black forrest la.. chocolate indulgence la.. blueberry cheese la.. kek lapis la..

at first I was like little bit terrified of the coloured.. yer la merah like kaw2 mcam banyak artificial flavour je..

but then I decided to try =) yay! Im not turning back! sedap giler rupernyer.. it was like yummy and cheesy and yummy like nothing i have ever taste before =)

drooling! nyum nyum

Bz yet very Happy

Jun 7, 2011

I love my new workplace =) more than I ever think I could =)

yes, I do have a lot on my plate.. however I felt happy because the working environment is very healthy. There are so many people who are helpful and super sweet and most of them maintain a professional attitude. To be surrounded with so many positive souls, i felt blessed =)

They have proper procedure and mostly everything is documented.

not to brag, but no wonder this company listed in the "Most Admired Company" to work for in Malaysia =)
the benefit was like superb and the people who work together in the company is very motivated and goal oriented =)

Theres a lot more to learn and I am so happy that I am apart of this organisation.

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