Candy Buffet Booking Done =)

For my solemnization event on the 19th nov, Im going to have the candy buffet for my close family and friends.

Hope they can enjoy it =) There will be a chocolate fountain yummy! The buffet table will be decorated with sport light since my solemnization event will be held at night =) chewah.. I just prefer night for solemnization event.. Can get dramatic with the d├ęcor and all.. since that night im going to light up lot2 and lot2 of candle beside the swimming pool.. and tabur2 some fresh flower for the romantic and sweet effect =)

I have been doing some thinking.. Since the next day itself im going to have my reception in day light.. so might as well, do the solemnization at nihgt. So that I can capture both different atmosphere =0

And the solemnization will be attend by very close and selected family and friends only =)
p/s: sorry yer tak boleh jemput ramai2 sebab solemnization we decided to do it privately. Tp time kenduri/ reception esoknya tu boleh la dtg =)

and yup already done the booking. Tengah tunggu nak bank in the deposit (might be in this few days I'll bank in to her account) Been dealing with the supplier Mimi, seems like a very nice lady.

FYI : the candy buffet costing me rm 450 ok la quite nice also =) but for those yg nak buat dlm bulan jun, july or aug I guess she got a promo of rm 350.
Please check her blogspot for more info =)


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