Let loose n be happy :)

Mar 21, 2012

Sometime we are so so tied up to rules.. We are like so buzy with work,with daily routines then we tend to forget how to live fullest and be happy...

Happy dosent really mean going for the most expensive trip around the world or something like that...happiness could also come out from the smallest simplest silly act :)

Have you ever wonder..when is the last time

We run as fast as we could tillits hard to breath?
We dance in the rain?
We scream our lung out?
We dance stupidly moving every part of our body like no one business?
We sing as loud as we can, singing silly song that suddenly appears in our head?
Laugh so hard, that tears almost come out from our eyes?

Hurm... i dont know all of you, but I havent been doing any of that in kinda long amount of time... I think that it is about time, I need to remind myself, that it is ok to let loose..

After the rain :)

Mar 18, 2012

I dont know why, but normally lepas every stressed out moment mesti ade moment yg best2 :)

Its like a reward if you survive certain phase :) let say 2 or 3 days sakit hati or bengang, after that mesti ade gelak2 session yg buat korang lupe yg pernah sakit hati last few days :)

Tu la asam garam in life, ade marah, ade sedih, ade happy :)

For me, no one can run away from problem or any unfortunate event... But feeling mkserable is your own choice :) no one could control howyou react to a situation..of couse u might express your feeling, but dragging that feeling. Is your own choice...

You can either bounce back n cherish your life with people yg sayang korang, or you could stay miserable. It is you choice :) i chosed happiness :)

What about u? Dont sweat too long.. Stay happy instead :)

Handling stress n negative energy :)

Mar 15, 2012

I must admit, how i sometime wish my life would be stress free n happy 24/7. But that wont be possible :)

Hidup mesti ade dugaan tul tak? Baru la adventure :) no matter how hard we tried to be positve n look at the brig side, somethime shit do happen.. N bile happened, as a human yang ade hati n perasaan ofcoz la wujub some amount of stress n also dlam mase yang same we wil
Release negative energy.. This is not so good. We have to have to find the shortest possible way untuk bounce back, n try not let let the negative energy pengaruhi diri kita :)

So normally kalau ily bengang ke sakit hati ke or geram, i will normally share with my friend.. I am so grateful that i have bunch of lovely n nice n penyabar kind of friends... Who willing to listen to my whinning :p hugs to them! Thank you for lending you ears :)

Sikit sebanyak, when we share problem kite dgn kawan, we can get some unbiased view about the situation.. So if kite salah then we will improve n so on :)

Then, bile bengang or nak lupekan masalah dunia, ily suke main game.. Ntah kenapa, when bengang n maingame so asyik.. Like cpuld lupekan all your problem :)

Then ily punsuke mkan icecream n choki2 for me bile mkan icecream or choki2 i physcologically felt happier :) maybe because it was simply yummy :p

Then if tooo serabut or stressed by shoulder mesti sakit..i thinkit might be the physical effect maybe your muscle will strain n all... So bile camni jerk.. Nak gi spa every now n then of coz tak mampu.... Ape yg mampu? Pg kedai salon bayar rm20 dapat cuci rambut pluss siap dapat head n shoulder massage :) best! Normally kalau lepas my salon a.k.a my cheap spa, mesti rase best je :) like a nice therapy for my self....

If tak boleh handle sgt, i prefer to swim :) nasib kat umah ade pool. Dulu ily penah sakit kepala sgt overload with stresss,,, yer la nak citer kat kawan pun... Not like semua benda bole citer kan? Something things are too personal u decide to keep it to youself...

Ily still ingat lagi, time tu ily balik kerja.. Park kete, then cabut earing, letak handbag... Then TERJUN terus dlm swimming pool with my working clothes still attached to my body.. After that i feel so so so releived :) like every is never wrong :). Tp yang majal tu, nak kuar swimming pool tu la :) segan je... Hahaha.. Whatda hell? So what? I do what i want when i want how i want :) as long as I am happy :)

Next time cube korang try, best :) percaya lah :)

P/s: what about u guys? How all of you handle or lessen your stress? Share ah dgn. Ily :)

Kentang Putar a.k.a PUTAR BELIT

Di office saya ade kentang putar yang sgt putar alam.

Sungguh whadefakkkkk

Ade kepatut kerja die suke sgt hantar2 tai chi2 tolak2 kan org lain.. hidup penuh dgn alasan..

People pay you for RESULT not for EXCUSE, pastu muke tak malu asyik complaint nak salary adjustment la hape..

Work also no quality, u expect salary adjustment?

OMG.. I don’t kown why.. last time most of my entry is like so positive, but now days I seriously could not tahan with this kentang putar ……..

This fellow make me go CRAZY, I was about to cekik him at the office today. Thanks to ALLAH for blessing with great patience.

If not, surely he will die kena hentuk with PC or a keyboard sumbat so far up his ASS.

Ade ke patut barang tu ko yg terima sign the DO, pastu ko yg pastut send kat the vendor the acknowledgment, suke hati nenek kau letak on my table suruh gua tolong

Ily ni pun baik hati pergi la tolong and email the vendor…………………. (Bare in MIND that is a favour)

Then esok nyer u anta email kat vendor ckap ko tak terima the HARD copies? WHAdefak?

R u stupid or something?

You are are one put the FREAking hard copies on my table n your said to the vendor u haven’t receive it?? What kind of stupid jokes is this?

Then bile vendor email bgtahu yg aku da send kepada mereka the scan copy, ko dengan selamber mengunakan skill KENTANG PUTAR, replied ckap owh.. sorry ily missed out me n I don’t know nothing????

Seriosly u stupid fakkar??

Ape lagik sebabgai manusia confirm timbul perasan marah di hati ily.. I’ll call him n tell him how depressing it is and how UPSETing that way he handle matter..

I mean like seriously.. people do you favour n u hentam them? Is that it?

Im sorry from now on, No MORE MERCY towards you.

Watch out for the thunder wahai Kentang Putar.

Don't underestimate me boy
I'll make you sorry you were born

Model wanabe vs Real model

Mar 13, 2012

Now days zaman fb, jadi most people try letak the most decent n nice picture, to share with their friend n families :)

But yg menyakitkan mata ily adalah, tetibe ade ramai yg jadi photographer tak bertauliah n model tak betauliah..

Kalau niat da minat tu takpe bagus, can do it as hobby.. But seriously? Nak gelak pun ade, nak nanges ade nak muntah pun ada.. I was like tetibe je tgk ramai lak yg tongeng sini sane take picture then declare diri sebagai model.. I was le wtf? Hahaha lawak

Then ade yg take picture yg (minta maaf ckap) ntah2 ape then declare diri as photgrapher... Hurm.. To me, if seriously wakr up hidup di dunia nyata jgn nak berangan sgt, kesian kami2 yg tertengok anda di news feed kami ni, nak tercabut biji mata.

Tp tang photographer tu ily takkesah sgt, sebab art is very subjectif, so ape yg ine party nampak seponyeh mungkin ade org nampak as abstract act or what eva..

Tp yg ily tak berapa berkenan is the model wannabe.. I was like "seriously?" *facepalm*. pleas you are insulting those people who earn actual money as a model. Kalau nak seronok2 take picture dgn team2 photgrapher ok la.. Mungkin. Ajk timba pengalaman.. Tp untuk declare diri sebagai model, walhal hanya lah pergi photoshoot free :) tak payah la buat lawak je tau

P/s : minta maaf la kalau ade yg terasa ke ape, sy tak ckap sy ni bagus. Sy pun banyak kekurangan.. But as a human I observe n I just share my taught based on my observation :)

I am NICE but dont ever............... I BITE

Mar 5, 2012

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