Let loose n be happy :)

Sometime we are so so tied up to rules.. We are like so buzy with work,with daily routines then we tend to forget how to live fullest and be happy...

Happy dosent really mean going for the most expensive trip around the world or something like that...happiness could also come out from the smallest simplest silly act :)

Have you ever wonder..when is the last time

We run as fast as we could tillits hard to breath?
We dance in the rain?
We scream our lung out?
We dance stupidly moving every part of our body like no one business?
We sing as loud as we can, singing silly song that suddenly appears in our head?
Laugh so hard, that tears almost come out from our eyes?

Hurm... i dont know all of you, but I havent been doing any of that in kinda long amount of time... I think that it is about time, I need to remind myself, that it is ok to let loose..


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