Kentang Putar a.k.a PUTAR BELIT

Di office saya ade kentang putar yang sgt putar alam.

Sungguh whadefakkkkk

Ade kepatut kerja die suke sgt hantar2 tai chi2 tolak2 kan org lain.. hidup penuh dgn alasan..

People pay you for RESULT not for EXCUSE, pastu muke tak malu asyik complaint nak salary adjustment la hape..

Work also no quality, u expect salary adjustment?

OMG.. I don’t kown why.. last time most of my entry is like so positive, but now days I seriously could not tahan with this kentang putar ……..

This fellow make me go CRAZY, I was about to cekik him at the office today. Thanks to ALLAH for blessing with great patience.

If not, surely he will die kena hentuk with PC or a keyboard sumbat so far up his ASS.

Ade ke patut barang tu ko yg terima sign the DO, pastu ko yg pastut send kat the vendor the acknowledgment, suke hati nenek kau letak on my table suruh gua tolong

Ily ni pun baik hati pergi la tolong and email the vendor…………………. (Bare in MIND that is a favour)

Then esok nyer u anta email kat vendor ckap ko tak terima the HARD copies? WHAdefak?

R u stupid or something?

You are are one put the FREAking hard copies on my table n your said to the vendor u haven’t receive it?? What kind of stupid jokes is this?

Then bile vendor email bgtahu yg aku da send kepada mereka the scan copy, ko dengan selamber mengunakan skill KENTANG PUTAR, replied ckap owh.. sorry ily missed out me n I don’t know nothing????

Seriosly u stupid fakkar??

Ape lagik sebabgai manusia confirm timbul perasan marah di hati ily.. I’ll call him n tell him how depressing it is and how UPSETing that way he handle matter..

I mean like seriously.. people do you favour n u hentam them? Is that it?

Im sorry from now on, No MORE MERCY towards you.

Watch out for the thunder wahai Kentang Putar.

Don't underestimate me boy
I'll make you sorry you were born


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