After the rain :)

I dont know why, but normally lepas every stressed out moment mesti ade moment yg best2 :)

Its like a reward if you survive certain phase :) let say 2 or 3 days sakit hati or bengang, after that mesti ade gelak2 session yg buat korang lupe yg pernah sakit hati last few days :)

Tu la asam garam in life, ade marah, ade sedih, ade happy :)

For me, no one can run away from problem or any unfortunate event... But feeling mkserable is your own choice :) no one could control howyou react to a situation..of couse u might express your feeling, but dragging that feeling. Is your own choice...

You can either bounce back n cherish your life with people yg sayang korang, or you could stay miserable. It is you choice :) i chosed happiness :)

What about u? Dont sweat too long.. Stay happy instead :)


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