Shapee Belly Wrap Basic and Hips Wrap Plus+ Review

Feb 28, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

As you might have known, I gave birth last month and just done with my confinement. Like my previous delivery, next goal after taking care of my newborn is to ensure that I get back my pre-pregnant shape as soon. hahaha.. So, I tried working out (while holding my newborn) because I definately cant gave up on yummy food LOL

I also tried my best to exclusively breast feed my baby among other effort to gain back my figure. One of the method I tried is by using this Shapee Belly Wrap Basic and Hips Wrap Plus+. It is specially developed for Postpartum Recovery and I am really hoping that it helps.

Been using it for a less than a week, maybe abit too early to say if it is working or not. However, here is my honest review of what do I think about it.

Come and Join! RM100 worth of Australian Summer Fruits Giveaway | Now in Season Australia |

Feb 27, 2017

giveaway illy

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I just cant wait to share with all of you the good new. If you remember earlier that I have been sharing about how yummy the australian summer fruits, guess what? Great thanks to Now in Season Australia, I am hosting a giveaway and one of you will get a RM100 worth of the yummy fruits delivered right to your doorstep.

Imagine all the dishes, drinks and snacks you can make from the fruits. It is even good to be eaten on its own. Soooooo yummy and fresh! Do head on to Now in Season Australia fb to check out some of the recipes shared k?


Let’s move straight on the contest shall we?

1) How would the contest work?

a)  Answer the question in the my fb page Comments box:-

Why do you think Australian summer fruits are THE BEST amongst the rest? 
- Link to join -

b) Go to the Now In Season FB ( or InstaGram (  page and share ANY (number) of post(s) you like on your page, include the hashtag #nowinseasonmy when sharing so we can easily track

The more from the FB / IG posts shared, the higher your chances of winning.

2) Contest timeline:

From 28 Feb to 15 Mar 2017 (12am) (16 days)

3) Selection of the winner / criteria and PRIZE

- Winner will be the person with the highest number of REACH reach through their FB/IG shares.


A shares 3 posts on FB and IG, total friends that Liked All 3 posts = 99

B shares 1 post on FB and total friends that liked = 120

C shares 1 post on FB and 1 IG, total friends that liked =  138

Therefore C is the winner.

4) Prize: RM100 worth of Australian summer fruits currently in season delivered right to your doorstep!

5) Notes

Winner will be announced on 17 Mar 2017 on Illy's FB and NISMY FB

Competition only open to those residing in Klang Valley.

Winners may nominate for the prize to be delivered to another recipient ie charity organisation or family / friend, etc.


Want to be on a Cooking Show? Here is your chance!

Feb 25, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let me just start this off by saying our whole family love the idea of appreciating good food. I personally found  thatthe cooking process to be theraputic. Glad that my husband is on the same page on this one. Other than our constant hunt for a place that offer good food, we actually spent lots of family leisure time to check out food channel at home. We watch many food documentaries as well as cooking show.

After I am pregnant with my first child, my husband have taken a step further by venturing himself into cooking haha.. I used to be the only person cooking in the house, I am glad to be able to take turn nowadays. If you scroll down my blog you will bump with quite a number of recipe that we shared.

So, when I shared with my husband that there is a contest happening that he might be able to be on a cooking show. He was on cloud nine! His eyes sparkles and immidietely start telling me on his contest recipe submission. hahaha So….  semangat right?

What is your Prudential Relationship Index Score?

Feb 21, 2017

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let’s talk about relationship today. For myself personally, I think relationship plays a big role in our life journey. Like seriously, it could be relationship with our parents, siblings, partner, kids and even relatives. What do you expect from a relationship, what have you give for your relationship?

Recently, I come accross a study that was done by Prudential. Where Prudential has launched the inaugural 2016 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) to understand the state of personal relationships in Malaysia and throughout Asia. A score of 100 on the PRI means that a person’s primary relationship delivers 100% of what they want from that relationship. It is interesting to found out that sustainability of a relashipstip is built around commitment. Below are the the pillars of a relationship, where the first 3 main pillars are the foundation of a strong relationship.


Pengalaman Bersalin di Tropicana Hospital Kota Damansara

Feb 19, 2017



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Lagi 2 weeks cuti bersalin illy dah nak habis dah nak kena masuk kerja balik. Sedih juga rasa nak tinggalkan anak kat nursery tapi tawakal lah sebab niat pun nak cari rezeki kan? Ni sementara baby Zandria tengah tidur illy ingat nak update blog sikit, cerita pasal pengalaman bersalin kat Tropicana Hospital.

Sebenarnya ni dah kali kedua illy bersalin kat sini, memang betul orang cakap setiap moment bersalin tu memang berbeza tak kisah lah bersalin berapa kali pun. Kalau nak baca pengalaman bersalin illy yang first masa dengan Sofea dulu boleh baca kat sini . To be honest illy sebenarnya tak kisah sangat nak bersalin kat mana, yang penting selamat and baby sihat tu dah sangat bermakna bagi illy. Cuma suami illy yang insist illy beranak kat Tropicana ni jadi illy turutkan jer la. Antara sebab nya dekat dengan rumah. Tak sampai 10mins. Dia takut illy beranak dalam kereta ke or kat parking ke kang dia panick tak tahu nak buat apa.

Dengan Zandria ni illy mengandung lebih 10 bulan. Sabar jer la hahaha… dia tak nak kuar syok sangat duk dalam perut. Sabor jer la. Tapi ada lebih 2 kali illy kena false alarm. Masa tu macam dah start contraction. Illy timing pakai contraction apps. Dari 10mins gap pastu 5 mins gap masuk 2mins gap terus gi hospital tapi rileks jer sampai hospital contraction jadi irregular hahaha

Dia buat prank plak dah.

|THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam | Beauty Secret from Herbs, Plant and Flowers

Feb 13, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with another beauty review. This time around I tried out Yehwadam Revitalizing Anti-aging and also luxurious Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream. I always been facinated about the power of nature when it comes to well being and also cosmetic usage. If you are wondering Yehwadam means Yeh (Herbs & Plants) Wa (Flower) Dam (Story) = representative of Korean traditional herb line in Korean.

In this range, 3 exclusive botanic ingridients were used and it is Korean Ginseng (which helps for skin revitalization), Safflower (improve skin tone and complexion) and also Goji berry (aid to control skin cell aging and create natural glow). The trio power of the ingridients work together to give you the best  skin complextion while maintaining the youthness of your skin.

Since I just gave birth to my second child and also in my thirties, it is a best for me to keep a close eye and give the care that my skin deserved. I am glad that I came across Yehwadam series as it allowed me to pour as much love to my skin.

Set Bersalin Danita | Review |

Feb 9, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Lepas balik dari pusat berpantang hari tu, illy banyak spend time duduk rumah menghabiskan waktu berpantang and cuti bersalin yang company bagi. Aktiviti illy kat umah memang setiap masa dengan Zandria mostly. Weekend ada lah husband illy kat umah. Kalau weekdays, pagi jer Johan dan siapkan sofea pergi sekolah sekali Johan gi kerja. Jadi kat umah memang illy dengan Zandria jer.

Mula tu payah lah juga sebab belum 100% sembuh nak gerak sangat pun tak boleh badan tengah sakit-sakit lagi yang jahit luka pun belum betul-betul sembuh. Tapi alhamdulilah dipermudahkan semuanya oleh Allah. Anyway, ni menaip entri pun sementara Zandria tengah tidur lepas minum susu nenen hehe..

Kali ni illy nak share pasal Set Bersalin Danita. Dia ada 3 jenis set which is Daisy, VIP dan Premium. Yang illy punya set VIP. Beza jenis set adalah apa barang dalam tu, kat hujung post ni nanti boleh tengok apa barang yang beza. Bagi illy set Daisy tu pun dah okay cukup. Tapi kalau ada budget lebih sikit boleh ambil set VIP atau set Premium. Bukan apa, tak salah rasanya spend sikit untuk kesihatan badan kita juga. Kalau mak sihat baru lah boleh jaga anak dan suami kan?


|The Wedding Heritage| Wedding Planner Pilihan Pengantin Bijak!

Feb 7, 2017


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Ada sesiapa yang tengah merancang nak berkahwin? Semua orang nak yang terbaik lebih lagi untuk hari bersejarah. Sekali seumur hidup. Kalau boleh nak semuatetamu happy, tak nak mak ayah juga sedara penat, sebab hari tu bakal jadi kenangan sampai tua nanti. Kalau korang tengah mencari dan survey illy ada suggestion. Boleh cuba khidmat The Wedding Heritate (TWH). Mereka adalah wedding planner. Nak tahu apa yang best pasal TWH? Okay jap illy citer.

TWH ni konsep dia tak payah nak pening. Bagi illy lah. Suka hati panggil concept tak payah pening haha. Tapi serious memang tak payah pening sebab dorang urus serba serbi. Harga pun bermula dari RM9,500. Mula- mula korang kena pilih nak buat kat lokasi mana, dorang ada 2 jenis lokasi :-

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