What is your Prudential Relationship Index Score?

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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Let’s talk about relationship today. For myself personally, I think relationship plays a big role in our life journey. Like seriously, it could be relationship with our parents, siblings, partner, kids and even relatives. What do you expect from a relationship, what have you give for your relationship?

Recently, I come accross a study that was done by Prudential. Where Prudential has launched the inaugural 2016 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) to understand the state of personal relationships in Malaysia and throughout Asia. A score of 100 on the PRI means that a person’s primary relationship delivers 100% of what they want from that relationship. It is interesting to found out that sustainability of a relashipstip is built around commitment. Below are the the pillars of a relationship, where the first 3 main pillars are the foundation of a strong relationship.


Do you know that Malaysia score at number 5th compared to our neighbouring countries! Well, there are still room to improve but Good JOB right?  The studies was done In Malaysia, where 605 interviews were conducted through online sampling with adults between 25 and 55 years of age. Respondents were residents of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with household incomes of at least MYR4,000 per month, representing approximately the top two-thirds of household incomes in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.


Those who have been reading my blog might have noticed that I make a huge deal over relationship. Yes, becasue I believe in appreciating every moments spent with people I love the most. I also think that relationship are the main source of a person’s happiness.

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Allow me to take you to my memory lane, here is a picture of me and my boyfriend (at that time) went to our friend’s wedding. Who would have thought that 7 years down the road, our relationship bloomed to this point?

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Here is the picture during our wedding around 6 years ago. Despite all the ups and down, if I was given another chance at life, would definately took up the same path over and over again. From there on, our relationship continue to grow and we are blessed enough to be given a chance to be parents.

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Another pic from 3 years ago when our first child Sofea was just a baby. Time do flies. Now that we have our second child Zandria. Our lives are filled with so much joy. With the presence of our two daughters, my husband and I carried a new responsibilty as parents. Do you know that 69% of the adults surveyed in Prudential Relationship Index are parents? Also on average, each parent has two child.


I also found out that the overall relationship score that Malaysian parents have with their children is 52/100, higher than the average scores for the region (48/100). I wish it was more than 52, then again numbers dont lie. Due to this, I pledge to try my very best to have a heathly relationship with our child so maybe I could contribute to make the numbers get higher next round. haha


Above are the statisctic of interaction with children done at least a week. From this numbers, it shows that kids need affection and guidance. Most of all appreciation. I really think appreciation goes both ways. Of cause, I love it when my child say thank you for the things my husband and I did. However, we also make a point to say thank you to her whenever she behave well and follow instructions.

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From the Prudential Relationship Index also shown that Malaysian parents want to enjoy companionship with their children; they most value doing things together with their children (65%). Parents in Malaysia place great emphasis on companionship with their children. Almost two-thirds (65%) think is important in relationships that they do things together with their children. They also value when their children make them laugh or smile from within (64%).

My husband and I could totally related to the result, we do value time spent doing activities with our child. We believe in creating as much great memories together whenever we had the chance to do so. Preparing ourselves for a good collections of beautiful memories to be reflected once we were old.

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Living in this current world, where almost everything revolved around technology and guess what? It does have an impact on relationship whether we like it or not. Based on the studies, Malaysians are quite positive about the impact of technology on relationships. About two-thirds (66%) say that technology has made it easier to make new friends. They are more than twice as likely to think that technology makes it easier to have deep conversations (41%) than to think that it makes deep conversations more difficult (20%).


As for me, I think there are always good and bad side of anything. It depends on how we use them. Technologies is important for exchanging information, being connected with friends and family. Honestly, I would prefer for my overworked husband to put down his phone or laptop when my kids and I were around so we could be more engage with each other. However, I also understand that sometime he have dateline to meet and projects that need to be completed. At the end of the day, I also believe in moderation in order to maintain a good balance.


How do you feel after reading these numbers? Want to know your numbers?



Hope you have a beautiful relationship with people you care  the most. I am sending lots of love and hugs from my house to yours. Thank you once again for spending your time reading this up and if you want to know more on Prudential Relationship Index, do try out the quiz, check out the youtube video below and visit the links at the end of this post. Till next time!






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