Post Covid Travel Thoughts

Apr 19, 2021


During MCO, we were thinking like we went to quite number of places and it evolves around nature. What about city life? I know we are currently staying in KL, but to experience other city, being in a place that is not familiar with us somehow intrigued me. Not far from home, easily accessible (after MCO is over of course), good food, why not Singapore? Plus its near, can drive down.

Personally I’ve been to Singapore twice on company trip. Its quite short and I didn’t really get to explore the city as my work itinerary is pack.  It would be nice to visit Singpore once again at my own pace. Travelling by public transport like trains will be awesome. I remember our trip to Hanoi. We walked the whole Hanoi city. Total walking distance was 14km. Sofea made it. I think it is now time for Zandria to embrace the challenge maybe?


Of course, when talking about trip, it must evolve around food right? Who doesn’t? Haha. Food is our favourite pastime. There are few places under our radar. The list is growing I can assure you.  We are looking forward to explore food in countless food courts in SG and see what other things might lead us to. Already imagining some seafood, Murtabak Singapore and Sup Tulang Merah. Yummeehh 😋

So what is left is accommodation (read: good hotel). Good hotel with a good price is a gold mine. Especially when you are travelling with kids, it will be very helpful to the for parents to stay patient during the whole trip. Kids (and parents) are hungry and tired and tends to be moody. Imagine getting back to the hotel room after exploring the city. Kids are happy to relax and watch cartoon on tv. Mom get to spend her me time in the bathtub (with bath bomb is a bonus) and dad get to chill with a cup of coffee enjoying the room view. Perfecto

Please take it seriously when I say - Always read review. Don’t simply book a hotel without checking out the review. Remember my experience at the spooky hotel in Phuket? Don’t repeat my mistake ok? Haha

We found few options for hotel in Singapore. Quality wise, it is generally good. You can find your best place according to budget, view, or accessibility to public transport and makan place. Marina Bay Sands is on top of our list. I saw many pictures on IG, so I also want loh. I would like to visit few friends that I know who currently working in Singpore. I would be nice to visit and catch up with them over a meal.

No final decision is made yet on which hotel we will be staying at. Rest assured that I will share the experience here. Hope it helps if you are looking for travelling to Singapore. Praying that the situation gets better so we all can continue to cross off our travel bucket list.

Stay safe and take care 😊 Also, I will do my best to share more experience in my blog hopefully it helps you to plan your own trip in the future.


5 things you should know about Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur!

Mar 7, 2021


One of the oldest private hospitals in Malaysia, sharing a birthday with the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur - 1 February 1974. No wonder it has been a landmark in KL as the Pride of Malaysian Healthcare.


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur is the first private hospital to set up its cancer care department which is now known as Cancer Centre @PHKL. It is also the first private hospital in Malaysia to be accredited Baby-Friendly Hospital by the World Health Organization.


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur boasts 10 Cores of Clinical Excellent - Cancer, Heart, Breast Care, Spine & Joint, Lung, Hand & Upper Limb, Women & Children, Digestive & Liver, Allergy & Immunology and Advanced Nuclear Diagnostics & Therapeutics. 


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur's Accident & Emergency Department is available 24 hours and capable of handling all first Tier Trauma cases from stroke, heart attack to bullet wounds! Keep this number in your speed dial - 03-2296 0999! 


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur also has a strong brand foothold in Southeast Asia as one of the leading healthcare providers specialising in medical evacuation for trauma cases, cancer, orthopaedic and cardiology. If you have friends living outside of Malaysia, they can come to Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur for gold standard healthcare treatments and services. PHKL is the pride of Malaysian Healthcare. 

Stay connected with Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur!


IG: @PantaiHospitalKualaLumpur


Telephone: +603-2296 0888 / Whatsapp: +6016-313 0888


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