yummy teriyaki sushi =)

May 31, 2010

Just like to share =)

bahan for the inti : daging
(marinate with light soy souce and sesame oil then goreng and potong nipis)
then capsicum potong halus and crunchy
pulut yg dikukus
and dont forget Seaweed
letak seaweed atas roller plastic and then letak pulut on top of it..
jgn tebal sgt nanti nak roll tak comel..
then letak isi kat tengah
lepas tu roll la dgn berhati2 then potong bahagian lebih2

Taa.. daa... dah siap yummy! =)

Mari buat Mee Kari

May 30, 2010

mule2 nak share macam mane nak buat mee kari

bahan-bahan untuk kuah : serbuk kari,halia,rempah2 (kulit kayu manis,bunga lawang,dan jintan) cili kisar,santan,daun kari,bawang putih,minyak,tahu goreng,fish ball, ayam , fish cake.

1) tumis bawang putih sampai naik bau then letak rempah goreng sampai wangi then masuk cili kisar and rempah.. tambah air skit.. pastu masuk bahan2 basah.. then lame pastu masuk santan.. ikut la nak pekat ke nak cair kene pandai2 budget... ketak garam sikit.. then Taa Daa...

Sambal : cili kisar and serbuk kari and daun kari - Goreng bersama. ni untuk sape yg nak tambah pedas time makan..

Extra : Bawang goreng untuk hias, sawi celur, taugeh celur, telur rebus,cili merah potong and limau ptotng.

Mee kuning /kuey teow : basuh bersih2 pastu celur.

Tips : aritu ily buat time saturday pastu bawak pergi picnic kat air terjun best! huhuuhu

Mee Kari

May 26, 2010

rase nak masak mee kari la.. nanti da siap masak ily post kat sini =)

I need cute guys

Actually im trying to be cupid here.. not only me.. me and my friend Nellie wanna be love cupid for one of our friend.


she is a nice lady


Good looking


Family type, funny

Good at giving jokes

spikey guy are preferable..

She is looking for a guy..

The guy must be Religious


Cute, no need to be handsome


She is not choosy =)

If you are interested : you could email me at illy.ariffin@gmail.com

If you are bored with your all your clothes =)

May 25, 2010

Olla! sometimes I do get bored with my clothes.. so I end up buying buying buying.. like its a ritual.. huuhuhu well my dearest friend Nellie provide me with better idea..

1) Play with buttons.
I gather my clothes and intended my clothes and spice it up with buttons.. maybe abit unique buttons.. im thing of doing something like this...

2) Sequin
Huhuhu you could also sew some sequin like this.. more glam and sweet touch to your old clothes

3) Old Jeans
With a little imagination you could turn your old jeans to this

4) Play with Ribbons
Super cute!

Im going to try this this out and will post the picture of it later ya! Have fun trying

FYI : all of the pic above are not my picture.. just an inspirations.. will post mine after i finish my project..

Peace out!

i rather do nothing and be HAPPY than do something that made me very UNhappy =)

May 24, 2010

to all my dear student,

sorry la teacher resign from math clinic tak inform korang.. don’t get me wrong..

I love teaching you all but I have a solid reasons why I decided to stop.

One day you all akan tahu juga.. what ever it is im going to miss all of you

Hugs Hugs Hugs

kuiz2 yg lucu di facebook.. huhuhu tergelak guling2 kami di office =)

May 21, 2010


May 20, 2010

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Snack & Screen Session with Rice Crisps by Mister Potato

May 19, 2010

yeay! arini satu hari sakit hati.. menahan sabar.. org yg sabar selalu nya berhasil huhuuu

tak sangak tibe2 dapat email dari Nuffnang =) free tgk movie nuffnag belanje.. huhuhuu best! tq love you nuffnang Muah Muah

ni die slogan ily yg menyebabkan ily menang! hehehe yeay!

Keep on Holding

May 18, 2010

Hidup asyik nak kene tahan sabar.. susah jadi perempuan ni...

Kene sabar dan sabar dan sabar..

It is a very tough job to be a decent lady. Have to sabar all the way

Even though sometime if feels like your head wanna pop with all the “surprises” but you have to stay calm and smile.

Pameran Keranda di Museum Negara =)

May 16, 2010

Semalam ily pergi museum negara..

pastu kat situ ade pameran keranda BEST!!

seram pun ada gak..

so bayaran murah kaw2 hanya rm 2.00 (dua ringgit sahaja) kalau bawak camera bayar lagi rm 3.00

ok then macam2 jenis keranda ada.. yg zaman dulu2 pun ada.. yg paling power keranda yg 14 karat tu.. huh.. tu yg best tu.. so enjoy the pic!

ni my bro promote kacang yg jual kat situ.. best juga yg unik bekas isi die tu comel =)


May 12, 2010

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Lawatan Ke Melaca

Semata nak makan Asam pedas punyer pasal..

kami gerak ke Melaca.. sila la paham saya mempunyai bakal husband yg KAKI Makan..

but the best part is that I'm a food lover too.. in moderate amount i mean.. =) Well i guess semua org pun FOOD LOVER rite?

So kami pergi la melaca.. Vrooommm...

ok ni die kedai Asam Pedas yg teramat Yummy! kedai ni dekat dengan KOTA LAKSAMANA

kalau pergi bandar melaka tu.. die dekat je dgn the Famous Jonker Walk..

Satu set dlm RM 7 sahaja.. die bagi ikan (macam2 ada tenggiri, pari,kembung dan macam2 just pilih je) pastu die bagi nasi and timun and telur masin.. Tumbs up! affordable dan yummy!

Pastu esok nyer kami nak makan ikan bakar plak.. lauk2 kampung yg best..
ni medusa the melaca version.. ada ular2 segala.. huhuu
Then kami ke kedai Ikan bakar.. Tgk signboard tu .. Pasti Tinggal Tulang.. ya betul! memang yummy!

yang ni semua sekali rm 26.40 termasuk 3 drinks.. jangan tanyer kenape banyak... kan saya dah kate my future hubby kuat makan =) hehehe

Super Cute T shirt

May 7, 2010


May 6, 2010

sape kate boys tak reti nari?

tgk ni solid prove that kaum adam can really dance hehehehe


To MY OUM friend. (you know who you are)

I mean no disrespect, we all adult. Would appreciate if you don’t talk in such manner to me anymore.
I don’t like it and I felt very uncomfortable. If you are doing it for the sake of fun or a joke
I am not laughing at it at all…I have a boyfriend and we are schedule to be married soon. Please respect that statement.

I am raised by a good family, make my way and carry myself well.
Don’t make me disrespect you.

Should in the future you still pursuit with this manner to me, my ignorance to you is not my call to blame.
As friendly as I may look or behave, please do not attempt to miss judge me to be taken for a ride.


May 5, 2010

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I say a little Prayer for YOU =)

My Favourite song ever2.

Comel lagu ni best sgt2.. dulu mase citer my best friend weeding pun they all ade nyanyi lagu ni..

And now glee pun ade buat..

Just like to share.. enjoy!

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