If you are bored with your all your clothes =)

May 25, 2010

Olla! sometimes I do get bored with my clothes.. so I end up buying buying buying.. like its a ritual.. huuhuhu well my dearest friend Nellie provide me with better idea..

1) Play with buttons.
I gather my clothes and intended my clothes and spice it up with buttons.. maybe abit unique buttons.. im thing of doing something like this...

2) Sequin
Huhuhu you could also sew some sequin like this.. more glam and sweet touch to your old clothes

3) Old Jeans
With a little imagination you could turn your old jeans to this

4) Play with Ribbons
Super cute!

Im going to try this this out and will post the picture of it later ya! Have fun trying

FYI : all of the pic above are not my picture.. just an inspirations.. will post mine after i finish my project..

Peace out!

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