CARLO RINO 30th Anniversary - Enchanted Dreamscape

Apr 30, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

First of all, I would like to congratulate Carlo Rino for its 30th Anniversary. Being in the industry and going strong for 30 years is a testimony by itself right?

I think it is an open secret that I have a soft spot for Carlo Rino. Been blogging about them for couple of times. I mean, how could I not? They offer amazing quality products that are beautifully crafted at a reachable price.

Anyway, truly yours is invited to witness a fashion show at IOI City Mall inconjuction of the latest Enchanted Dreamscape. The namr of the collection says it all. Beautiful handbags and shoes were showcased.

Those are some of my favourite. To check out the rest of the collection, do hop to Carlo Rino outlet near you. They have so many outlets and I am pretty sure you can easily spot them. Well, if you are the type who prefer to do your shopping at the comfort of your home then you may visit

Under Enchanted Dreamscape Spring/Summer collection you will see more of interesting design suits for all. If you like galaxy inspired then do check out 'Sky is Never The Limit' range. If you like sweet yet exclusive taste then do opt for 'Luxurious Candylicious' range which is my fav range of them all.

Those who likes the colour red would be interested in 'Mad about Monogram' where they they have red detailing on a monogram printed bags. For more formal look, you may check out 'Urban Elite' range they look elegant yet professional twist to it.

If you want to add colours in your everyday look precisely for your wallets and foot wear, dont forget to check out 'A Charming Beginning', 'Outdoor Splendour', 'Effortless Elegance', 'Tastefully Demure' and 'Fun in the Sun'.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoy this post. Dont forget to take it easy and smile!

Jualan Murah Hajra di Shah Alam sehingga 85%

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Illy ada berita baik lagi tergempar ni. Nak cerita pasal Jualan Murah kat Hajra Shah Alam. Ya rabi... cantik - cantik semua nya.

Siap ada yang lelong lagi tu. Memang kalau tak pergi rugi besar. Dorang sale besaran 4 hari sampai 2hb and then kalau korang tal sempat bole juga beli online sehingga 15 Mei ni. Nak tengok apa yang menarik? Jom..

Hehe sebelum tu ni gambar kitorang anak beranak. Terima kasih pada sebab sudi jemput. Ruby ni tengah bertarung nak bersalin. Illy doakan segalanya di permudahkan amin.

Resepi Bubur Udang Sedap and Simple

Apr 29, 2016

Assalamualaikum and olla everyone,

Hari ini nak share sikit pasal resepi Bubur Udang Sedap dan Simple. Bagi illy lah, mana tau bole bagi idea kat korang ke kan. Kalau ada apa2 bole improve korang ubah lah sendiri ikut selera dan cita rasa masing-masing.

Ni yang illy share ni based yang illy suka buat. Skang ni pun doc suruh makan non spicy untuk 3 minggu jadi tak bosan.. ada tukar2 selera skit betul tak?

Resepi Bubur Udang

Beras setengah cup
Air 3 cup
Tomato masak ranum 1 biji
Daun bawang hiris2
Garam himalaya (garam biasa pun boleh tapi kalau nak extra sihat and nutricious bole pakai garam himalaya)
Udang ikut suka nak banyak mana, illy pakai 6 ekor size sedang sekali portion.

Cara masak
1) Basuh beras dan masak dengan air dalam periuk.
2) Masuk tomato potong atas jer.
3) Bila texture jadi bubur, masuk daun bawang sikit.
4) Then 5 minit sebelum angkat masuk udang.
5) Dah angkat dalam mangkuk baru masuk garam ikut selera. Lagi bagus amalkan kesederhanaan.

Okay tu jer lah nak share, kalau korang nak improvise atau ada resepi bubur yang best lagi.. share lah kat komen k? Nak try juga.

Itu jer lah nak share for today. Selamat mencuba!

Pretz n’ Beanz | A place of Friendship, Birthday and beyond |

Apr 24, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you today? Hope you are feeling great. If you are in the mist of arranging a gathering or would love to enjoy a delicious pretzel. I have a place to recommend. It is non-other than Pretz n’ Beanz. The name says it all and  before I go into that. Maybe I serve you with a yummylicous picture of the food first hahaha.. Let’s get into it right away!



Look at that my friend. Pretzel in the best form possible. Actually, we ordered couple more pretzels but those are the one that tickle my fancy. The pretzel is so fresh you can actually smell the aroma filling the air once it arrived on your table. Sedap and definately worth coming back for more. I’ll drop again next round with my husband since he love anything under bread umbrella.

MEM Watches - Minimalist Designed, Counterclockwise watch for all occasion

Apr 20, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Today, I would like to share with you about my new favourite watch. Have you owned or come across a counterclockwise watch before? I have been wearing it every moment from the instant when I got it in my hand. I mean, how could I not? It just so pretty! The watch is so sleek, non-cluttered and stylish. I like the minimalist design a lot.




The case is made out of high-quality stainless steel, like the strap very much. The design of the strap is versatile and exclusive you can actually wear it for work, during business meetings or even for leisure. Since it is in silver, it can actually match any of your outfits because silver is just another sibling of black. Hooray! The texture of the strap is just so elegant. You may also adjust the strap without the hassle of cutting it because it is adjustable. If you are the type that has small hand diameter, this is indeed helpful. Plus, let’s say if you are pregnant then you might be putting on some weight you don’t have to get a new watch you may just adjust the strap whenever you feel like it. It is definitely a plus point for me. Ehemm.. talking from the experience of putting on 35.9kg during pregnancy this function is handy.

The Majestic Hotel Review of The AWESOME birthday Staycation

Apr 18, 2016




Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It is a special post today as I wrote about my birthday staycation at The Majestic Hotel. To be blunt, I am not the type who make a big deal out of birthday. I normally just go out for a simple dinner or a home cooked dinner with husband and things like that. A card by my husband, wishes from family and friends is already more than enough to make me happy.

Actually, my husband tend to forget many of my birthday before haha.. I used to sulk, then again I grew up wiser and just decide not to expect anything because it makes me happier that way. To my surprise, things turn out to be awesome when you did not expect.

That is life, just be grateful of what you currently have and Allah will give you more. Do you know exactly 1 year ago, I celebrate my birthday in ICU room waiting for my daughter to recover? In fact I spent 5 days crying hoping/begging that Allah will mercy my daughter. Never recalled being so weak before. I was dragged down to my knees. I am forever grateful for the love and encouragement poured by my love ones.

Today Sofea is 11 months and 1 day old. Mummy love you till the sun no longer shine and longer if I could.

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Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy by Cress Wellness Review


C360_2016-04-15-19-04-14-871 (1)

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are looking for body and mind pampering session, I have a treatment to recommend. Plus, there is no better way to treat your self than a relaxing treatment. It is the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy by Cress Wellness. So, last week I have been invited to try out the facial treatment and it is just soooooooo relaxing. I went to their outlet at The Gardens if you are interested they have few other outlets and you may get the details from their fb. I’ll share the link towards the end of this post.



As I step into Cress Wellness it felt like I am entering a place of pure tranquil sanctuary. The setting of the place is just very pleasing to my eye.  I was greeted by Ms. Lim and I was requested to fill up a form for them to understand the condition of my skin. Right after that I was lead proceed with skin analysis. Ms. Lim gave very detail consultation for me to understand my skin condition better. I’m so happy to find out that my skin is analysized as 3 years younger than my actual age. Yippie!!

Resepi Udang Masak Lemak yang SEDAP ala Thai

Apr 14, 2016


Assalamualaikum and olla everyone!
illy nak share skit hari ni resepi udang masak lemak ala thai yang sedap sangat. Nak buat pun teramat mudah. Husband and my brother suka tambah nasi berapa kali masa i masak. Jadi I share lah kat my blog mana lah tahu kot korang dah takda idea nak masak apa kan hehe.. Sebab illy pun selalu takda idea nak masak apa.  Sekarang ni kalau tengok i punya snapchat dah macam channel masakan pun ada. Kalau nak skodeng my snapchat boleh click kat sini. Nanti i add korang balik. I suka tengok snap chat best hehe  Tapi takpe, siapa yang malas nak download snap chat, i ada juga upload kat youtube jadi boleh tengok juga.
Okay dah cukup tu banyak nyer membebel hehe.. Mari kita mula kan yer puan – puan (hehehe tengah berangan chef wan)

Take it easy and smile!

Apr 13, 2016

Sometime life can be very tiring. It can be overwhelming and at some point. All you need to do is just prioritize and focus on what really important. Appreciate those who have been with you during your darkest time. These are the people that worth your attention. Do worry about those who say mean words or those who do not share the same value.  It will be soo boring if everyone think the same. Like if everyone have the same taste then everyone would be falling in love with the same guy. Do you get what I mean?  Something like that.. After all it makes the world interesting.

Focus your energy on things that makes you happy, be productive. Just do something every day that move your closer to your goal. No one get better out of first try (okay, maybe some very talented person). What I am saying is, just do what you love. Even it is not the best to your liking but that is the thing. The process. You get to learn and grow by trying.

Look at yourself as an athelite. Practise and practise. By doing what you love everyday you will master it and be great at it. So, dont worry about people making fun of you or if it does not turn out great as you expected. Just proceed, learn as much and continue doing what you love. Everyone started from zero, what matter is how you feel. At the end of the day when you do what you really love it wont feel any burden. You will feel satisfied.

Just sharing this out incase you need some motivation in your study or your work or personal growth. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy n smile!

Air Humidifier Review

Apr 11, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Just like to update that I have done a review over air humidifier that I have been loving so much. It helps to make my whole house smell like a spa and it gave so many health benefits. I really like the fine mist and it is such a safer option compare to using candles in my opinion. I still have lots of candle at home and wont be using it as frequent since I have got this awesome air humidifier.

I love the fact that we could put in any essential oils that we wanted without the the worry of fire hazard. I mean having a toddler at home have changed many things around the house. I have a peace of mind knowing that my daughter wont be playing with candles and stuff like that.

Princess Malaysia Organic Body Scrub is blooming!

Apr 10, 2016



Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am so happy to share with you that Princess Happiness is now blooming so rapidly. In fact, we have sold 5,000 bottles within less than a year running the business. Personally, I am beyond grateful that it is accepted by the market. I started this humble brand Princess Malaysia with the hope that many ladies/guys to try out the goodness of natural products. We have been trying our very best to operate to be eco –friendly.

Our star product would be Princess Happiness, aligned with my personal belief that good products supposed to make you happy. Princess Happiness active ingridients come from Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Citrus. Extra Virgin Coconut oil does wonder to your skin. If you want a beautiful, glowing skin that is healthy, do incorperate them in your ritual. In Princess Happiness, we also have lemon zest and orange zest that is filled with Natural Vitamin C which helps to give you a smoother skin, healthy and also whitens dark spot.

2015-10-24 17.07.29

Cube Crate, Get Monthly surprise deliver to your door!

Apr 6, 2016

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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
How are you today? Hope you are feeling as happy as a bird flying in the sky. If you are not then, it’s okay tomorrow will be a great day. Well, I have something to share with you today. It is cube crate. Have you heard of it? It is actually a mysterious monthly subcription box. Do you still remember the beauty box craze some time ago? Well, cube crate is more than that. It cover food, beverages and more! Like seriously, for only RM35 per month. Actually if you want to have continous suprise then you might want to opt for 3 months package forthe cost of RM90 or 6 months for RM197.

Resepi Pho yang Simple dan Sedap

Apr 4, 2016


pic credit

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

illy nak share resepi buat pho. Ada siapa yang minat makan pho tak? Pho ni antara makanan traditional vietnam. Bagi illy sihat, simple dan sangat sedap. Dia macam noodle soup. Boleh pakai ayam atau daging. Mostly illy suka pakai daging sebab soup dia lagi terasa.

Top 5 Rides at Sunway Lagoon, Plus 9 Useful Tips

Apr 3, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are thinking to bring your family out for a splashing fun, do visit Sunway Lagoon. We had such an amazing time there. As mention in my earlier blogpost (Read about it here) , I have been to Sunway Lagoon for so many times starting when I was just a little girl.  The place stored lots of fun memories and I am so happy I get to create new memories with my family expecially with my little girl, Sofea.

Today, I would lilke to share with our experience as well as the Top 5 Rides at Sunway Lagoon, and some tips incase your are planning to visit them next. Really hoping that it could some how help. Shall we begin?

After 23 years of having Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia, they have grown so much. I can see lots of changes when ever I visit them. It is like the same place but different everytime. There is always new rides, new attraction that makes you wanting to come back for more. To be exact, currently they have 80 rides and attraction. OMG right?

Since I am going with a toddler, I am very excited to bring her to try out Asia’s first Nickelodeon themed land,Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Will share more about it in a bit. Do stay with me, k?



Tips 1 : Entrance Ticket Price
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